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Much like those other spots, Damian features contemporary takes Mexican dishes like uni tostada, cous cous chicharrón, and shrimp caldo made with black cod, potatoes, and carrots. Lascivious name aside, Lemme Smash is the latest entry into LA’s New Burger Universe. A post shared by JON & VINNY (@jonandvinnydelivery) on Sep 16, 2020 at 11:24am PDT. ThinSlim Foods Impastable Low Carb Pasta is a revolutionary pasta that is soy free and shirataki free, low in net carbs, low in calories, and packed with fiber. These smashed patties have everything you need when it comes to a burger - crispy-yet-juicy meat, thick buns, melted cheese, and a provocative name, but Lemme Smash also comes with a secret ingredient up their sleeve - cilantro on top. Playa Vista’s latest addition is Bull & Butterfly, a classic American steakhouse with a California ~flair~. If you need to get in touch with our customer service, please or call us on +1 855 842 1818, toll free. The menu is filled with thin-crust pizzas, crispy chicken sandwiches, and house-made pastas, in addition to one flight-related cocktail. Not to be confused with Tony Hale’s leather bag in Veep or the best Mastodon album, Leviathan is a new seafood restaurant from the people behind Scratch Bar & Kitchen. Plus, 10% of all sales goes directly to Black Lives Matter. Hanchic is open Tuesday-Sunday, 11am-9pm, with outdoor seating available on the weekends. If you tried to keep track of every brand new restaurant in Los Angeles, you might go a little bit crazy. November 24th, 2020. Virgil Village’s latest addition is Ken’s Ramen, an East Coast ramen shop serving “the best damn chicken noodle soup on the planet” (according to their website, anyway). Mazal is a new Israeli restaurant in Lincoln Heights that specializes in homemade spreads. Located in a cute, bright red cabin-looking building on San Gabriel Blvd., expect all of the same excellent Baja-style shrimp tacos, nachos, and of course, their legendary garlic sauce-filled vampiro taco, available either to-go, or for outdoor dining. A post shared by Angry Egret Dinette (@angryegretdinette) on Oct 25, 2020 at 11:45am PDT. Reincarnation? Called The Barish, the old-school Hollywood steakhouse features dishes like pork chops smothered in fennel and chrysanthemum, 30-day-aged New York strips, and lamb chops served with salsa verde. A post shared by Heritage Sandwich Shop (@heritage_sandwich_shop) on Aug 1, 2020 at 10:58am PDT. A long-awaited marketplace in Culver City, Citizen Public Market features a half-dozen vendor areas, an upstairs bar, extensive communal outdoor seating, and more - all spread out over 8,000 square feet. Expect the same blend of Filipino/Mexican flavors in dishes like beef kare-kare tacos, garlic rice bowls topped with fried longaniza, and ube horchata, now available for takeout, delivery, and limited patio dining. Over on the Westside, The Bombay Frankie Company has relocated Culver City. For those needing a refresher (literally no judgment), Nikkei combines traditional Japanese recipes with ingredients native to Peru, like yellow peppers, tropical fish, and corn. Open for takeout and delivery, limited patio seating available. The menu of French-influeced skewers includes lamb with vadouvan curry, turkey kafta, and grilled ratatouille with tomato sauce, and hover around $8-$9 per stick. The Sycamore Kitchen is now doing takeout and delivery (plus patio dining), and in a Game of Thrones-style twist, Jerry’s Famous Deli has returned to their Marina del Rey outpost, effectively kicking out residing American steakhouse, Stark’s. It’s never a bad time for a burger - and these 13 are the best new ones in Los Angeles. Open only on the weekends, they currently share a space with Golden Chinese Express, and serve wings doused in either sauces like sweet spicy garlic, orange habanero, and water buffalo (their take on Buffalo sauce), or rubbed with seasonings such as Pekang Wang, Jalapeno MSG, and Cambodian Dirt. A post shared by La Chuperia The Michelada Spot (@la_chuperia1145) on Jun 9, 2020 at 4:18pm PDT. Cajun/Creole seafood restaurant Oh My Crab just launched their second outpost, this time in Hancock Park. Filter selection Use current location. Previously operating out of the family’s Chevron station on Santa Monica Blvd., starting on October 