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With that in mind we secure the boat, catch the train to Belfast and arrange our passage home to Lewes in Sussex. We set off with a moderate wind on the nose and a slight sea state to cover the 25 miles to Lochinver. The wind is likely to become a strong westerly, before possibly veering to north-west. The real thing: the Thames barge Reminder glides up the River Orwell to Maldon. But most of the time, for hour upon hour in rain and shine, both men worked to negotiate the rocky headlands, the swirling tides and the subtle sandbanks of the British coast. 14 Sailing Tod.y May 09 The 2008 sailing season Some of these harbours are vulnerable to swell, as evidenced by their multiple basins intended to deflect and absorb wave energy, but choose your weather well and you’ll cherish the experience of mooring to an ancient granite quay, where other boats are double-ended with dipping lugsails. It is half tide(ish) with a light wind in the right direction, so off we go. The enthralling marine museum at Harolds Wick and the spectacular Hermaness Nature Reserve should not be missed. Entering a small harbour, such as Portreath, Cornwall, will not be easy in onshore winds or swell. To complete our circuit we just have to sail past south-east England. This means that in fine weather the winds near the coast will often display a bias towards blowing anticlockwise around the land. The most amazing, timeless, back-of-beyond anchorages are on their deeply indented eastern side, where convoluted channels twist into the raw landscape and there are very few signs of human activity. Image Onshore waves sometimes cause surging within harbour basins, when most boats will be secured clear of the masonry and a visiting skipper would be well advised to borrow a fore-and-aft mooring rather than a wall berth. We didn’t initially intend to sail around Britain. uuid:32a9ed52-9444-4e5f-ae12-b1b9a3a11cdd Canon iR C2880 Exploring the intricacies of these islands also provides excellent lessons in seamanship, allowing an amateur skipper to acquire experience in all kinds of conditions. Buying food, in remote places such as north Scotland, is less of a problem than it used to be since small supermarkets have been established in many villages. Therefore, when planning a passage through an area with strong tides it is important to be aware of the incident waves and swell, as well as the tide times. To make the most of the experience, it is worth planning for all options, then taking the trouble to inspect and learn from each area. With a ‘chum’ weight suspended on our cable to damp the boat’s sheering we have lain securely to a 10kg Delta anchor in winds of more than 45 knots without undue concern, and that is more than can be said for some of our experiences in harbour. On a yacht with no built-in shower a solar shower bag in the cockpit will be quite acceptable. Tide times would always be taken as at Dover for passage planning purposes. Cruising around Britain in a 27ft boat: Part 5 – Kinlockbevie to Bangor Motor Boat ... the mooring buoys are occupied and when we try to raft up alongside a sailing boat in Kyleakin, the owner emerges from below decks to let us know we can’t stay there as the local fishing boats have priority. PART SEVEN A SMALL BOAT ROUND BRITAIN Motor Boat & Yachting | June 2020 After 1,500 miles cruising around the UK in their 27ft Rhea 850, our plucky pair tackle the final leg home from Cornwall to Gosport The Western Isles have most of their settlements on the Atlantic flank, where the soil is better for farming and the tradition of crofting managed to survive the land clearances which depopulated parts of the inner islands and mainland. The weather has been so bad until now (mid-June) that they haven’t had a chance to put them out yet. The berthing master answers our call but not from his office. Pushing north past Lowestoft, we are faced with a very different scenario. On some stretches, such as north-west England and Cardigan Bay, most of the harbours are ‘closed’ at low tide. When we return, it’ll be the start of the long home straight and the completion of our challenge. Here, sailors share their stories about living large while sailing small. However, achieving that ideal requires thinking ahead, to take account of developing weather patterns and other factors. Finally, we always carry a roll-damper, or ‘flopper stopper’ to reduce the effects of wave motion in open anchorages. After leaving Weymouth, the crew turned right and headed off in an clockwise direction. The weather and sea gods seem to agree and have granted us fair conditions for a swift departure. Most coastal sailors do their sailing in light or moderate winds and fine weather, which is when they encounter unexpected changes in strength and direction because the background winds are weak enough to be deflected by the effects of coastal topography and sunshine. Would we return? We get talking to a distinguished-looking older guy who turns out to be the owner