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I've had it a couple of times and I think it's really good, definitely a lot better than Halo Top (which I don't really like anymore to be honest). Choose any of Halo Top’s awesome dairy ice cream flavors today! As a major ice cream brand, they have the distribution capability to potentially challenge Halo Top for the top spot in the protein ice cream section, giving Halo Top some serious competition they haven't had to worry about before. Halo Top has been having some major success with their business model and marketing, something that was discussed in last week's Foodbeast's podcast, The Katchup. The sampling effort is not the only one in the low-cal frozen dessert space. Growth at Yasso, too, is outpacing the broader ice cream category, with sales up by a much smaller -- but still pretty stellar -- 34.8%, hitting $71.4 million over the same period. It’s the best one out there, but it’s so difficult to come by. Of all the low-calorie ice creams on the market, Halo Top is indisputably the most popular one. So far I’ve only found two flavors at one local store (Safeway, US) but I am hoping to discover more eventually. Milch, Eier, Zimtschneckenteig (6%) (Weizenmehl, Zucker, Frischkäse [pasteurisierte fermentierte Milch und Sahne, Salz], Puderzucker [Zucker, Maisstärke], Palmöl, Wasser, Eier, Reismehl, gemahlener Zimt, Vanilleextrakt, Salz), Süßungsmittel (Eryhtritol), Ballaststoffe, Milcheiweißkonzentrat, Sahne, Bio-Rohrzucker, Emulgator (pflanzliches Glyzerin),  Zimtmasse (Zucker, brauner Zucker, Zimt, Butter, Magermilchpulver, Salz, natürliche Aromen) Meersalz, natürliche Aromen, Zimt Bio-Stabilisatoren (Johannisbrotkernmehl, Guarkernmehl), Bio-Süßungsmittel (Steviolglykoside (Stevia)). And there are so many Halo Top flavors to choose from! We had our office rank each flavor on a scale of 1-5, with 1 being the worst and 5 being the best, based on taste as well as texture. As per our usual rules, one bite was all you could take. Halo Top was recently the second best-selling pint in the U.S. behind Unilever's Ben & Jerry's, the company said, citing IRI data for the four weeks ended June 21. People have been loving that they can know the calories they'll be consuming straight away and feel less guilty about crushing an entire pint of Halo Top than they would if it was normal ice cream. We then realized that we had to warn the rest of the Internet/world that if you’re dairy free and looking to treat yo self, just skip this stuff and go eat broccoli instead—seriously, it’s way better than this “treat”. I just now discovered Halo Top (thanks to posters here!) But running ads on digital video players including YouTube may help it attract shoppers who don't follow the brand, including those who are not as calorie conscious. Shout out to the one tester who wrote “This tastes like butterscotch and I don’t like butterscotch”. I went to buy some Artic Zero last night but Target was sold out of them. And there are so many Halo Top flavors to choose from! While there are fewer calories and less fat in these pints than regular Ben & Jerry’s pints, this was still clearly the closest resemblance of ice cream amongst the healthier versions. Get smarter about what you're buying. I find Halo Top disgusting and Yasso pretty good, so if this reaches the bay area eventually I'll give it a try.

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