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The newer cars has new electronic device and gadget are added to cars as technology advances. The LED display will indicate the voltage of the car battery for 5 seconds. Plug the FM transmitter into your vehicle's cigarette lighter port. Wireless fm transmitter (2 pages) × FM Transmitters: PWFMT1 - Premier Universal FM Transmitter Manual PWFMT3 - Premier Car MP3 FM Transmitter Manual PWFMT4 - Premier Bluetooth FM Transmitter Manual Then the device will enter wireless pairing mode and the LED screen will display “BT”. Follow the FM Frequency Tuning and Wireless … Celebrated by customers and … I assume that my body is either adding capacitance, or acting as a ground, to divert the noise. All these gadget and devices require electricity, which interferes with the fm receiver and distorts the fm transmitter transmission and the sound quality you hear. This is why even your new bluetooth fm transmitter still sounds static. why is my bluetooth fm transmitter static? Instructions. What can I do to get rid of the static, without having to lay the transmitter on my lap? Under normal operation, I get a lot of static. If I hold on to it, or rest it on my lap, the static goes away. Bluetooth Headsets: PBT5000 - Easy 1,2,3 Pairing Guide PBT5000 - Premier Over The Head Bluetooth Headset Manual PBT100 - Premier Bluetooth Headset Manual. I have a belkin FM transmitter/charger for my iPod. Bluetooth fm transmitter + dual usb charger for car (2 pages) Transmitter Premier PWFMT7 Manual. When you adjust the FM transmitter to that frequency as instructed below, you will avoid loud static interference. Nulaxy Wireless in-Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter. Check Latest Price.

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