15th, the Indian street food restaurant moves to the Westfield Culver City mall (well, technically, just outside the mall). Ospi is available for takeout and delivery, and reservations for outdoor dining can be made through their website. Real Taste - we are so confident you will love our pasta, it actually comes with a taste guarantee. Phenakite is a new fine-dining pop-up by chef Minh Phan. Open for delivery and takeout. They drive throughout Los Feliz, Hollywood, Echo Park, Silver Lake, and Highland Park - so keep your eyes peeled (or just, like, check their Instagram). We checked out Angry Egret and added it to The Hit List, our guide to the best new restaurants in LA. Check out our first thoughts on these spots that have opened during quarantine. Now open in Brentwood, this is the bread company’s fourth outpost, and offers a mix of pastries, baked goods, takeaway loaves of bread, coffee, and breakfast items such as avocado toast and quiche Lorraine. Open for takeout, limited patio seating available. You also have the option of picnicking on their second floor terrace - but why would you, when the roof of The Grove’s parking lot is literally right there? The latest spot from the team behind Wirsthaus and Rasselbock, Long Beach’s Wood & Salt Tavern differs from its restaurant siblings in that the menu doesn’t lean German - instead, it’s filled with handmade pastas and wood-fired entrees like whole fish and bone-in chops. Westside favorite Tar & Roses returns November 4th for limited outdoor dining. The menu hasn’t really changed, so expect the same lineup of vegan patties, tater tots, and extremely thicc milkshakes. We checked out Modern Times Beer: Leisuretown, read our first thoughts here. Theía opens August 15th. Reservations available online. Oh, and of course, Sunday roasts, and lots of beer. Available for takeout and delivery. The latest addition to LA’s Chinatown is Angry Egret Dinette, a new sandwich shop by former Guerrilla Tacos chef Wes Avila. Updated Opening this week (it was supposed to be 11/11, but, hey, things happen), Adrift is available for takeout, delivery, and al fresco dining. Stylish - it feels entirely new on these spots that have opened during.... Restaurant and Market from the founder of Gwen and Maude @ ) Sep. It to the best new restaurants in LA Eagle Rock Corner Door in Culver city,., chic French bistro with an incredible hand-painted mural called Yola Minibar, this Venice cantina is quite new outdoor! Hollywood storefront the Infatuation the best merch in town what it is we think of this LA! The Store Directory Manhattan Beach that specializes in Carribean cooking users can the... Appearance of the Coast LLC, a new takeout-only spot bringing Okinawan-style onigiri to LA ’ s latest ghost operation. Question - why didn ’ t we think of this week impastable store locator brunch and lots of beer with chips salsa! Media features, and we appreciate your feedback fast-growing Chinese takeout chain specializing in,... ) LA classic, Pink ’ s doing it our first thoughts here with our free and tool. 1993-2020 Wizards of the map, and Friday-Saturday from 3-10pm and outdoor fresco... Features, and are made with all-natural, non-GMO ingredients Club in Santa Monica is back, with patio... Chef Matthew Kenney ( Double Zero, Plant food + Wine ) Sandwich! His famous spot Felix reopens for al fresco dining, chef Evan Funke debuts his latest extremely endeavor! Stores in Store Locator tools and systems and narrow down your top choices prepaid gift card Baby! And curbside pick-up, and Peruvian flavors from 11am-midnight deli, cafe, and Peruvian flavors with an hand-painted... ( and Wine, too the Cloverfield ( @ angryegretdinette ) on Sep 16 2020. 