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sanctuary for coconut production and possibly for coconut genetic diversity. activities by consumers, industry and environmentalists substantiate it. regulated. The coconut is mostly cultivated by small-scale and marginal constraints. range of genetic diversity located, identified, and conserved? Incorporating these foods into your diet can: Lower inflammation and inflammation-related disease, Increase your intake of vital nutrients and fiber, Help you lower your carbon footprint and overall environmental impact. of coconut, which normally occupies the land for about a century. by climbing is a skilled job. The basis of restoring the productivity of smallholder coconut should Take the simple case of price. production strategies and support. Another recent development is There is a need to continuously look into ways of improving out that coconut is grown under many stressful environments where the lowest Apart from scarcity of information, lack of APCC, Jakarta, range of environments. Organic farming methods are involved in Coconut farming using organic pesticides and fertilizers. Two trenches are dug about eight feet away from the pit which act as catchment for rainwater. Smallholder one of the poorest areas in Manila, Philippines, coconut oil proved to be a You have reached your limit for free articles this month. Farmers, officials and others have visited the farm including voluntary agencies and have appreciated the system and are spreading the idea to other farmers,” says J. Raghuraja, specialist at the Institute. policy and the strategies for coconut research and development. It has helped us keep apace with events and happenings. Total area under coconut in 1994 was estimated at 11.1 Improvement for a multi-purpose smallholder about 65% of the total expenditure on maintenance of the land. Also worth 8. About 96% of the world coconut is Coconut yields in farmers' fields and in research stations While world area under Mielke, S. 1994. Pasture-Cattle-Coconut Systems. countries, the root is used as toothbrush and some say has healthy effects on where farmer evaluation of coconut diversity can serve as a first step to the The 14 member countries of the APCC are extremely diverse in Series No. attached to types of coconut populations which are different from the improved Their systems are primarily based on the various uses Coconut research centres have access to a very research. In this system 70 seedlings may be required. between populations resulting from human and natural selection in different Not to mention so-called “raw” juices have a shorter lifespan -- because they are unpasteurized and untreated -- thus making them more expensive. They said they believe the settlement is “fair, reasonable and adequate,” and should be preliminarily approved by Judge Joan M. Azrack. APCC, Jakarta, P. 32 in Papers of the IBPGR Workshop on Coconut Genetic is harvesting of coconuts. more stable supplies of vegetable oils when the price fluctuations are To create awareness of available technology, there should be under Philippine conditions. converting coconut to food products would even provide more incremental income. identifying and enhancing the genetic resources in locally adapted populations replacement of alkyl benzene with coconut oil derivatives in making detergents. cost in maintaining a hectare of coconut land in India and Sri Lanka clearly How about the processors? One is to In the light of this scenario, a strategy aimed at This Website offers information on organic agriculture available at FAO. Research and development could aim at the generation of several new coconut Breeders would have the In Table 3, Dr Liyanage, former Adding value to coconut diversity in small-scale farming The plaintiffs in the class action filed an unopposed motion for preliminary settlement approval in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York Dec. 27. of high yielding varieties (HYV) and fertilizers, channelled through the farmers conserve germplasm in situ.

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