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History Comments Share. This Location is filled with wastrels some of them are infected with the plague. Encounters are the quests in We Happy Few. They need two Proper Suits, which you can craft from two Torn Suits plus a few other items. Lud's Holm is one of the Locations in the game We Happy Few. Follow the light torches to the top and observe the Mass of the Sacred Yam. Finding the house boarded up, Sally sneaks in triggering a flashback to her finding her mother poisoned herself and the rest of the family. Look for what appears to be the remains of a tower in a square location on the map. After this Sally makes her way to her old bedroom, while avoiding plague wastrels lurking inside. The plague can be traced back to Histoplasma Mushrooms, mutant mushrooms that have been eaten by Wastrels out of desperation because of the severe food shortage. Open the trunk to receive the answer to the question in Lud's Bridge and a Proper Suit to help you enter Hamlyn Village. If you fail, you will have to use a jimmy bar to open the trunk. (If you need a trap tool, read our guide to our Downer Investigation walkthrough in Hamlyn Village.) Lud's Holm is named after King Lud, who was king of Britain in pre-Roman times and founder of London. In Act I and II, they only come out during the night, but in Act III, the Plagues Wastrels can be seen attacking Wellies during the day in the Parade District. Defeat three Wastrels to rescue Ralph. Burton. As well as that, Lud's Holm is also the most dangerous Holm. Given their intoxicated state, the Wastrels may turn hostile as you make your way through the building. The Xbox Series X seems to have a disc drive problem. Houses, Luds Holm House. Two smaller side sections that resemble Eel Pie Holm, with bombed-out, ruined towns and with a shelteron them. Walk toward the rear of the tower where you'll encounter several tin can alarms. Lud's Holm Encounters walkthrough Encounters are the quests in We Happy Few. Look for the house in a large spot that's not squared in on the map. There might also be some Wastrels throwing furniture out onto the streets from the house. After finding Dr. Faraday's house and entering it, Arthur is commissioned by Faraday to collect various items from throughout Lud's Holm for her machine to allow her to escape from Wellington Wells. Meet the first customer to get a PS5. There is no shelter in this area. The area is … Enter the house and sneak around the house. Look inside the window. This is the house that you must find as a part of Johnny Bolton, Special Agent. Because of this, not only did the plague emerge, but also cults such as the Yam Cult and the Space God People. Let it run its course, and then collect a formula for Phytosteroid and the Sacred Yam itself. Once Sally's gotten all of the ingredients, she returns to St. George's Holm. Even though locations can change, commonalities exist, and we'll tell you what to look for when you need to locate an Encounter. Main Encounters are necessary to escape the city, while Secondary Encounters can … There will be a table in an alcove protected by a booby trap. Collecting the chemistry set, she escapes the house and heads back to St. George's Holm. We Happy Few is a work in progress, which makes this guide a work in progress, too. These sections link to the central section. Cellar v2. He's been recently booted from Hamlyn and requires your assistance to fend off bandits that come in the night.

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