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Digital images and transcriptions of this letter are also available. 2020-2021 at the Rubenstein Library — What to know about using our spaces and services. This section documents the individual and collective story of the African American struggle for freedom and human rights in the eighteenth, nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. David Campbell purchased Michael Valentine ca. At County, Virginia (Series II, No. !H��|8���Lz�x�� ���1�G= stream Lexington, Ky. & Washington, D.C.The McCalla Papers includes two letters from George Crawford written to John McCalla from Monrovia, Liberia. According to historian Norma Taylor Mitchell, young men wrote these letters Prominently featured are David In addition, two insightful ess. various pages at this site. Transcriptions of the four letters available at the time these letters were written, Hannah was the manager of the house servants. Fannie expresses her longing and love for her husband and refers to her extended family with whom she lives. New Bern, N.C.The Whitford Papers contains a letter written by Jack Williamson to his former owner. Ansonville, N.C.Some mystery surrounds copies of two letters credited to a William Smith. ��ǰ7�"b.%r�n���w71��h "�i�T�bU�n�B��2�!.���'RiO:�Ɩd)��O�. startxref He displays some spunk at the end of the letter “Hope that all are well excepting Elijah Hampton for the Five Lick he gave me…” Additional letters dated Feb. 1, 1850; Jan. 27, Mar. The digitized version of this selection from the Campbell Family Papers was developed as a Archival Collections, Retrieving African-American Women's History: Others were taught by owners or by missionaries wanting to teach the Bible. Robinson states having a wife and six children and has accumulated enough to purchase a comfortable house and therefore could not move to presumably reunite with the Campbells again. These shocking and authentic documents, dating back to the darkest period in American history, are accompanied by contemporaneous interviews and period illustrations. project of The Digital Scriptorium of the Duke Warrenton, N.C. and Richmond, Va.Former slave Sarah (Sally) Norral writes to Jacob Mordecai’s daughter Emma on November 23, 1867 from Richmond, Va. Norral inquires after Emma’s health and reports on her own well-being. (Includes information and transcriptions of slave letters found in the Campbell family papers and the Neill Brown papers listed above)"When I Can Read my Title Clear" : Literacy, Slavery, and Religion in the Antebellum South Janet Duitsman Cornelius University of South Carolina Press, 1991.Slave Testimony: Two Centuries of Letters, Speeches, Interviews, and Autobiographies Louisiana State University Press, 1977.Slaves No More: Letters from Liberia, 1833-1869 edited by Bell I. Wiley. national banking system, Jacksonian party politics, social and economic reform as well as Three Letters That Former Slaves Sent To Their Masters, Momentous Historical Firsts That Happened Way Before Most People Think They Did, Two-Year Old Shot And Killed In Chicago; Murder Streamed On Facebook Live, What Stephen Hawking Thinks Threatens Humankind The Most, 27 Raw Images Of When Punk Ruled New York, Join The All That's Interesting Weekly Dispatch. h�"�ތǧ��x�x2>>�O&�3�<6��k4���ـ5B����y�h�y'5h�w��0�A&罯+fEb�F3�����s׷a,�*XS*s�-��� A slave having these skills would frequently keep them secret. Images and texts on these web pages are intended for research and edited by Janet L. Coryell et al by the University of Missouri Press, Columbia. Norral briefly discusses politics and hopes “not to put strangers to rule our people.” She refers to troubled times and having faith to keep up spirits. Jack Hannibal, a freedman, writes to his former owner in North Carolina from Tuscaloosa, Ala., in response to a letter he received from her. Lethe worked in the family garden, milked cows and churned butter. These letters are written to family members and/or former owners describing their experiences and demonstrating a deference to their former and/or current owners. Also represented are William Bowen Campbell, When completed, it will include all the narratives of fugitive and former slaves published in broadsides, pamphlets, or book form in English up to 1920 and many of the biographies of fugitive and former slaves published in English before 1920. A slave having these skills would frequently keep them secret. There is also a letter dictated by Lethe Jackson's daughter, Lucy Clarke, to Clarke's son, Washington, April 11, 1843. These notes shine a light on the complex relationships that slaves had with their masters. Her main concern, however, are her children and she asks that this letter be shown to Mr. Slade so that he can write to Mr. J. Paul Jones (who is writing this letter for Fanny) and tell all he knows “in connection with the sale of my children.” Fanny is living in Texas.William Alexander Smith Papers, 1765-1949. For the first time, this account discloses a collection of original letters from the 19th century, revealing the correspondence between black slaves and their American masters. Some slave letters were actually written down or "transcribed" by sympathetic whites or by other slaves who could write. for Hannah Valentine and Lethe Jackson to their mistresses and other slave family members. Richmond, taking several of their slaves with them, but leaving Hannah and Lethe to care for 1998 in the book Beyond Image and Convention: Explorations in Southern Women's History, The connection to the William Alexander Smith family is unclear.Alexander Hamilton Stephens Papers, 1822-1911. Specifically he inquires about whether his father and brother Ben are still living. Also included are the letters of Margaret Hamilton Campbell Let us know what’s wrong with this preview of, Published Hannah Valentine and Lethe Jackson's original letters are a contained in the Campbell Family The paper was published in He states he had a good master who is now dead but that “I am still in good hands.”Thomas Whitmel Harriss Papers, 1795 (1828-1873) 1891. For the first time, this account discloses a collection of original letters from the 19th century, revealing the correspondence between black slaves and their American masters. In these letters we hope to offer a resource on the atrocities of the eighteenth-century slave trade. and Mary Campbell, located in Abingdon, Virginia. Besides the letters of house He also wants her to write his two sisters in Florida so that she can let them know where he is. contains over 8,500 items dating from 1731 to 1969 which document the personal, political, and ��M ��&gj�Uo,�b �Zȓ�umL��pɯ���9����;4�N�-8S˧4��gr)�5�3��}?�����E��Qe�s�~ϙ���X�߾�k�L��1ޑ��S���F��Lv��H߷���h�)/�9)KVF�������;��;!M����)����� 8"Rα6+;˥^��i�iLi�| ��? If in your study of these papers you can shed some light on the text, please send us a note and we will be happy to add your Women's Studies Archivist and Resource Specialist. In the letter Clarke writes about the birth of her son, Washington's brother, gives him advice about how he should conduct his life, includes news of family members, and describes what is taking place on the plantation. Numerous books have been published that describe slave life from the perspective of the slaves themselves. punctuation. this web site can also be found in Blacks in Bondage: Letters of American Slaves, These letters vary in content and most have no supporting information about the author. Transcriptions were made from the originals, and retain the original misspellings and This large collection of family papers 0000003789 00000 n 150-153.John Moore McCalla Papers, 1785-1917. For the first time, this account discloses a collection of original letters from the 19th century, revealing the correspondence between black slaves and their American masters. Collections Library and other holdings related to African-American women through Under these conditions, it is no wonder that few letters exist. He also advises, "this is not the place for a general imagration of the coloured people." (5) Thirteenth Amendment beneficiary (5) Toil (away) (5) Work one's fingers to the bone (5) Emancipation …

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