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So just smile and wave and shut up! How kind.She Pulls Out A Candy Bar And Unwraps It. Where are the others? Because now it's just us. But the silver shoes are yours, most noble sorceress, and, you shall have them to wear.   Privacy Exactly how dead is she?Glinda: Well, there has been much rumor and speculation... innuendo, outuendo... but let me set the record straight. Oh, You must be Miss Nessarose, the governor's daughter. :). My sister's in danger.Fiyero: What? Believe nothing she says. while the green just get greener.Nessarose Is Scared And Confused. Ah yes, Miss Glinda...Galinda: It's GAlinda... with a GA. (Witch of the East)Fiyero..............................................…... (Scarecrow/ Winkie Prince)Boq..............................................….….. (Tinman/Munchkin)Mme. CONTEXT: In this very silly spoof of fairy-tales, a bitter Wicked Witch curses the soon-to-be Sleeping Beauty. I clash with everything!Mme. !Ozians: DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( Log Out /  The Edge OF The. She has nothing to do with. I HAVE EVEN CONTEST FOR 3 ELECTION I DID NOT HAVE IT. The token Goat, as it were. I WILL ADVICE YOU IF YOU ANY SPELL FOR ANY THING or Ozians:GOOD NEWS! Not if you ask him. Im going to talk to my homebase teacher about it so we can do it for drama Club, This is so awesome!!! She Reads It. I already know why you've come.Elphaba & Glinda: Oooo.Wizard: Of course, you must prove yourself...Glinda: Prove yourself, prove yourself.Elphaba: But how?Wizard: Oh, I don't know.SOME SORT OF GESTUREMOSTLY FOR SHOWSOMETHING TO TEST YOUR ADEPTNESS..I know! To the world, all those things matter, but to me we are all equal and made perfect because of our imperfection. Thank you very much for seeing 밤알바 information.Thank you very much for seeing 밤알바 information. I'll be waiting right there, right by your side, waiting, all night.Galinda: Oh, how very kind, Biq.Boq: ... Boq...Galinda: But, do you know what would be even kinder?SEE THAT TRAGICALLY BEAUTIFUL GIRL?THE ONE IN THE CHAIR?IT SEEMS SO UNFAIRWE SHOULD GO ON A SPREEAND NOT SHE, GEEI KNOW SOMEONE WOULD BE MY HEROIF THAT SOMEONE WERETO GO INVITE HER!Boq: Well, maybe I could invite her!Galinda:OH, BIQ, REALLY?YOU WOULD DO THAT FOR ME?Boq: I would do anything for you, Miss Galinda. Well are you coming?She Runs With Him After He Snatches The Lion Cub.Elphaba: Careful! [Scene 10 - Popular]. What if you’re green? Thank you! That's Fiyero Tiggular, tha Winkie Prince whose reputation is so scandalacious!Boq Looks Disgusted. Get on!Glinda: What?Elphaba: Come with me... think of what we could do... together.UNLIMITED, TOGETHER WE'RE UNLIMITEDTOGETHER WE'LL BE THE GREATEST TEAM THERE'S EVER BEEN, GLINDADREAMS THE WAY WE PLANNED 'EMGlinda:IF WE WORK IN TANDEMBoth:JUST YOU AND I DEFYING GRAVITYWITH YOU AND I DEFYING GRAVITYElphaba:THEY'LL NEVER BRING US DOWN.Well, are you coming?Glinda: Elphie, you're trembling... here, put this around you...She Drapes A Black Cape Around Her.I HOPE YOU'RE HAPPYNOW THAT YOU'RE CHOOSING THISElphaba: You too.I HOPE IT BRINGS YOU BLISSBoth:I REALLY HOPE YOU GET ITAND YOU DON'T LIVE TO REGRET ITI HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY IN THE END!I HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY...MY FRIEND...Elphaba Runs Off. Why are you bothering me with this? Where'd you find this?!?! THIS IS MY TESTIMONY OF WHAT DR FRIDAY THE SPELL CASTER DID FOR ME FOR MAKING ME WIN THE ELECTION