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The local type of public transport is the  vaporetto: boats travelling on the water. The tower was built in the final decade of the 15th Century and is best known for its iconic archway that leads straight into Merceria Street. St Mark's Basilica statistics and form. This article was most recently revised and updated by,, How Stuff Works - Adventure - St. Mark's Basilica. The Basilica of St. Mark is the most important religious temple in the city of Venice. Discover the historical abundance of Venice on this immersive walking tour, led by a licensed guide. Due to this, the St. Mark's Basilica is often called the Church of Gold. Kann man den Markusdom an bestimmten Tagen kostenlos besuchen?Ja, von April bis Oktober werden täglich (außer an Sonn- und Feiertagen) kostenlose geführte Touren angeboten, die von der Kirchenverwaltung organisiert werden. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. But in 828, two Venetian merchants, Buono de Malamocco and Rustico de Torcello, stole the remains of St Mark from Alexandria and brought them back to Venice, on the orders of Doge Giustiniano Participazio. San Marco Basilica, Italian Basilica di San Marco, English Saint Mark’s Basilica, church in Venice that was begun in its original form in 829 (consecrated in 832) as an ecclesiastical structure to house and honour the remains of St. Mark that had been brought from Alexandria. Inside, the Basilica counts some 2600 ancient columns of different shapes and colors, made of marble, porphyry, jasper, serpentine or alabaster. But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. San Marco Basilica, church in Venice that was begun in its original form in 829 (consecrated in 832) as an ecclesiastical structure to house and honour the remains of St. Mark that had been brought from Alexandria. Basilica di San Marco San Marco, 328 30124 Venice Telephone: +39 041 2708311 Email: Your email address will not be published. [citation needed] The doge himself appointed a special group of clergy led by the primero. Nachdem Sie das Museum erkundet haben, gehen Sie nach unten, um die Schatzkammer, die Pala d'Oro und das Grab des heiligen Markus zu besichtigen. You can purchase a ticket and go all the way up on a lift to witness aerial panoramas of Venice and the lagoons. Ein prächtiges Denkmal in einer Stadt wie Venedig selbstständig zu besichtigen, ist ein spannendes sowie reizvolles Erlebnis. Any recommended route for a self guided tour of St. Mark’s Basilica?A. The consecration is variously recorded as being in 1084–85, 1093 (the date most often taken), 1102 and 1117, probably reflecting a series of consecrations of different parts. The result is a stunning and beautiful blend of styles. They were moved temporarily to the Palazzo Venezia in Rome during the first World War for safekeeping. It is always better to visit the St. Mark’s Basilica as early as possible in the morning. [16] In 1106 the church, and especially its mosaics, were damaged by a serious fire in that part of the city; it is not entirely clear whether any surviving mosaics in the interior predate this, though there is some 11th-century work surviving in the main porch. On the railing at the southwestern corner of the balcony is an imperial porphyry head, possibly of Justinian, traditionally known as Carmagnola. Yes! These tours depart at 11 AM from the atrium next to the center doorway, on the right side. [38] The main period of decoration was the 12th century, a period of deteriorating relations between Venice and Byzantium, but very little is known about the process or how it was affected by politics. Modeled by Jacopo Sansovino in the mid 16th Century, the Libreria Sansoviniana is one of the few libraries that was primarily dedicated to housing ancient Greek and Latin codices. Watch out for suspicious offers and keep your belonging near and dear. This is not the official website of the St Marks Basilica. Mosaics with scenes showing the history of the relics of Saint Mark from right to left fill the lunettes of the lateral portals; the first on the left is the only one on the façade still surviving from the 13th century. Are you looking for more tips and suggestions to plan your trips to Venice? In 832, the first church dedicated to St. Mark was built on the site of the chapel of the Doge’s Palace (also called Palazzo Ducale) , but it was destroyed in a fire in 976, and rebuilt in 978. Mit einer sagenhaften Höhe von 99 Metern überragt er die Piazza San Marco und ist mit Abstand eines der beliebtesten Symbole der Stadt. The icon was brought to Venice by Enrico Dandolo (d. 