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The use of EA in rotorcraft control applications will rely on considerable development of the current theory. Now, many, if not most, of these companies rely solely on the Internet to drive business. In default of experts'help, we shall have to. Many people think they don't see a difference, and while you can't rely on what you see in the store, you will see a difference when you get the TV home and hook it to your own cable. Without a regular revenue no effective administration could be organized; but the attempt to raise taxes showed that it might raise the people, so that for both men and money the shah's government was still obliged to rely principally upon British aid. A bracelet may rely on a single cord (generally a thicker material), or several cords could be knotted, braided, or twisted together for more elaborate bracelets. Some of the countries discussed are significant exporters while others rely on imported hard coal for their energy supplies. They are not industry kingpins and rely largely on talented management to progress. When there is a director and a choreographer you have to rely very much on their work together becoming seamless. Too many sites rely on visitors' burning curiosity to explore and figure it out. spermatogoniumng spermatogonia rely on the Sertoli cells for all of their nourishment. In the end, you'll need to rely on what your instincts tell you. As the feed costs to the farmers go up, so the prices of meat, eggs, and other products that rely on grain will follow. Your IP: How far you take these strategy guides and how much you choose to rely on them is largely a matter of personal preference. Ordinary working with unusual attitude to complete, simple questions to use a comprehensive thinking to decision, the matter will look at the way,[] distant ideal, 28. showy flowers with strong scents rely on insects to carry the pollen. Besides these, Moses refers to a whole array of Greek authorities, which were known to him from his constant use of Eusebius, but which cannot possibly have related all that he makes them relate.6 Although Moses assures us that he is going to rely entirely upon Greek authors, the contents of his work show that it is mainly drawn from native sources. The opponents of the book rely (1) on the testimony of a certain Louis Guyon, who in 1604 declared that the fifth book was made long after Rabelais's death by an author whom he knew, and who was not a doctor, and on the assertion of the bibliographer Du Verdier, about the same time, that it was written by an "ecolier de Valence"; (2) on the fact that the anti-monastic and even anti-Catholic polemic is much more accentuated in it; (3) on the arguments that parts are apparently replicas or rough drafts of passages already appearing in the four earlier books; and (4) that some allusions are manifestly posterior to even the furthest date which can be assigned for the reputed author's decease. You simply cannot rely on a photo and a hundred word description. We rely on donations made to the center, without which we could not operate. If your car or home is damaged, your insurance policy is the first document you will rely upon. Lastly, there were in Kufa, and still more in Basra, many Othmaniya or legitimists, on whose co-operation he could not rely. These dukes acquired large tracts of land of which they gave grants on conditions of military service to persons on whom they could rely; while many independent landowners sought their protection on terms of vassalage. Yet even now Sigismund, at the head of his Magyars, thrice (1422-1424, 1426-1427, and 1430-1431) encountered the Turks, not ingloriously, in the open field, till, recognizing that Hungary must thenceforth rely entirely on her own resources in any future struggle with Islam, he elaborately fortified the whole southern frontier, and converted the little fort of Nandorfehervar, later Belgrade, at the junction of the Danube and Save, into an enormous first-class fortress, which proved strong enough to repel all the attacks of the Turks for more than a century. The capricious appliances at the old cabin are hard to rely on. volumetric glassware for solvents other than water should not rely on the water calibration. Small clubs rely on large transfer fees for developing young talent. Don't rely on the built in speakers to give you that 'home theatre' experience though. Over 95 percent of people living in rural parts of the United States rely on groundwater for drinking and cooking. This interest paved the way for the development of the modern IVF technology people rely on to make their families complete. Rely on a formula that's made especially for this type of makeup and life will be so much easier. Those of Aristotle are of questionable genuineness, but we can rely, at any rate in part, on those of Isocrates and Epicurus. We have learned not to rely on local weather reports since they are highly inaccurate. Learn the basics so you can feel confident about your own abilities and to be able to rely on yourself when situations become hairy. having a heavy hitter I could rely on was a revelation. It may be unwise to rely on these initiatives alone. Such is Pharaoh king of Egypt to all who rely on him. 2. The developing spermatogonia rely on the Sertoli cells for all of their nourishment. . In 1618 Prince Maurice set out on a sort of pacific campaign, disbanding the civic guards in the various cities of Guelders, Holland and Zeeland, and occupying the places with troops on whom he could rely. Wisecracking Humor Like puns, wisecracks rely on clever twists with words. • A 523 error means that Cloudflare could not reach your host web server. One drawback to this form of instrument is that the two webs cannot be viewed simultaneously, and therefore the observer must rely on the steadiness of rate of the clockwork and uniformity in the conditions of refraction whilst the eye is moved from one eyepiece to the other. If need be, seek out a family member or friend that can help create your look, and rely on their expertise while dressing for your magical night. Farmers rely on locally available natural resources to maintain soil fertility and to combat pests and diseases. Sparta could not only rely on voluntary co-operation but could undermine Athenian influence by posing as the champion of autonomy. The last thing you want is to rely on information that is out of date when you file for divorce. Although we have only most distorted narratives upon which to rely - pagan eulogy and Christian denunciation--Arbogast appears to have been one of the greatest soldiers of the later empire, and a statesman of no mean rank. Plus, you have the trusted sources of Merriam-Webster and the parent company, Encyclopaedia Britannica to rely on. As mentioned, I don't rely on the included applicators; instead, I use a selection of high quality eye makeup brushes, which pick up just the right amount of color and allow me greater precision and control of where my makeup is applied. The other real need is for some kind of automatic stabilizer that does n't rely upon policy action.

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