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While broiling doesn't give the same taste as cooking over an open grill, broiling can be used whenever the weather doesn't permit outside grilling. Position the oven so the meat will be the recommended distance from the heat. 10 to 15 Porterhouse/T-Bone Steak Timetable for Broiling Meats So add broiling your steak cooking repertoire and enjoy any time and often! in Inches 1 145ºF medium-rare to This doesn’t mean you need to put the grill away just yet. 3/4 to 1  Total cook time should be no more than absolutely necessary to create a nice, medium rare to medium level of doneness. 3/4 160ºF medium But don’t go running off to the nearest Overpriced Kitchen and Things store for a high tech and even higher priced, non-stick broil pan monstrosity just yet. A great chef knows that a variety of cooking styles can reinvent a classic. There are no social login steps defined in Sitecore for this flow! 12 to 14 34 to 39 9 to 12 PORK† 145ºF medium 145ºF medium. 4 per 1 1/2 lb When it comes to sides, think simple. Flip the steaks using your tongs, and transfer it back to the oven to broil for another 3 minutes. 3. † USDA recommends cooking pork to 145ºF with a 3-minute resting period. Chop, Loin or Rib  Broiling is a great way to cook tender cuts of meat, such as steaks, chops and patties. Round these parts, we’re partial to broiling steak for that perfect mix of seared outside and perfectly pink center. Set the oven to broil. Ground Patties  And to make sure you’ll get broiled steak perfection, every time, we’ve got just a few tips to leave you with. You’ll mess up the grill marks. 1 Every armchair beef connoisseur has their own preferred, super-secret, “I swear by this” cooking method. If you prefer pork more well done, cook to 160ºF. 145ºF medium 2 Final Doneness Temperature 3/4 (4-inch diameter) Top Blade Chuck Steak To broil: Place meat on the rack in the broiler pan. We’ve broken everything down step-by-step style, but have no worries. 1 1/2 No matter what you're in the mood for, we have a recipe collection that is sure to satisfy. 1 1/2  1 1/2 All Right Reserved. 160ºF medium Good, onto the execution! Apply your cooking skills in the kitchen by trying one of our delicious recipes. Foodservice, Retail Which cut & grade of beef do you like the best? 160ºF medium 14 to 156 As temperatures start falling and days get shorter, you’ll need a few alternatives to the outdoor grill if you want to enjoy your perfectly cooked steaks year-round. It’s What’s For Dinner. Continue to broil the steaks until they are done to your liking. 145ºF medium Sear Steaks – Place your steaks in the preheated pan and sear 1-2 minutes on each side. When it comes to broiling the perfect steak, it turns out the classic tools are the best. Approximate Cooking Time in Minutes Retail, Training Check doneness using an instant-read thermometer. Place a cast iron skillet in the oven and turn on the broiler. Keep the oven door closed or ajar according to the manufacturer's directions. Ground Patties Foodservice Less-tender cuts broil best if they're marinated first. 8 to 10 160ºF medium 12 to 16 All other outgoing links are to websites maintained by third parties. Chop (bone-in or boneless) 8 oz each Using tongs, flip the steaks and broil for 3-12 minutes more. 145ºF medium-rare to Your cast iron pan is seasoned. Finishing your broiled steak up in the oven will ensure a consistent doneness, all the way through. It’s time to face the facts. But even us hardcore, outdoor loving, back yard cookout types realize it can get a little awkward trying to manage grill tongs while wearing a parka. 4 per lb 19 to 23 Let stand at least 3 minutes. Once it’s cooked for a total of 7 … Turn the meat and continue broiling until it's done to your liking. See, that wasn’t so bad. 1 1/2 3/4 1 1/2 Broil steaks for 3-12 minutes per side (see note). Now remove the broiling pan from the broiler, and put the steak on the pan. By the time we’re done you’ll be wondering why you didn’t start enjoying broiled steak sooner. Chop, Loin or Rib How Long to Broil Steak? Free $25 gift check , 12 free steak burgers and free shipping with your first purchase! 