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If you’re of the legal drinking age, then I’ve heard that another way to enjoy these fruits is by plopping them into a cocktail. With 3 grams in a 100gram serving as opposed to 1 in lychee, rambutan is guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth and keep your stomach satisfied to boot. While both have white flesh inside, rambutan tastes sweet and creamy, and lychee has a sweet and tart taste similar to a red grape. Rambutan translates from Indonesian to literally mean “hairy”. I remember eating lychees a lot when I was little. Lychee's pit is solid and smooth and separates from the flesh easily when you bite into it. The "coverage" chart below show how much of the daily needs can be covered by 300 grams of the food. If you need to flag this entry as abusive, The best recipes, kitchen tips and genius food facts. 100g of this fruit contains approximately 0,4 mg of iron. The most immediate difference between rambutan and lychee would be their shells. What’s the difference between rambutan and lychee? If the fruit is picked straight from the tree or purchased fresh you can visually tell them apart. How can you tell the difference between lychee and rambutan flesh? Like lychee, rambutan boasts many nutritional benefits and contains a plethora of vitamins and minerals. As I’ve said before, the seeds of both fruits are slightly toxic, and should not be eaten. The longan fruit is the smallest in the bunch and has a distinct light brown coloration. The skin is the most brittle, and once removed, the sight of the flesh and seed give the impression of an “eye”. Again, much like an egg. I’m sure you can see why. All 3 have white flesh All 3 have a big seed in the middle. Copy infographic link Copy. The rambutan is the largest of the 3 fruits, usually being the size of a golf ball. I always got to pick out my own cans. Infographic. This dish has been my favourite […], Bac Ha Market and the Flower Hmong people Each Sunday, the Bac Ha Market brings the normally quiet town of Bac Ha to life. Even though they look spiky and hardcore, lychee's skin is just bumpy (smooth vs spiky) and super thin. The rambutan has an almost leathery shell that isn’t quite as easy to open as the lychee’s. They may be from different parts of Asia, but they were popular enough to eventually be cultivated in other tropical parts of the world and shipped all over. Here's some shrimp snuggled under the sauce. Vitamin C is a vital antioxidant which boosts the immune system so that it can fight free, harmful radicals. There are no scientifically proven side effects. The most popular version is known as Pho Bo, which simply translates to beef noodle soup. Living your healthiest lifestyle with GreenBlender. Something worth mentioning though, is that most fruits with seeds have either a clingstone seed or a freestone seed. recipes You're just NOT. Your email address will not be published. Taste-wise, I liked the rambutan slightly better, but my husband preferred the lychee. All rights reserved. Vietnamese fruit is grown all over the country due to its diverse climate, with a majority coming from the food bowl of […], Food experiences in Kuala Lumpur. This trace mineral also works with another mineral – iron, to create red blood cells. All three tropical fruits are indicative of Asia. Required fields are marked *. Before I list their differences, perhaps we should learn a bit more about just what exactly rambutan and lychee even are. The seed of this fruit is brown colored and the oil extracted from these seeds may be used in several industries. Even though the texture of both rambutan and lychee seems alike, its taste is quite different. The Lychee is a tad bit smaller than the rambutan. This fruit is rich in sugar, mostly sucrose and fructose, and is abundant in potassium, vitamin C, iron, and vitamin A (as beta-carotene). Rambutan originally came from both Malaysia and Indonesia. It is involved in the metabolism of sugar to glycogen to provide the much-needed energy for the daily needs. Your email address will not be published. The lychee is crisper and not as sweet. The obvious difference is the lack of “hairs” protruding from the rough shell. Besides simply eating the fruit, I decided I needed to use it in a recipe, but I read that cooking it wasn't recommended, since it ruined the delicate flavor. Culinary Producer. These minerals are known to strengthen bones on their own, but they also help to increase the effectiveness of vitamin D. Consuming an adequate amount of vitamin D isn’t an easy feat, and many of us are deficient in this nutrient, but it is vital in terms of building strong bones as well as the absorption of calcium. This does not cost you anything extra. The grocery stores didn't offer a wide variety of fresh tropical Asian fruit, so going to the Asian aisle of a Western grocery store was such a treat yet so extremely limited at the same time. Possessing a stronger flavour, the longan is more tart than the other fruits. Not as fun to hold as a rambutan, but great for hiding in your pockets if you want an odd snack for later that will really freak out your friends. My personal favorite is blending them into a sorbet. I will do more research in this area. I seriously thought that Vietnam was a city in Thailand and that Mexico was super small and all the men were dark in color with sombreros. Rambutan. The lychee fruit comes from the soapberry family and grow on evergreen trees that can soar as tall as 100 feet. These days, the Chinese province of Guangdong is known as the “Kingdom of the Lychee”, due to the quality and sheer volume of lychee production. By the way it is not edible. Or dinner. While some people claim to eat them and be fine, even roasting them like pumpkin seeds, there hasn’t been sufficient scientific evidence showing that the seeds don’t have any long-term side-effects.

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