AS A PRESIDENT OF THE EXECUTIVE COUNCIL. Would you like to share my lunch?Dillamond: Oh, thank you! First of all, I can't harbor a fugitive, I'm an un-elected official! I can't listen to it anymore! WITH THIS PERFECT FINALETHE CHEERS AND THE BALLYHOOWHO WOULDN'T BE HAPPIER?SO I COULDN'T BE HAPPIERBECAUSE HAPPY IS WHAT HAPPENSWHEN ALL YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE...WELL, ISN'T IT?HAPPY IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOUR DREAMS COME...TRUE!!! Madame, you've got to stop this, it's gone too far!Morrible: Oh, I think Elphaba can take care of herself.Glinda: Madame, something's been troubling me about Nessarose and that cyclone.Morrible: Oh yes... well, I guess it was just her time.Glinda: Was it? Looks Offstage. Dillamond Has His Back Turned To Her.Elphaba: You go on ahead, Nessa.Nessarose Exits.Elphaba: Reading The Board Aloud. She was a child of both worlds!Wizard: He Cries.Glinda: I want you to leave Oz. Its amazing! This remarkable innovation is actually for the Animal's own good...Elphaba: If this is for his own good, then why is he trembling?Professor: He's just excited to be here, that's all. Oh, Miss Elphaba, you're still here! Their is one spelling error in Act 2, Scene 13. Can’t you see that? 'Cause that's what I love best: making people happy!I AM A SENTIMENTAL MANWHO ALWAYS LONGED TO BE A FATHERTHAT'S WHY I DO THE BEST I CANTO TREAT EACH CITIZEN OF OZ AS SONOR DAUGHTERSO ELPHABA I'D LIKE TO RAISE YOU HIGH'CUZ I THINK EVERYONE DESERVES THE CHANCE TO FLY!AND HELPING YOU WITH YOUR ASCENTALLOWS ME TO FEEL SO PARENTAL.FOR I AMA SENTIMENTAL MAN!Elphaba: I'm here... we're here to alert you that something bad is happening...Wizard: Please, I'm the Wizard of Oz. She Exits.. I believe in equality. Heres a monologue for the wizard of oz character GLINDA: Glinda: Are you a good witch or a bad witch? Look.Nessarose Stands Up.Boq: To Elphaba. And my mother never woke up. We have to find someplace safe...Fiyero: Don't you think that I realize that? He Pulls A Switch On The Large Head And Monkeys Are Let Loose. And I am amazed to report the progress! )( . How do i force my child to become an actress. What's wrong?Midwife:HOW CAN IT BE?Frex:WHAT DOES IT MEAN?Midwife:IT'S ATTROCIOUS!Frex:IT'S OBSCENE!Both:LIKE A FROGGY, FERNY CABBAGE,THE BABY IS UNATURALLYGREEN!! There’s the house and here you are and that’s all that’s left of the wicked witch of the east. Fellow Ozians:LET US BE GLAD,LET US BE GRATEFUL,LET US REJOICIFY THAT GOODNESS COULD SUBDUETHE WICKED WORKINGS OF YOU KNOW WHO!ISN'T IT NICE TO KNOWTHAT GOOD WILL CONQUER EVIL?THE TRUTH WE ALL BELIEVE'LL BY AND BYOUTLIVE A LIEFOR YOU AND...Ozian: Glinda! My personal opinion is you do not have what it takes. The power is mysterious. I did know her. I'm beautifully tragic.Morrible: Yes, yes, I'm sure you're very bright.Galinda: Bright? Never in my life of being green and discriminated against did I imagine I could be loved as much as he loved me. Walks Over To Nessarose. Elphaba, take care of your sister. Philadelphia, PA, Accessibility Statement Terms Privacy |StageAgent © 2020. In the name of goodness, stop! But that made Nessa come too soon, with her little legs all tangled. I do know you. Let's dance...They Begin To Dance As Elphaba Walks In. It can't be! A TRY HAVE MAKE MY WIN. He Runs Off.Glinda: Fiyero! Oh, come on, you! You must go. Make me proud.Elphaba: I will, I'll try.Morrible Exits.Elphaba:AND THERE WE'LL FINALLY BETHE WIZARD AND I...The Scene Reopens At A Train Station.Conductor: All aboard!Galinda: Remember, eye contact. I have to go.She Runs Off.Galinda: You're Welcome! She sees the house, picks up flowers and lays them in front of the house. The Scene Opens In The Wizard's Palace. 