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The following presidential candidates filed with the FEC, but either did not appear on any primary ballots or withdrew before the primary elections. (d) When at the close of a roll call any candidate for nomination for President of the United States or Vice President of the United States has received a majority of the votes entitled to be cast in the convention, the chairman of the convention shall declare that the candidate has been nominated. [35] Jon Huntsman, Jr., a moderate, had staked his candidacy on New Hampshire and invested heavily in at least a strong second place showing, but after 150 campaign events in the state he ended third after Paul. He intended to officially endorse Mr. Romney at a "to-be-scheduled event" featuring both Republican leaders. [103] Montana withheld announcing their support—Paul had hoped Montana would swing to him on the convention floor. And I took him on, and nobody’s faith should be questioned.”. Instead, the Paul campaign sought more delegates in state conventions in states that already held primaries.[77]. [32][33] Newt Gingrich said after Iowa that his positive campaign had been a weakness, and had allowed his rivals to gain the upper hand through negative attacks paid by super PACs supporting them. The national convention then selected its nominee to run for President of the United States in the 2012 presidential election. In front of the battleship USS Wisconsin in Virginia, Governor of Virginia Bob McDonnell introduced Romney to make his announcement to a cheering and supportive crowd. (Website)(FEC filing). "[75] "We both agree that President Obama must be defeated," Santorum, 53, said in an e-mailed statement last night, "[Romney] clearly understands that having pro-family initiatives are not only the morally and economically right thing to do, but that the family is the basic building block of our society. The following candidates appeared on more than one primary ballot. Senate Democrats in Monday’s confirmation hearing again expressed worry that Barrett would threaten abortion rights if appointed to the Supreme Court. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. On May 14, Paul announced that he would suspend funding the remaining primary contests and devote his resources to winning delegates at state conventions. "[6] Several candidates rose in the polls throughout the year. Withdrew from the Democratic race in November 2011, claiming the party was ignoring him. Santorum had carried every county at the nonbinding primary in February and many of his supporters threw their support to Romney who got half of the delegates. [46] In 2012 delegates were allocated in primaries in seven states and their sixty five congressional districts together with binding caucuses in two states. Of the six selected delegates from the Virgin Islands, one was elected as uncommitted, and another bound to Paul. He came in 4th place with 1,893 votes in Puerto Rico, 1,180 votes in Michigan, 10 votes in Iowa, 345 votes in New Hampshire, 377 votes in Maryland, 6,481 votes in his home state of California, and 545 votes in Utah, amounting up to a total of 10,831 votes. Santorum won Kansas and three Southern primaries, but was unable to make any significant gains on Romney, who maintained a solid lead over all other contenders after securing more than half of the delegates allocated in the month of March. [94] A simple majority of 1,144 delegate votes were needed to win nomination. [73][74], On May 7, 2012, after Romney visited him, Santorum urged his supporters to back Romney's campaign and said, "You can be sure that I will work with the governor to help him in this task to ensure he has a strong team that will support him in his conservative policy initiatives. ", "Adelsons give Gingrich super PAC another $5 million", "Colorado Republicans split delegate votes between Romney, unified Paul and Santorum supporters", "Mitt Romney carries half of Missouri delegates at stake", "RNC officially names Mitt Romney the party's 'presumptive nominee, "Newt Gingrich drops out: 'Truly wild ride' is over", "Candidate Gingrich ends campaign but vows to keep fighting as 'Citizen' Gingrich", "Santorum endorses former rival Romney as GOP presidential candidate", "Santorum Endorses Romney as Republican Nominee", "Ron Paul to end 'active campaigning' for Republican nod", "Romney inches closer to clinching GOP nomination with latest primary wins", "Romney moves closer to GOP nomination with primary wins in Kentucky, Arkansas", "Romney Claims GOP Nomination After Texas Win", "Ron Paul Supporters Sue GOP And State Republican Parties, Claiming Intimidation", "Would-be delegates sue GOP, demand free vote at convention", "RNC calls 'frivolous' lawsuit by Ron Paul supporters", "Paul supporters fail to round up enough Nebraska delegates", "Ron Paul revolution fails to materialize in Nebraska", "Paul's bid to be nominated for GOP president ends", "How America Elects — Winning Party's Nomination Takes Winning Delegates", "Romney picks Paul Ryan as vice presidential running mate", "Romney picks Rep. Paul Ryan as running mate", "Ron Paul Pre-RNC Event to Assemble Champions of Constitutional Conservatism", "Election 2012: Presidential Primaries, Caucus, and Conventions, January through September 2012", "Romney formally chosen as GOP nominee, convention moves into full swing", "It's Official: 2,061 Delegates Vote Romney to Become Republican Presidential Nominee", "Santorum releases delegates ahead of GOP convention", "Ron Paul Strikes Deal With RNC over Delegates", "Montana sending 46 delegates, alternates to Republican National Convention", 2012 Presidential Republican Primary Election Results. Santorum and Gingrich released their delegates and encouraged them to vote for Romney,[101][102] but Paul did not; his campaign instead tried to secure more delegate votes during the convention, and carried a dispute over Louisiana's delegates into the convention. At the county conventions one delegate was elected as uncommitted,[53] while eight delegates was committed to Romney, two to Santorum