of the local Spar, where you can also pay your marina fee by card if you don’t have cash for the box. Lerwick has all facilities and in most other settlements you’ll obtain basic supplies somewhere. They did touch down on solid ground now and again, camping and sometimes treating themselves to a night in a harbourside hotel. Being sensible boating folk and with due respect to our neighbours, the party ends before midnight and the Pig Nose is returned to its special locker where it lurks in the darkness awaiting its next guitar hero moment. Rounding Cape Wrath, the most north-westerly point of the British mainland, they had to time their passage to avoid the possibility of being hit by bombers practising in a military firing range. Inside the December issue of Yachting Monthly you will find…, This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, Yachting Monthly December 2020 – on sale 5 November. But most yachts are summer visitors and the most popular sailing area is at the south-west corner, readily accessible from home moorings further east and offering some shelter within the deep rias. If you want to sample just one of the Solent’s delights, anchor in the Isle of Wight’s Newtown River on, say, a Wednesday. In the days when trading and fishing was done under sail, most vessels used drying berths, and before the advent of steam dredgers and gated basins this was normal practice in even the larger ports. They are also convenient for weekend cruising because their headlands, estuaries and islands allow for some sheltered-water sailing in poor weather. Ken Endean is a retired chartered surveyor who cruises a twin-keeled Sabre 27 from Southampton Water. The marina manager tells us to register in the office and put the berthing fee in the honesty box. The marina at Dunstaffnage, near Oban, is a convenient base for cruising further north. ‘Sick’ is their verdict, apparently a Gaelic term for ‘very good indeed’. The Isle of Man has gated harbours and pontoons at Douglas and Peel, with several bays and drying harbours on each side. He’s in his car en route to Stirling. We would rely on the Garmin plotter, with its electronic chart, for the detail in conjunction with the Reeds Almanac and for local pilotage notes. Sunny days on the South Coast Continue reading → August 18, 2015 August 22, 2015. Similarly if there is no harbour-side fuel pump, a container-full from a filling station may seem expensive but preferable to another diversion. The island of Inishbofin has a small shop and a harbour with all-round shelter. For example, on two cruises to Scotland and Ireland we needed to purchase items of chandlery but could not find what we wanted until we arrived back at Falmouth. The midges seem to be most active near fresh water, after rain and in late evenings – we have generally managed to evade them by spending nights at anchor, some distance offshore. The shore becomes gradually softer, less weather-beaten, and yachts can either coast-hop all the way from Baltimore to St George’s Channel or take advantage of a fair wind for a direct passage to Land’s End. We don’t want to be trying to thread our way through this in a wind-against-tide situation. Our new friend advises us to add a splash of water to the next one. Fine weather may be bad news if an anticyclone is bringing stiff winds from the north-east – even if you’re sailing south, some harbour entrances will be hazardous. After the goldfish bowl atmosphere of Padstow and a bumpy overnight in Helford it is a pleasure to be in the peaceful environs of Falmouth marina. Our experience suggests the anticlockwise bias of sea breezes will make a difference for nearly half the trip. Meander through the northern isles of Orkney but do take note of the tidal streams and don’t miss stopping at the friendly village of Pierowall. He wishes us good luck and signs off. First published on Wed 2 Jul 2014 12.07 BST. So off we go again on what turns out to be a lovely cruise. Along the south coast, there is a string of estuaries resembling those of Devon and Cornwall – less crowded but enfolded by similar lush, green hills and overlooked by old sea ports that have come to terms with yachting. Balta Harbour, the most northerly visitors’ pontoon in Shetland. Even better, we may be in company with the genuine article: Thames sailing barges work these estuaries under full sail, now carrying passengers rather than cargo but demonstrating how to use wind power alone in the tightest of corners. Jeremy Warren and Phil Kirk set sail from Weymouth in their Wayfarer dinghy – which is less than 5 metres long – aiming to complete the journey in 60 days, which would have comfortably beaten the previous record of 76 days. There was not enough water in the harbour and Warren was required to strip and push. It’s a justifiably popular tourist destination and even at this time of year there’s a cruise liner anchored off the harbour with a dozen coaches full of tourists parked next to the marina.

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