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Personally, I use my beloved Mouli (Moulinex i Companion xl). .widget_bttk_posts_category_slider_widget .owl-theme .owl-next:hover, It's a common misconception that bananas are the only fruit that should be in a peanut butter protein smoothie, but blueberries are one that shouldn't be forgotten. I will explain how you can make your own peanut butter in a very simple way. All ingredients are 100% natural, the recipe doesn’t include any refined sugar, and on top of all that, this peanutbutter chocolate snickers smoothie is ready-to-taste in only 5 minutes! Small handful of ice cubes. Frozen bananas are amazing for a lot of super yummy desserts like nicecream, smoothie bowls and milkshakes. .portfolio-item .portfolio-cat a:hover, .portfolio-sorting .button:hover, In fact, we’d like to share nine of our favorite peanut butter smoothie recipes from around the web. They are cheaper than the unsalted ones (btw., you can get unsalted and non-roasted peanuts for raw peanut butter at the Asia- or Africanshop). For a balanced morning smoothie, she recommends adding a healthy fat, like Justin's Honey Peanut Butter ($5) to your classic green smoothie. That is if you know how to make them the right way. But see, that’s the funny thing about men. #secondary .widget_bttk_description_widget .text-holder .name, I would have a cup in the morning, two cups at work, a monster energy drink at lunch, and THEN, if I was going to be up late doing homework or studying… more coffee, I toned it down after I graduated, but if I’m honest with myself, not by that much. Frozen fruit, yogurt and ice are the best ways to make a thick smoothie! apple peanut butter banana smoothie, apple peanut butter smoothie, healthy apple peanut butter smoothie. It’s quick and easy, healthy, and the sweetness of the blueberries and vanilla protein powdered paired with the thick greek yogurt and combined with powdered peanut butter and cinnamon make for an all around explosion of yummy flavors, With less than 500 calories and essentially loaded with every type of food group needed for a balanced meal you really can’t go wrong with this one, Your email address will not be published. Spinach is a great way to get your greens and you really cannot taste it in the smoothies. .comments-area .comment-body .fn a:focus, #primary .page .entry-content h6, The health benefits! If you are using dates, soak them in warm water for 10 minutes. 1 cup ripe banana (chopped, frozen) 1 cup chocolate milk (1% low-fat) ½ cup vanilla frozen yogurt (low-fat) 2 tbsp natural-style peanut butter 1 (8 oz) carton vanilla yogurt (low-fat). #primary .post .text-holder .entry-footer .btn-readmore:hover, "width": 1020, How do you make a smoothie … Blend until smooth. Remember, all smoothies oxidate when left standing. You can see how I usually freeze my bananas in the correlating recipe video on my Youtube channel. .site-footer .widget_blossomtheme_featured_page_widget .text-holder .btn-readmore:hover, I used oat milk, but you can use whatever milk you prefer or have. You've probably enjoyed a peanut butter smoothie or a similar treat at a restaurant or ice cream shop, but it may surprise you that you can make this easily at home. #primary .page .entry-content h4, .banner .banner-text .title a:focus, .comments-area .comment-reply-title, *PEAK HORSEPOWER” (PHP) DOES NOT DENOTE THE OPERATIONAL HORSEPOWER OF A BLENDER BUT RATHER THE HORSEPOWER OUTPUT OF A MOTOR, INCLUDING THE MOTOR’S INERTIAL CONTRIBUTION, ACHIEVED IN LABORATORY TESTING. You only need 2 ingredients: Peanuts, and a blender.

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