and one to Paul. Finished fifth among ballot candidates in New Hampshire with 0.7 percent. These totals changed as delegates switched their support to Romney or Paul at the convention. The following individuals were the object of presidential speculation in past media reports, but did not signal an interest in running. What’s his name? Real estate dealer and future U.S. President Donald Trump (Declined May 6, 2011[11]), The primary contests took place from January 3 to July 14 and elected and allocated 2,286 voting delegates to the 2012 Republican National Convention in the week of August 27. Appeared on the general ballot in New Jersey as the "NSA did 9/11" candidate and received 1,024 votes. Endorsed Darcy Richardson before the New Hampshire primary. A simple majority of 1,144 delegate votes were needed to win nomination—the national convention roll call gave Romney-Ryan 2,061 votes. With Santorum suspending his campaign, Gingrich saw a new hope of reasserting himself as the conservative alternative to Romney. It was the first presidential primary to be affected by a Supreme Court ruling that allowed unlimited independent expenditures to support or oppose candidates through super PACs. United States presidential primaries and caucuses, List of candidates by number of primary votes, Graduated Random Presidential Primary System,, 2012 United States Republican presidential primaries, Articles which contain graphical timelines, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Political consultant and gay rights activist, Straw poll won, but can not show a plurality of delegates, February 1 – March 5, 2012: Contests of traditional early states. At the beginning of May, Gingrich and Santorum suspended their campaigns; Romney was widely reported as the presumptive nominee, with Paul the only other major candidate running an active campaign. The FEC reported that Barr, now 67, came in 7th place in the election, amassing over 67,000 votes. In 2012 there were 13 state contests before Super Tuesday, seven caucuses and 5 primaries. John Wolfe Jr.(Website)(FEC filing)(Wikinews), Darcy Richardson (Website)(FEC filing)(Wikinews). "[9] With his subsequent victories in California and several smaller states, Romney surpassed a majority of bound delegates on June 5. Filed with the FEC to run for president on December 13, 2011. [44] He also campaigned in Maine, beating Ron Paul by only three percentage points. He withdrew following a 5th-place finish in the Utah primary, which was the final primary of the 2012 cycle. Democratic Party presidential candidate, 2008, U.S. Senate nominee for the Democratic Party in Oklahoma, 2010. Won 41 percent of the vote in West Virginia for second place. Puerto Rico held a primary and the four smaller insular areas (Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, American Samoa and U.S. Virgin Islands) had convention style caucuses where no straw polls were taken, therefore our table does not show popular vote percentages in these rows but the number of delegates committed to each candidate. [13] It is the rule outlining the way the convention will nominate the Republican candidate for president. Every person wanting to be a delegate needed to pledge to a candidate or declare to be 'uncommitted' before the voting started. The primary contest began in 2011 with a fairly wide field. Missouri had a nonbinding straw poll in the form of a primary. The February primary was non-binding and as such nothing more than a non-binding strawpoll. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton of New York[74], Former Governor Howard Dean of Vermont[75], Former Senator Russ Feingold of Wisconsin[76], Former Senate nominee Alvin Greene of South Carolina[citation needed], U.S. Representative Dennis Kucinich of Ohio[77], Consumer advocate Ralph Nader of Connecticut[78], Democratic Party presidential candidates, 2012, 2012 Democratic Party presidential primaries, Republican Party presidential candidates, 2012, United States third party and independent presidential candidates, 2012, 2012 United States presidential election timeline, "Obama launches 2012 campaign with web video", "Convention vote expected to be unanimous for Obama", "Chattanooga man John Wolfe running for president in New Hampshire", "Elections: 2012 Presidential Preference Primary in Missouri (Candidate Filing Information)", "Texas Democratic Presidential Primary Ballot Has Three Candidates So Far", "Democratic challenger to Barack Obama picks off delegates in Louisiana", "President Obama will clinch renomination Tuesday, but it may not be unanimous", "Darcy Richardson For President Committee FEC filing", "Darcy Richardson suspends Democratic Party presidential campaign", "Even Democratic ballot will be crowded in New Hampshire primary", "Bob Ely For President Committee FEC filing", "Anti-Abortion Activist Randall Terry Eyes Presidency, Graphic TV Ad During Super Bowl", "Pro-Life Activist Randall Terry Looks to Defeat Barack Obama in 2012 Dem Primaries", "Randall Terry For President Campaign Committee FEC filing", "Randall Terry for President Campaign Committee FEC filing", "Official 2012 Presidential General Election Results", "Keith Russell Judd: Would-be Presidential candidate sits in a Beaumont prison", "Texas prisoner says he should be on 2012 ballot", "2008 Presidential Hopefuls Grouped By Party", "Texas convict on W.Va. ballot for president", "Hail to the chief! Congressman Ron Paul, former Governor Romney and former U.S. [82] Despite this, the following week 123 mostly Paul-aligned delegates, currently legally bound to support Romney at the convention, brought an ongoing federal lawsuit against the RNC and its chairman to instead be able to vote "in accordance with the free exercise of their conscience. Santorum spent months in Iowa, traveling to all 99 counties and holding some 381 town hall meetings. The first Mormon to run for president was Joseph Smith, during the 1844 election. The primary election table below shows how and when the National Convention delegates are allocated and elected.

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