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I wouldn't mind playing some skyrim clones in the future. Naturally, after being treated like cheap hookers and getting screwed over by one lousy $60 FPS after another, console gamers are going to be STARVED for something decent and different. But the story for GTA5 was really bad. I've played since Arena and the whole scene with Mehrunes Dagon against Akatosh is the best one for me. What are you, 12 years old? Please do not advertise your channels.7. In Skyrim you just hunt dragons that is kind of childish since dragons are from fairy tales. But it definitely deserves it! Don't be a mean guy !2. Privacy Policy | Should I stick to GTA V or buy Skyrim instead? Saints Row 4 was the last good one. /* Photo Page - Leaderboard */ The battle inside of the coliseums were amazing and the guilds were also well developed. And ESO is a good game. Why is it this successful? 2011 is fast becoming the year games debuted at incredible numbers, as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim sells over 3.4 million copies at retail (not including digital sales) in its first 2 days on sale.Up over 600% on Oblivion's modest 490k staggered opening across PS3 and X360, Skyrim will manage to outsell Oblivion as a whole in a matter of weeks. Don't fight in the chat.3. outstanding. I still think Oblivion is the best game of the franchise. Well done, I'm enjoying skyrim so far. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. As Ahmad puts it, "For reference, Minecraft is the only paid game to sell more than GTA V at 200m units. /* Photo Page - LinkUnit White */ I'm about 18 hours in. And so, instant buy.". By last count it has sold 120 million copies, dwarfing pretty much every other game in existence by a significant margin. GTA V storyline is like every other GTA storyline from GTA to GTA V, about gangsters doing gangster stuff, kinda got tired of that in San Andreas. @nerevarine_11: Idk. But either way it's apples and oranges impossible to logically compare. I don't like medieval, but I like GTA V's SP even less. Why? Despite this However, some seem hesitant to count Tetris, possibly because of the many, many ports and reissues of the game. Posted on / 0 Categories Uncategorized

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