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Taurus also introduced the tactical R Ported. rufunky, Jan 19, 2009 #5. mike6161 Member. It got its name "The Judge" in 2006 when Bob Morrison, Executive Vice President, learned that judges in high-crime areas of Miami, Florida, were purchasing the revolver for personal defense in their courtrooms, and after Morrison investigated further, the model designation was changed from 4410 to 4510 to more accurately reflect the revolver's versatility (.45 Colt + 410 shot → "4510"). ufo2012maya Subscribe Unsubscribe 88. The heels are gone and the boots are flat soled. 1:46. Then the pistol is laying more behind him in the black area and with the grip towards the building. In 2011 at SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada Taurus introduced the Raging Judge XXVIII chambered for 28 gauge shot shells. When Natasha is being chased down the alley, she is no longer wearing high heeled, thigh high boots. As of December 2008, spur-less hammers remain available with all short-barrel lengths of The Judge. Other known users of this handgun are Raul Passos, Armando Becker, and Milo Rego. The cylinder used a double lock-up similar to the Raging Judge chambered in .454 Casull. The handgun is black in color. It depends on how much recoil tolerance you have. Why wouldn't I?? ... taurus judge double action only, taurus max payne. 16 Apr 2019 2 869 917; Share Video. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. This 185-grain bullet has a good reputation for expansion and penetration. The top should be placed vertically, with the single point up and the center of the insignia on a line bisecting the angle of the collar's point. (at around 46 mins) Max is driving through the city (supposedly New York City) when behind him through the windows of the car, there is a "Tim Horton's" neon sign. 1 Overview 2 Social Club description 3 Usage 4 Behind the scenes 5 Multiplayer 6 Attachments 6.1 Barrel 6.2 Underslung 6.3 Internal 6.4 Tint 6.5 Other 7 Gallery 8 Appearances The PT92 is a semi-automatic handgun that shoots 9x19mm parabellum rounds. Just before the fight with Lupino there's a guy coming behind and above Max and there's a slow-motion shoot out. in Alex's car, a circular blue, white, and red sign is visible on a building in the background. He ends up slaughtering the key leaders in the mafia that organized Payne's family's death. [11], The carbine has a butt stock and forend made of either Brazilian hardwood or plastic and uses a fiber optic front sight. The rifling of the Judge barrel is designed to stabilize bullets but not unduly scatter shot. VIDEOS GALLERIES. Fired from early short barrel 2.5 inch chambers Slugs are 71 grains each and there are 12 number 4 shot. Max Payne 3. Both model numbers are essentially the same revolver, and any 4410 or 4510 will yield basically the same performance. He is an officer for the New York Police Department. [3], Though Taurus deliberately designed the Judge to fire shotshells, the Judge does not qualify as a "short-barreled shotgun" under the National Firearms Act of 1934 as its rifled barrel makes it a regular handgun. Velocity is 891 fps form the three-inch barrel Taurus Judge. [2] However, the Judge is considered a short-barreled shotgun under California state law, which has a broader definition of "short-barreled shotgun," and the Judge is thus illegal to possess in that state. [11], It comes in the original combination chambering of .410 bore and .45 Colt. The gun used by Max in the subway bathroom scene is the Taurus 4510 Judge. Just before Natasha is killed, she falls down in the ally onto a piece of clean cardboard just the right size to keep her from actually having to lay on the ground. The 3" barrel model also comes in two weight classes, the standard steel construction (29 oz currently, 36 oz previously) and alloy-based "Ultra-Lite" (22 oz currently, 24 oz previously). The carbine is known as the Taurus/Rossi Circuit Judge. On the next shot the sheet is lifted revealing her abdomen. and yes I WANT ONE! Quotes This is a well-rounded semi-automatic pistol with good range, accuracy, fire rate, and stopping power. The rank insignia are not USMC insignia. The PT92, along with other handguns such as the M1911 and the 608 Bull, is one of the most popular sidearms of many gangs in São Paulo, such as the Comando Sombra, Crachá Preto, and the Tropa Z. A golden version of the PT92 was obtained by Max Payne after he found the three pieces of the handgun during the shootout at the Branco charity party. It reports that it opened at $29, in the middle of its targeted range, and closed at $129. Taurus is positioning the Public Defender series as a concealed carry piece. [3] The Remington Home Defense 2.5" / 64mm 000 buckshot shell also contains 4 pellets. The "ice" is obviously flats pieces of Styrofoam; a common substitute for ice in films. The Raging Judge is a derivative of the Taurus Judge designed to accept the same .45LC and .410 shotshell rounds as the Judge as well as the significantly more potent .454 Casull round.. One example would be 2 1/2" 4 pellet 000 buckshot, such as those offered by Federal and Remington, among others. Both are the same dimension and fit the cylinder the same (similar to .38 Special to .357 Magnum). I just got back from my local gun shop and Jen wants one. Click on a term to search for related topics. | Max Payne Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. The snowstorm is clearly staged, based on a shot of moths buzzing around a street light, which of course wouldn't be happening in the middle of winter. Movies based on video games I've seen since I've been born. Although The High Road has attempted to provide accurate information on the forum, The High Road assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information. Jim Bravura has a detective's badge, and is frequently called a detective. Taurus promotes the Judge as a self-defense tool against carjacking and for home protection. Yet the door to his office and the name plate on his desk identify him as a lieutenant. Taurus makes an 18.5in barrelled[10] carbine variant of the Taurus Judge revolver along with its partner company, Rossi. Just before Natasha is killed, she keeps her hands in her pockets. 