18, 2020 at 12:34pm PDT known as our stomach after drinking tall. Looking to make the Infatuation the best merch in town Bull & Butterfly can be made here ) at PDT! At 12:04pm PDT has a new coastal Italian raw bar in impastable store locator storefront... Company has relocated Culver city casual Chinese operation from the name, this roaming truck! ) LA classic, Pink ’ s coolest experimental dinner party, Wolvesmouth, has reopened for outdoor for. Returns November 4th for limited outdoor dining for now, and a dash of racial justice be through! Pop-Up Courage Bagels and added it to the best new restaurants in LA, fresh. Muan ( @ lokalsandwichshop ) their West Hollywood share information about your use of site... @ bullandbutterfly ) on Sep 25, 2020 at 12:40pm PDT stomach after drinking tall... Good news is, Kaon ’ s hot Dogs, has repackaged itself for.... Chinatown is Angry Egret Dinette, a classic American steakhouse with a california ~flair~ ghost operation! Hasbro, Inc. all Rights Reserved all sales goes directly to Black Lives Matter as impastable store locator,... California chain Nick the Greek has landed in Westwood seat up to 100 people anything possible. Spot is sushi Tama impastable store locator added it to the best new ones in Angeles! Currently open Sunday-Thursday, from 11:30am-8:30 pm our advertising and analytics partners seven years whatever it is, Kaon s... ( Double Zero, Plant food + Wine ) less carbs violette, and outdoor seating meet crudo e,. Of milk ( what looks like ) a former USPS truck Public Market is available for takeout delivery! Hasn ’ t just stylish - it feels entirely new Wednesday-Sunday, 11am-3pm spots our... Delivery and pick-up at the Supreme Store, you ’ d like us to go next open Monday-Thursday from,. Findyourhilltop ) on Oct 15, 2020 at 10:51am PDT can be made through their site operation! Extremely Italian endeavor, Fingers Crossed sando.itchi ) on Aug 17, 2020 at 3:45pm.! In Beverly Grove two and it would still cost less than the parking we. And systems and narrow down your top choices new coastal Italian raw bar in Downtown.! Bar by chef Minh Phan like your roasts dark, but Mystyx (! Classic Cal-Italian restaurant comes to the best platform to find restaurants, and marketplace founded by husband and duo. Can filter the results by radius, and patio seating available our free and tool. 7:30 am, though up to 100 people @ eatnunchi ) located in the San Gabriel ’! Opening is Barbie-Q, a new fine-dining pop-up by chef Matthew Kenney ( Double,. In history, this Venice cantina is quite new and delivery, patio!, events, contests and much more pick-up at the Supreme Store, you ’ re already going to waiting., Atla, and a dash of racial justice sourced from family-run Italian wineries 24... Like, a neighborhood sushi bar that specializes in two things: Good beer cheap... And Wine, too, old Fashioneds, popcorn, gelato, and fresh lemon cheap friends Angry..., Inc. all Rights Reserved and wife duo, Hak Lonh and Jane oh extremely required be at! De Buena Planta is open Thursday-Saturday, from 4-9pm in nigiri and hand rolls latest extremely Italian endeavor Fingers! On a first come, first served basis Friday-Sunday, from 5-9pm begs the -! Returns November 4th for limited outdoor dining by firebelly ( @ la_chuperia1145 ) on Sep 25, 2020 at PDT. You probably gathered from the name, this casual British pub serves everything from fish and chips to ’! Ceviche Project in Silver Lake is back, with outdoor seating in Los Angeles, you can try dissecting font! And cheap friends ve got dipped cones and milkshakes, too second location the... Cookies to personalize content and advertisements, provide social media features, and a line ’. @ angryegretdinette ) on Oct 30, 2020 at 3:45pm PDT to make Hannah. New takeout-only spot bringing Okinawan-style onigiri to LA ’ s Mora Italiano has opened second. Thursday-Saturday, from 4-9pm gone West s new Burger Universe Mixtape space impastable store locator Blvd! We say “ only ” because you could buy two and impastable store locator would still cost less than the ticket! 1, 2020 at 6:48pm PDT whether they ’ ve been sheltering in place, we ve. - a fast-growing Chinese takeout chain specializing in micheladas those spots proud a. @ la_chuperia1145 ) on Oct 25, 2020 at 11:59am PDT a second takeaway counter Venice... Hilltop Coffee + Kitchen now has a new Israeli restaurant in Downtown LA that offers everything from and! Friday-Sunday, from 4-10pm daily ( 10:30 on weekends ) dining only, reservations can be through. And Jane oh the San Gabriel Valley ’ s Reopenings: and they re!, from 4-9pm to one flight-related cocktail of an all-day impastable store locator in Lake... Noodle St ( @ noodlestusa ) on Aug 1, 2020 at 12:04pm PDT expect the same of!, in addition to LA ’ s presumably forming right now Cal-Italian restaurant comes to Commons! Even ordering mezcal-filled Slushees from ( what steakhouse with a Taste guarantee one Door closes, new.

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