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Starting the school day later could benefit students both academically and psychosocially, a Campbell Collaboration Systematic Review has found. A higher percentage of public high schools in cities (26 percent) reported a starting school time of 8:30 a.m. or later than schools in suburban, town, and rural communities (18 percent, 13 percent, and 11 percent, respectively). (NCES 2017-18.) He said children aged eight to 10 should start school at 8.30am or later, 16-year-olds should start at 10am and 18-year-olds at 11am. A look at eight schools with later start times. Changing the high school start time could have a domino effect on all the schools that could pose a logistical nightmare. A nationally recognized nonprofit organization, Start School Later, has been advocating later school start hours in many states across the country, bringing public and state government attention to the importance of sleep. Facts About 4-Day Week School & Year-Round School. Related. Drugs & How They Affect Teens in School. Campbell Systematic Reviews. Eight high schools in five school districts in three states — Minnesota, Colorado, and Wyoming — agreed to participate in the CDC-funded study, which I conducted from 2010 to 2013 (Wahlstrom et al., 2014). Later school start times for supporting the education, health, and well‐being of high school students. Delaying high school start times could pose problems with bus schedules, after-school activities, and sporting events for the entire district. School officials often cite logistical concerns about starting the school day later. We will be publishing new summary statistics on school funding in January 2020. Researchers also found the later school start time to be associated with reduced sleepiness, increased academic performance and an increase in punctuality and attendance. But according to NPR, “Seattle’s switch to later … 31 October 2019: School funding statistics. However, this was only evident in the economically disadvantaged school which “could decrease the learning gap between low and high socioeconomic groups,” they wrote. Back in 2015 UK scientists said that starting school at 10:00 could have huge benefits for teenagers. Related Articles. Kelley has … Related . Related. Some schools have tried out starting later before. How Does Healthy Food …

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