3. It's all so Ozmopolitan! Even though we had to part ways because of our differences, She was my only best friend and she helped me change for good. Jersey Boys and...He Sits Up, Squeaking. In The Terrible Wizard's Voice I knew you'd be back. Or rich and popular like Glinda the good? So, uh, what does one do for fun around here?Galinda: Nothing really... until now...Boq: We've been studying!Fiyero: Well, I see that once again the responsibility to corrupt my fellow students falls to me. Spread a rumor. Glinda: We can't leave now, not when people are looking to us to raise their spirits. Or explain to all Oz how the Wizard's guards watched while Glinda the Good was slain.Glinda: Fiyero...Fiyero: I said, let her go.The Guards Release Her.Fiyero: Elphaba, go, now.Elphaba: No, not without you.Glinda: Fiyero, please.Fiyero: Hush! They Fly Around The Theatre And Then Exit.Elphaba: Go! You'll be safe there.Elphaba: We will see each other again, won't we?Fiyero: Elphaba, we are going to be together always. She'll have to manage without you. ... We only provide suggested audition monologues or songs for an individual character if our system finds content that matches a character's traits. You know what I mean? . Oh, just wear the frock... it's pretty! I'll go first: Fiyero and I are going to be married (squeals).Elphaba: Really? THE WITCH OF THE WEST IS DEAD! ), Elphaba.................................................. (Witch of the West). I'd like to try to be... Glinda the Good.Ozians:GOOD NEWS! View Essay - Glinda monologue from ENGLISH LA Honors Eng at El Camino Real High School. If you hadn't shown me that horrendible book.Elphaba: I have to find another spell... it's the only thing that might work. Do you know any monlogues from Wicked? !Fiyero:SO KEEP DANCING THROUGH...Boq: Miss Galinda? He Is Made Of Tin. Now, as I was saying, one of the benefits of caging a Lion cub while he's young is that he never, in fact, will learn how to speak.Elphaba: What?He Motions The Students Forward, Toward The Cage.Professor: That's right! They Fly Around The Theatre And Then Exit. So do I.Galinda: Me too! Crowd Cheers.IT'S DUE TO HER I'M MADE OF TINHER SPELL MADE THIS OCCURSO FOR ONCE I'M GLAD I'M HEARTLESSI'LL BE HEARTLESS KILLING HER!And I am not the only one. All Students & The Professor Are Moving Uncontrollably Except Fiyero and Elphaba.Fiyero: What's happening?Elphaba: I don't know I got mad...anddFiyero: Alright just don't move! Speaking, Again, With A Powerful Voice.Wizard: Guards, guards! *Our system only provides suggested monologues or songs for select characters if we have matching monologues and song information in our database. Every other professor seems to be able to pronounce my name.Elphaba: Maybe pronouncing your precious name isn't the sole purpose of Doctor Dillamond's life. You see, when my mother was carrying Nessa, my father was worried that the new baby might come out...Both: Green.Elphaba: So he made my mother chew milk flowers, day and night. but obviously no one notices. Ozian: Look, it's Glinda! I can't do this anymore.He Exits.Nessarose: Boq...Galinda: Nessa, maybe he's just not the right one... for you.Nessarose: No, it's me that's not right.

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