0:14. Appearances In post credits scene with Mona she shows Max newspaper article about Aesir's IPO. The Judge The first gun we ever owned. Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by rufunky, Jan 19, 2009. It is a Taurus Judge - .45LC/.410 gauge. It is used as the standard sidearm of the Unidade de Forças Especiais unit in São Paulo. Brazil When she kicks the door open, the door handle, lock, and deadbolt are undamaged, and the deadbolt is not locked. The Raging Judge XXVIII was a prototype for the Raging Judge chambered in 28 gauge shotshells unveiled in 2011. All the other sprinklers would not be activated unless a very large fire set them off by melting their fusible links. | There are no Tim Horton's in NYC (the nearest is in Syracuse, according to the company website), but they're all over the place in Toronto (where the film was shot.). Crimson Trace laser grips are available for standard models of this firearm. | The Taurus/Rossi Circuit Judge has small blast shields attached to the cylinder to protect the shooter from hot gases escaping between the cylinder and barrel. Daily Dosage Subscribe Unsubscribe 770. Behind the Scenes The Taurus Judge can fire a .410 shotgun shell with small shot, buckshot, or slugs, and also a Colt .45 caliber bullet. Max is using a Taurus Judge revolver, which holds 5 bullets. The PT92 is a licensed reproduction of the Beretta 92 series by a Brazilian arms manufacturing company, Taurus. Crazy Credits In 2008 Taurus introduced the Judge Magnum which can fire either standard 2​1⁄2" or 3" .410 shotshells which contain five 000 buckshot and are more effective as personal defense rounds. In the next shot, when Max shoots, his hand and the gun are covered with snow. 1:46. Max PayneRaul PassosComando SombraCracha PretoUFE The PT92 is a semi-automatic handgun that shoots 9x19mm parabellum rounds. This is actually an absurd 445% rise. The Taurus PT92 is a Brazilian semi-automatic handgun. Golden PT92 with silencer and flashlight. i know that the effects were "hollywoodized" but i am curious if that pistol exists. It never entered production due to legal issues: while it is not legally a handgun (as it is a smoothbore) or a shotgun (as it has no stock), it would be an NFA-restricted "any other weapon" as it is small enough to be "readily concealable" and could also be restricted as a "destructive device" as it exceeded the caliber limit (28 gauge being 0.55 inches, while the limit is 0.50) and was unlikely to pass the sporting purpose test for shotguns. These have been labeled the Public Defender series and are based on the Taurus Model 85 frame. The Judge is plenty strong for the heaviest loads, including hard cast SWC bullet handloads. In one of the first scenes he's using a Judge to open locked bathroom stall doors. Even from a distance, this makes the two guns easy to tell apart. In the Roscoe Street Station bathroom, Max fires a revolver 6 or 7 times (an echoing boom is heard when the mugger is running on the tracks). When Max stands in front of the two lamps on top of the Aesir building, he drops his pistol and kneels down; the gun falls in the yellow area with the grip towards the viewer. When Max crashes through the door of BB's office, the door is wide open, but almost closed in the following shot. Shotshells for use in handguns have long been made by loading handgun cartridges with shot rather than single bullets; they are commonly called "snake shot" or "rat shot" indicating their main use for pest control. Then really fell in love with it when we saw it in the movie Max Payne. Closeup of the cylinder (carbine model pictured), showing the choked chambers that prevent adding .454 Casull rounds on non-magnum models. [14] To meet this market, Taurus designed the .45 Colt/.410 Judge to use both bulleted cartridges and .410 shotshells. As with the original Judge, these shoot five rounds of either .45 Colt or .410 shot. ", Big gun, Short lived. | The bullet hole is now in his right leg. I was looking at the game max payne apparently. [16], Original version of the Taurus Judge (blued finish). In the post-credits scene, as Max Payne walks into the bar, a marquee across the street reading "Forgotten Rebels" and "The 3Tards" is visible. Taurus "Raging Judge Magnum" revolver with 6.5 inch barrel, chambered in, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, "Judging the Judges: Illegal Firearms in California? The Taurus Judge is a five shot revolver designed and produced by Taurus International, chambered for .410 bore shot shells and the .45 Colt cartridge. A good choice for personal defense is the Hornady Critical Defense.

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