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The Society opened its membership to men and changed its name to the Historical Society of Ottawa in 1956. Meanwhile, the Canadian Museum of Nature dates from 1856 and The National Gallery of Canada was founded in 1880. In 1971, 135 years after his death, a statue of Lt.-Col. John By, located in Major’s Hill Park, was finally erected, while UNESCO in 2007 designated the canal a world heritage site, noting that it meets the organization’s first criteria: “to represent a masterpiece of human creative genius.”. The Royal Engineers, meanwhile, listed By’s year of birth as 1781, while the memorial inscription authorized by his second wife, Esther, at the Bys’ church, indicates he was born in 1782 or ’83. Bytown Mechanics' Institute was created in 1847. By was meticulous and transparent in his accounting and estimates as the project eventually reached £822,000, but the initial figure forever haunted him as the marker by which costs were measured. Comments may take up to an hour for moderation before appearing on the site. Postmedia is committed to maintaining a lively but civil forum for discussion and encourage all readers to share their views on our articles. In 1866 it became Ottawa University. Construction begins in the fall. In 1926, a small granite base for a statue of By was unveiled, but it would be 45 years before any statue appeared. Then in 1826, the Rideau Canal linked the site of present-day Ottawa to the Lawrence River. The 1980s was an era of exciting growth for the HSO; first with the inaugural publication of the Bytown Pamphlet Series and later, under the leadership of their new landlord, Parks Canada, the complete renovation and restoration of the Commissariat between 1982 and 1984. A year earlier. From 1893 electric streetcars ran in the streets of Ottawa. The College of Bytown was founded in 1848. ... A bytown is a town which has its own name and postal code, but which is governed by another town. With no one championing his legacy, recognition for his accomplishments was slow in coming. Meanwhile the city developed rapidly. We apologize, but this video has failed to load. Four years earlier, By had completed work on the Rideau Canal, among North America’s most impressive feats of civil engineering. In 1948 the Commissariat at the Ottawa Locks was proposed. Yet instead of retiring with the knighthood he perhaps hoped for, By endured his final days under a cloud of impropriety shaped by unfounded accusations and political expedience. The 202-kilometre Rideau Canal was built between 1826 and 1832 in the tense aftermath of the War of 1812 as an alternate military supply route between Upper and Lower Canada, should American forces blockade the St. Lawrence River between Kingston and Montreal. In 1857 Queen Victoria made Ottawa the capital of Canada. Most sources, however, including The Canadian Encyclopedia, the Dictionary of Canadian Biography and historian Robert Legget, use the 1779 date. By expressed concern that the estimate was inadequate, and his own first detailed estimate, in 1827, was close to £475,000. In 1954, Colonel By Drive was named, and By was designated a National Historic Person by Canada’s Historic Sites and Monuments Board. Nonetheless, on Sept. 1, 1832, he handed command of the canal over to Maj. Bolton and soon set sail for England.

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