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#WesVotes #WesEngage2020 Retweeted by “There’s something about improv that really helps with beginner’s mindset,” Veneziale says. Visit to learn more. Time Magazine named RunKeeper as a “Top 10 iPhone App” in 2009. . Sarah Dashew ’94 has released her second album, Where I Belong (Whistlefoot Records), a 10-track set which deals with the themes of love, place, and belonging. “Unlike fuels in other sources, renewable energy tends to be intermittent, yet we need, Lin-Manuel Miranda '02 (Photo by Corey Hayes). Rewind that back. As part of his Acoustic Bicycle Tour, Bynum will perform at Wesleyan’s Crowell Concert Hall on Saturday, Sept. 11 at 8 p.m. with vibraphonist and Wesleyan music professor Jay Hoggard ’76. And as his work with and grasp on the medium matures, he hopes to expand it to benefit a wider audience. Freestyle Love Supreme Members Teach ‘Freestyle 101’, ‘We Are Freestyle Love Supreme’: Before ‘Hamilton,’ There Was a Supergroup, Inside ‘We Are Freestyle Love Supreme,’ The Documentary That Took More Than a Decade to Make. Ultimately, along with Freestyle Love Supreme and his ongoing work of amplifying different voices, Veneziale hopes to continue exploring the therapeutic and creative benefits of improv. Professor of Music Mark Slobin will be the first holder of the chair. Lyons talks about his early musical influences while growing up in Pennsylvania, his thoughts on the music scene in New Orleans, and running the record label. (Photo by Joan Marcus), thony Veneziale ’98 steps up to center stage and invites the audience to share their “least favorite things.”. . Benjamin Lyons: By the late ’90s, I was immersed in the “creative” or “free” music scenes in Chicago and New York. The chair is made possible through a generous $2.5 million gift from the Mayer & Morris Kaplan Family Foundation. They informed and allowed us to find our own way, our own voice. fans around the world are mourning the passing of longtime host Alex Trebek. And I started thinking, ‘Am I an outlier? The show, a new baking competition on the Food Network, airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST, and features four of the country’s top cupcake bakers facing off in three elimination challenges. “One of the greatest challenges in developing an alternative power source is developing a transmission structure,” says Haubenstock. Also, I was interested in creating a higher standard of recording than most musicians I know were inclined to create on their own, either because of lack of funds or indifference to the recording process. It gets pretty emotionally raw in there. This year’s White House Fellows come from diverse backgrounds and varied professions, and have shown a strong commitment to public service and leadership. Their first musical In The Heights eventually went to Broadway, where it won the Tony Award for best new musical of 2008.… #WesCreative Retweeted by She grew up sailing the high seas with her family (her dad is a boat designer), listening to the music by Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Wonder, The Beatles, Van Morrison, and Janis Joplin— references recognizable in Dashew’s work today. and the freestyling begins. Wesleyan University, Wednesday, November 4, 2020 at 8pm on YouTube: the seventh installment of the @wesleyan_u Graduate Music Series will feature alumni composers Ian Davis MA ’19 and James P. Falzone MA '19. He has taught acting, writing, improvisation, and stand up comedy at several colleges and companies and has done narrative design and copywriting at various Silicon Valley firms. He has over 20 years of improvisation experience around the globe. Two songs in particular hit an emotional and vulnerable chord. RSVP required. He is also a leader in corporate team building, hosting and producing events all over the country for many major companies. Need a refresher? There’s a big part of rap that is about being disenfranchised: “It was 90% white dudes up on stage and I couldn’t help thinking to myself that that’s not why I got involved in theater,” Veneziale says. At Speechless, presentation is everything. He directs all daily operations of a $1.6 million Gates Foundation grant to improve global health policymaking and train future leaders at the nexus between international relations and global health. resident Sasha Chanoff ’94, founder of Mapendo International, will receive this year’s  Charles Bronfman Prize for his work rescuing thousands of African refugees overlooked by other organizations. Yes, there were seniors in the group or ‘leaders,’ but they facilitated the experience. Wesleyan University, Allbritton Center for the Study of Public Life faculty share their insights on the 2020 