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Lower section has a fairway description area for yardages back to Tee. The knowledge of the yardage (metering) of your clubs helps you to choose the right club for the right shot. Search a worldwide database of golf courses for yardage books and greens guides. document.write('<\/li><\/ul>');  Golf Articles The correct selection of your clubs for reaching the PAR score defines the overall result. We have been able to use our combined 50 years of caddying on the PGA, and LPGA Tours as our guide to making a Professional, quality yardage book that has everything the competitive golfer needs. No one likes to use a phone on the course. Which cookies and scripts are used and how they impact your visit is specified on the left. Format A6 special. Feel free to send me a message to suggest a topic for future articles. Free shipping. Aside from his gut-busting stories, the PGA Tour caddie creates the yardage books that all the other PGA Tour caddies use. You may have seen yardage books that some golf courses provide to give more detailed information about each hole, beyond just the raw yardages as marked on the scorecards, tee plates, Teaching my players how to draw and use a yardage book is the quickest way I've lowered my team scores in matches. The #1 Book (Yardage Books and Greens Guides) in golf since 2007. Our Professional Golfers Course Guide shows a unique out of scale representation of each hole. Number 1 Golf manufacture and distribute yardage books around Europe, North American and the Middle East. So whatever yardage you arrive at based on the yardage markers, plus or minus any necessary I give all my student a lesson on how to use yardage books to lower their scores. By Luke Kerr-Dineen HILTON HEAD ISLAND, S.C. -- Mark Long is something of a legend on the PGA Tour. -- to get more precise than that, if you felt like you needed to, you could use a range finder of some kind (see illustration). To develop your skill I recommend my short series of paperback golf instruction books covering the entire game and working with me in person if you are near, or Of course, pin sheets only actually matter to players at a high enough skill level to have control over their distances. The listed prices are final & Tax included. 19 watching. They can be made by anyone. By Luke Kerr-Dineen HILTON HEAD ISLAND, S.C. -- Mark Long is something of a legend on the PGA Tour. You as a professional know that Clubs selection varies under many conditions. Professional Yardage Book. $4.40 shipping. Advanced system for marking the green area with supporting points and important indications. Line art for easy reading and allows for more hole information. traveling to, the bay area of San Francisco in Northern California. Something went wrong. New to yardage Books? Just make sure any advertisements placed in the book don’t overwhelm or distract from the important content. My golf team has been using Tour Yardage Books for a couple years now. Great article on why players need to track their golf stats during a around. images are only for illustration purposes and may vary *1 For more info read the Terms & conditions. Mario's Yardage Book 4 Pack. Yardage and green contour books are a staple at PGA Tour events.

* In rare instances a particular course may provide their yardages to the front edge of the green rather than to the center, but yardages are most commonly measured to the center.

What's Up with Pin Sheets and Yardage Books? Blind tee shots - By using a photo of what you see on the tee box. Over 50 college golf programs use our golf yardage books. And when you see the professionals on TV consulting the little pocket-sized $19.90. This helps to create the leading momentum in your game. This tour style has a large grid for accurate green diagrams measured in 5 yard increments. Our yardage books are the professional's book of choice. Yardage books like this come in a variety of thoroughness and slickness.

Professional Yardage Book 3 Pack, USGA Conforming. notebooks -- typically carried in a back pocket for handy access -- that is what you're seeing: a self-made yardage book containing not only yardages but probably much more in-depth information about the playing characteristics of each hole. Your choices will not impact your visit. Now you might be thinking, "Isn't the golf course already full of yardage markers all over the place?" Why not make a book to use?

The green and it’s surrounds on each hole are enlarged to highlight the important undulations and relevant measurements. 22 pages. document.write('

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    Yardage Books. For most players knowing the yardage to the center of the green is enough. It's an element to golf I've overlooked for years. Aside from his gut-busting stories, the PGA Tour caddie creates the yardage books … Players and caddies alike depend on these tools as they do everything they can to contend in tournaments week in and week out.

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