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[30] She helps Tyler deal with the discovery that he is a werewolf, but is later killed during the sacrifice. Damon realizes that Katherine has returned and is impersonating Elena. Caroline breaks up the fight, but Sarah, who is also compelled, stabs Tyler, and he accidentally breaks her neck. Damon tells Jules she won't find Mason and to leave town. Damon asks Katherine about the vampire, and she says that Jenna is the backup vampire. Bonnie begs the witches to bring Jeremy back saying that she loves him. Caroline has become a vampire and awakens in the hospital craving blood. Jules reveals that she is a werewolf. When a confused and desperate Caroline leaves the hospital and joins her friends at the Mystic Falls Carnival, Damon wants to take immediate action. Meanwhile, a flashback to 1491 reveals how Katherine met Elijah and Klaus. When he tries to save Elijah invisibly, Damon burns him to death. Stefan warns Damon and Alaric stabs Elijah, but he pulls the dagger out and tells Elena their deal is off. However, Bonnie uses her powers to weaken him while Damon kills Greta. As Stefan and Damon are about to get staked, Jonas, on Elijah's behalf, incapacitates the remaining wolves. [2] The season finale aired on May 12, 2011. At the school dance, Jeremy confronts Bonnie about why she wants to kill herself for Elena, and Damon overhears. Stefan and Damon decide on a new plan to deal with Katherine at the Lockwood's masquerade ball. 2019, Dans cette série d'apprentissage, trois ados se lient d'amitié malgré des horizons sociaux différents. The Vampire Diaries Season 2 was made available on DVD and Blu-ray on August 30, 2011. Lucy casts a spell so that when Katherine is hurt, it also affects Elena. Alaric returns as himself and gives the message from Klaus that the ritual will happen that night. Luka tries to remove the dagger from Elijah's body, but Katherine stops him. Katherine chooses a new victim. Damon tells Elena Katherine's real name, Katerina Petrova, to aid Elena with her research. Don't miss any episodes, set your DVR to record The Vampire Diaries This supernatural drama, based on the series of novels by L.J. Luka reveals that Elijah plans to kill Klaus by making him vulnerable after he sacrifices Elena. Drame , 2019, La vie de la famille du commerçant britannique John Beecham dans une impressionnante demeure en Inde, durant la seconde moitié du XIXe siècle. HBO's hit drama series created by Alan Ball ('Six Feet Under') and based on the best-selling Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris about a perky telepathic waitress (Anna Paquin) in a near-future in which vampires live among us. 2014, L'histoire d'un génie informatique excentrique, qui a bâti une entreprise luttant contre les menaces du monde moderne. The site's critics consensus reads, "The sophomore season of Vampire Diaries is top shelf guilty pleasure, balancing wild twists and cliffhangers without going off the rails. Katherine sends Mason to Mystic Falls to get the moonstone for her. Elijah is revealed to be seeking revenge on Klaus for killing his family and burying their bodies at sea. Vue d’ensemble: Katherine menace Caroline et exige que les frères Salvatore lui rendent la pierre de lune. [31] He is later killed by Katherine, who is protecting the Salvatore brothers. en compagnie d`excellents acteurs, la serie Vampire Diaries est sortie en 2009, en Isobel kidnaps Elena and then receives a phone call from Maddox, who tells her that she has finished what Klaus compelled her to do and is free to let Elena go. La Saison 2 de Vampire Diaries est culte. ", "The Vampire Diaries: Season 2 (2010-2011)",, "hawii-five-0 tops premiere week rankings", "hawaii-five-0-top-premiere-week-rankings", "Live+7 DVR Ratings: Grey's Anatomy, Parenthood Top Week's Rankings", "Live+7 DVR Ratings: Grey's Anatomy, The Event, Parenthood, Modern Family Top Week's Rankings", "Live+7 DVR Ratings: Modern Family, Grey's Anatomy, Outlaw, Fringe, Hawaii Five-0 Top Week's Rankings", "Live+7 DVR Ratings: Grey's Anatomy, The Event, Fringe, Hawaii Five-0 Top Week's Rankings", "Live+7 DVR Ratings: 'Grey's Anatomy,' 'Glee,' 'The Good Guys' Top Week's Rankings", "Live+7 DVR Ratings: 'Modern Family,' 'Fringe,' 'Hawaii Five-0' Top Week's Rankings", "Live+7 DVR Ratings: 'Fringe largest dvd increase", "LLive+7 DVR Ratings: 'Modern Family' Tops Absolute Gains, 'Fringe' Tops % Gains", "Live+7 DVR Ratings: Yet Again, 'Modern Family' Tops Absolute Gains, 'Fringe' Tops % Gains", "dvr ratings fringe final nearly doubles",, All Wikipedia articles written in American English, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Picking up where the first season left off, Elena arrives home to discover the fates of Uncle John and Jeremy. Stefan and Elena go to a lake house for a romantic weekend, but they don't realize they're being followed. John gives Damon the special dagger to kill Elijah. Matt has drunk vervain, so the compulsion does not work. They do but warn of "consequences." Jeremy's reckless attempt to help Bonnie retrieve the moonstone lands him in a life-threatening position and forces Stefan to put himself in danger. Jeremy finds Anna and Vicki at the Gilbert home, both dead vampires. At his funeral, Elena reads a note from John saying he will always love her and she will always be his daughter, even if she becomes a vampire. Jenna forgives him. Réalisée avec professionnalisme et originalité, en compagnie d`excellents acteurs, la serie Vampire Diaries est sortie en 2009, en U.S.A.; dans le genre : Drame, Fantastique, Romance très apprécié des spectateurs. Damon tells Bonnie to put on a protection spell and make Alaric/Klaus believe that she is dead. Stefan and Damon arrive to fight with Elijah and stake him. Sortie en US en 2009 dans la catégorie Drame, l’épisode 7 qui dure 43, a été notée de 7.10 et a eu 707 votes. Fascinée par Stefan et Damon Salvatore, deux frères que tout oppose, elle ne tarde pas à découvrir qu'ils sont en fait des vampires. Elena and Alaric become angry with John when Isobel's arrival devastates Jenna. All the series regulars returned. Jeremy and Tyler start to bond when Tyler learns that Jeremy knows about the curse. She tells him that her reason for not killing Elena is that she is in danger. Stefan and Damon come to Elena's assistance and, in the process, learn surprising new information.

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