Election. And we would just freestyle. Miranda and Veneziale would rap freestyle for fun during breaks. @efranklinfowler, director of the @wesmediaproject, discusses on PBS @NewsHour how ads influence voters. “For me, this concept of where hip-hop and rap came from is really important because I’m a white man, and this is a black art form and it started in the Bronx. Sammy has a BFA and MFA in Acting and over 15 years as a professional actor, comedian, and instructor. Benjamin Lyons ’81, who runs the independent label Valid Records, was recently interviewed by Dan Godston at “I wanted to have multiple points of view on stage and then allow those points of view to flourish. You’ve told us some things about yourself. No need to waste time endlessly browsing—here's the entire lineup of new movies and TV shows streaming on Netflix this month. Courses include Mapping the Pandemic, The Working Actor, Financial Accounting, Digital Art, and more. That’s something that you work on every single day.”. Watch brief videos from @wesleyan_u Professors @JimCavallaro, Carla Abdo-Katsipis, @KevinVrevich and James McGuire:… Lisa and her videographer/photographer husband, Peter, live in Massachusetts. Veneziale’s company, Speechless, became a sponsor for Limb’s research and Veneziale himself (as well as many of his improv colleagues) participated in the study. Feldbaum ’97 is a 2010–11 White House Fellow by David Low • June 28, 2010. When GOVT: 296 Japanese Politics was learning about environmental policy, course instructor Professor Mary Alice Haddad brought her students to the Center for the Arts Green for their Oct. 22 class. Inside ‘We Are Freestyle Love Supreme,’ The Documentary That Took More Than a Decade to Make. Their first musical "In The Heights" eventually went to Broadway, where it won the Tony Award for best new musical of 2008. “When I got into Gag Reflex,” he explains, “the tables were completely turned as to what it meant to be a part of a family or a group. Rudy explains that informal learning experiences can be the key to self-discovery, communication, self-confidence, and even independence for many children on the autism spectrum. “It can be used in so many different interesting applications and the confidence gap is one of them. “Everything we rap about is being generated there in front of these people in this moment so that they can feel it. Dr. Limb had gained renown for his research on brain activity during musical improvisation, putting jazz musicians into a Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) machine and tracking the different areas of the brain that are activated when improvising versus following a script or set piece of music. He wondered: Can improv be used as a kind of mental fitness regime to not only help with confidence and people feeling authentically themselves but also maintaining a healthy sense of neuroplasticity well into old age? “Two or three days later I auditioned for Gag Reflex.”. And that to me was so spectacular. Actor | After graduating as a film studies major, Veneziale continued to perform, write, and produce with the aforementioned Back House Productions and on his own, helping to launch a reimagined Electric Company (featuring the rhymes of a pre-Hamilton Miranda) and continuing to develop Freestyle Love Supreme alongside other side gigs. I felt the most authentically me. A: Absolutely. It wasn’t about seniority. Anthony would come in and distract us, ‘Let’s rap about our day!’ . Rolling Stone, ast members Kaila Mullady, Utkarsh Ambudkar, Anthony Veneziale ’98, Ashley Pérez Flanagan, and Aneesa Folds keep the energy pumping with on-the-fly rhymes and full-length musical numbers that culminate in a unique hip-hop improv theater experience. He resides in Glen Echo, Maryland. 600 students, faculty, staff, and local residents voted at Middletown’s Voting District 14, located inside Beckham Hall. True to Veneziale’s creative mission, the final, and arguably most important participants in the creative experiment were the everyday audience members who don’t just passively watch the show, but are equal partners in creating a unique communal theater experience every night. “But then when we redo it for them, they actually rewire parts of their brain that have been adversely affected by that trauma. (Photo by Bill Burkhart). Wesleyan University, The Posse Veterans Program partners with @UVA, @wesleyan_u, and @Vassar to support #studentveterans as they attend college in teams of their peers. Day to Day. Founding member of American Immigrants (San Francisco). Q: What are your thoughts on the philosophy of the open road, reflections on a kind of mix of Zen and the art of bicycle maintenance?

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