1205 CE) and the altar of the Virgin Nicopeia remains in St. Mark's Basilica until today. Ensure that they are covered by your clothes, or bring a shawl along to cover them before you enter. At the end of your Venetian exploration, you will have the option to marvel at a 20-minute long, free glassblowing demonstration at St. Mark's Square. Dennoch gelangen Sie mit einem Schnelleinlass-Ticket schneller in die Basilika und müssen vielleicht nur 15 Minuten anstehen, anstatt 45 Minuten ohne ein Schnelleinlass-Ticket. Other mosaics decorate the Baptistery, the Mascoli Chapel, St Isidor Chapel and the Zen Chapel, which has scenes from the life of St Mark, perhaps from the 1270s, and among the latest work of the original programme to be done. The altarpiece is the famous Pala d'Oro, a masterpiece of Byzantine craftsmanship, originally designed for an antependium. Most of these are from Constantinople, although there are several locally made artefacts as well. The horses were long displayed at the Hippodrome of Constantinople, and in 1204 Doge Enrico Dandolo sent them back to Venice as part of the loot sacked from Constantinople in the Fourth Crusade. The entrance to St. Mark’s Basilica is free, but the entrance line is usually very long, so it is advisable to book a guided tour of the Basilica to avoid unnecessary waiting in line. Take the elevator to the top of the Campanile (Bell Tower) and savour the incredible view. Venice is a city easily accessible by plane, train and bus. In the centre of the balcony the famous bronze horses face the square. The stone sculpture is relatively limited at the lower level, where a forest of columns and patterned marble slabs are the main emphases. Each of these domes are decked with gracious amounts of golden mosaic and depicts specific scenarios - The Creation ( in the Narthex), The Pentecost ( the Western dome), The Ascension (Central Dome), The Life of Saint John (Northern dome) and The Life of Saint Leonard, Saint Nicholas, Clement and Blaise (Southern Dome). Find out more here. Sie ist weltberühmt dafür, die beste klassische Textsammlung zu besitzen. This is not the official website of the St Marks Basilica. Walk into the back lanes for decently priced meal. 252–282 – Publisher: Medieval Academy of America, Demus, 55–57, and plate 13; also Parani, 196. Die Tour am Morgen ist auf Englisch, Spanisch, Deutsch und Französisch erhältlich und ermöglicht es Ihnen, die Länge und Breite dieser opulenten Stadt zu durchqueren! The church was burned in a rebellion in 976, when the populace locked Pietro IV Candiano inside to kill him, and restored or rebuilt in 978. The collection flaunts an incredible curation of liturgies, Persian carpets, broken fragments of mosaics( Look out for Tree of Jesse), golden tesserae, 78 bones of different Saints and many other relics. Let us know if you have suggestions to improve this article (requires login). the statue of the Four Tetrarchs representing four Roman emperors, nestled in the south-west corner of the basilica. [35], The upper levels of the interior are completely covered with bright mosaics covering an area of about 8000 m2. The... Pala d'Oro, altar screen of gold cloisonné enamel, Byzantine, 10th–12th century, reassembled with later additions in a Gothic frame in 1342–45; in the San Marco Basilica, Venice. When the original building burned down, Venice rebuilt the basilica in its own cosmopolitan image St Mark's Campanile (bell tower). The historic centre is not accessible to buses or cars. A large and comprehensive cycle of the Life of Christ occupies much of the roof, with usually extensive coverage for the Middle Ages of his miracles, originally shown in 29 scenes in the transepts. Embark upon an all-encompassing tour through Venice and visit all its must-visit attractions at a go, Visit first the Doge's Palace and soak up this culturally-rich monument that served at the political and administrative seat of the Venice Republic, Visit St. Mark's Basilica next, a majestic cathedral that exudes Byzantine art, colorful marble installations, and stunning gold mosaic art, Enjoy skip-the-line access to both monuments, along with an expert tour guide, who will fill you in on lesser-known facts and stories, After your guided tour, you are free to roam about the St. Mark's Museums on your own, Choose to enjoy a free glassblowing demonstration by a master craftsman in the vicinity of St. Mark's Square, This guided tour is available in English, German, Spanish and French: take your pick, Get a full refund on canceling this ticket up to 24hrs before the schedule.

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