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"This ridiculous potion causes the drinker to talk nonsense," continued Snape, "The effect lasts at least an hour or maximum two hours. Causes irrational behaviour and can inflict insanity on the drinker. Herbicide Potion Kills or damages plants Hiccupping solution Causes hiccupping. water (500 mL) Alihosty leaves (fresh, 5g) billywig stings (dried, 2) erumpant tongue (powdered, a pinch) armadillo bile (5 mL) leechjuice (2 drops) Directions. A potion created from the Philosopher's Stone that extend the taker's life. ; Seen/Mentioned: Hermione Granger told Harry and Ron about this in 1991. Blood-Replenishing Potion- This is a potion that is used to replace lost blood. A potion that causes the drinker to babble nonsense. Elixir to Induce Euphoria. Baruffio's Brain Elixir A potion that apparently increases the taker's brain power. Parvarti and Padma Patel used it to foil Dolores Umbridge during her unpopular reign as Headmistress at Hogwarts. This is a potion that causes the drinker to babble nonsense. Babbling Beverage -- A potion that causes uncontrollable speaking of nonsense. A potion that induces a sense of inexplicable, irrational happiness upon the drinker. RELATED: Harry Potter: The 10 Most Difficult Potions To Make Elixir of Life. This was the potion given to Arthur Weasley after being bitten by a snake. Stew Alihosty leaves in simmering water for 20 minutes. Boil Cure Potion- Confusing Concoction Also known as Confusing Draught, is a potion that causes confusion in the drinker. Aging Potion -- A potion that depending on the amount taken, ages the drinker to various ages. The ingredients have never been named but it was mentioned by Professor Snape in OotP. Antidote to Veritaserum -- A potion that removes the effects of Veritaserum. Baneberry Potion This potions effects are unknown; most likely a poison. Remove all traces of the leaves and return water to a boil. ; Elixir to Induce Euphoria. Potions Antidote to Common Poisons Counteracts common natural poisons, stings and bites Boil cure potion Cures boils. Cat-O-Tonic is a potion that allows the drinker to understand cat speak, as well as seemingly communicate to cats. Why did Harry Potter continue to compel Professor Dumbledore into drinking Lord Voldemort’s mystically poisoned water in the Cave by the Sea? It is a mild to difficult potion and can prove to be a challenge to even adult witches and wizards. A potion that causes uncontrollable speaking of nonsense. Beautification Potion A potion that makes the taker very beautiful. Dizziness Draught A potion that provokes a sensation of lightheadedness and loss of balance on the drinker. Summary. This potion causes the drinker to speak incoherently or about nonsense. The Babbling Beverage is exactly what it sounds like - a drink that causes you to babble. [+1 Endurance] Though it's possible that cat's could already understand the speech of humans. Nicolas Flamel and his wife are known to be using it and they lived upto more that 600 years. Muffling Draught This potion used to affect the target's ability to speak. Forgetfulness potion Makes the drinker forget in short periods of time. What are the things that are said? Beautification Potion -- A potion that makes the taker very beautiful. Tags. Literally nothing but absolute nonsense. Inside the potions class room, Professor Snape was "teaching" them to make Babbling Beverage. Wideye/Wiggenweld Potion Awakens an unconscious person. Once taken, this potion will make the drinker unable to stop speaking even if they wanted to. Ingredients. Because Harry was a teen-aged boy and, by definition, that made him an idiot. This potion causes a person to babble and speak nonsense.

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