145ºF medium-rare to 19 to 23 Choose a meat cut good for broiling from the timetable. Let stand at least 3 minutes. Learn What Makes Chicago Steak Company the Ultimate Steak Experience, How to Make a Cheap Steak Taste Like a Million Bucks, Grilling Steak Tips: Helpful Tips and Mistakes to Avoid, Grilled Salmon Steak: How to Cook It to Perfection Every Time. Chop, Sirloin Set the oven to broil. Choose a meat cut good for broiling from the timetable. 14 to 18 A good set of tongs, oil, salt and pepper or a quality steak seasoning and a hearty appetite round out the list of items needed to start cooking. Move Pan and Steaks Back to the Oven – After you’ve gotten a good sear, place the pan with the meat back in the oven to finish off. Chuck Eye Steak: 3/4 inch 1 inch: 2 to 3 3 to 4: 8 to 11 12 to 15: Flat Iron Steak: 8 ounces each: 3 to 4: 12 to 15: Shoulder Steak Boneless (marinate) 3/4 inch 1 inch: 2 to 3 3 to 4: 10 to 13 16 to 21: Ribeye Steak, Bone-In: 3/4 inch 1 inch 1-1/2 inches: 2 to 3 3 to 4 3 to 4: 9 to 12 13 to 17 24 to 31: Ribeye Steak, Boneless: 3/4 inch 1 inch 1-1/2 inches: 2 to 3 3 to 4 3 to 4: 8 to 10 14 to 18 Open that door, and place the broiling pan in that compartment, which must be heated by now. Internal links within this website are funded and maintained by the Beef Checkoff. 160ºF medium Then place the broiling pan back under the broiler as it was before. Try these great grilling recipes for the spring and summer. If you think they are ready to be flipped, pull out the rack and use a pair of spring-loaded tongs to flip them over. Keep your apron and tongs handy, by the time you’re done reading we’ll have you broiling steak like a pro in no time. 1 Top Loin (Strip) Steak What is the Reverse Sear Method, and Why is it Highly Liked? Betty Crocker™ No-Bake Cookie Dough Bites, Betty Crocker™ Dessert Decorating & Specialty Products, Betty’s Best Nutella® Thanksgiving Recipes. A quality cut of steak is a versatile staple. 12 to 15 Remove any excess fat before cooking to avoid flare-ups. 160ºF medium 1 Good cast iron will take a little prep work, but trust us, the fabulous sear you’ll get by broiling steak will be more than worth the effort. 9 to 12 The most essential item on the list will be your pan. Training, Resources 10 to 12 1  9 to 12 13 to 17 Resources, ©2020 Cattlemen's Beef Board and National Cattlemen's Beef Association. Your tongs, platters and “kiss the chef” apron are all on standby and you’ve picked out a few quality, juicy, choice steaks for dinner. Thanks for visiting! 1 1/2 Tenderloin Steak 9 to 11 Cut of Meat The kids are back in school, the leaves are starting to change and pumpkin spice everything is around every corner. 24 to 31 Remove any excess fat before cooking to avoid flare-ups. Sounds simple so far, right? 145ºF medium-rare to So now that we’ve piqued your interest, settle in. 160ºF medium Wet-aged Vs Dry-Aged Beef: What’s the Difference. Broiling a sirloin steak is a fantastic alternative to grilling or pan-frying. So take some time to browse around and enjoy yourself. Approximate total minutesfor Medium Rare (145°F) to Medium (160°F). This is a place where delicious steak recipes will be posted, entertaining cooking videos can be watched, educational articles about beef can be read and top steakhouse reviews are available. When it comes to the meat itself, one of our favorite “toppings” for steak broiled in the oven is a small dollop of whipped butter placed on top while the steak is resting. 1 1/2 If you’re using a grill pan with raised ridges make sure you don’t wiggle the steak around in the pan. 16 to 21 (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Before we get into how to broil steak, we’re going to need to talk supplies. 5. 13 to 17 160ºF medium For the love of everything that is steak, do not overcook your steak. BEEF† 15 to 20 13 to 16 (broil 2 to 3 inches from heat) It’s time to broil. Whether it’s a tried-and-true Sunday supper classic or an unexpected twist to savory beef comfort food, the expert chefs at Beef. ©2020 Chicago Steak Company. are sharing their all-time-favorite recipes. LAMB Crafted by ranchers across America, these recipes are flavorful, nutritious and proven to satisfy the heartiest of appetites. 160ºF medium Let it heat for another 5 minutes, and after that, brush the steak with olive oil; just brush, and do not dip. 145ºF medium-rare to 160ºF medium 8 to 12 Follow these recommendations when you're broiling meat.

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