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Some romour mongers are involved in false narrative that all future non muslims immigrants will be given citizenship. Millions of poor people, especially the poor had to bet their lifetime savings, in procuring the requisite documentations. The Union Cabinet  approved a proposal to conduct Census 2021 and update the National Population Register (NPR). By Aritro Dasgupta. Read more to know about the Assam Accord of 1985. I am the person whom familiar with the fund declined to provide exact performance figure. Attempting any topic in a Group Discussion (GD), requires a multi- faceted approach. NRC is the National Register of But remarks by the Home Minister that the CAA would be followed by the NRC has given rise to fears that when people are excluded from the final citizenship register, the CAA may help non-Muslims take the CAA route to apply for citizenship, and leave Muslims with no option. The entire theory of massive illegal migration fails on the one count, that the Bangladesh economy is at present doing much better than its Indian counterpart. Above Village Hyper Market, Chandralyout Main Road, Download this article as PDF to read offline, Master of Business Administration or MBA is one of the most popular post-graduate programmes in India and abroad. Parsis who have entered India after facing religious persecution in The cutoff date there was fixed at March, 1971 due to the stipulations under the historical Assam Accord. be given. The foreigners who had migrated to Assam between 1961 and 1971 will be given all the rights of citizenship except the right to vote, which would be denied for a period of ten years and those who entered Assam after the year 1971 would be deported. of investment by the applicants). The Home Ministry clarified that the CAA has nothing to do with the NRC. (However right to Equality is not The final NRC was published on 31st August 2019 for the completion of the 1951 NRC update. However, the government seeks to allay these fears. Section 14A was inserted in the Citizenship Act, 1955, in 2004, providing for the compulsory registration of every citizen of India and the issue of a “national identity card” to him or her. Trade Marks belong to the respective owners. One such area is the much debated over duo of CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act) and NRC (National Register of Citizens). In fact, Bangladesh’s Per Capita Income at present is only marginally less than the state of West Bengal, or the Indian average, while in fact being higher than the state of Assam. The provisions of the Assam Accord were: New Education Policy 2020 Highlights: Union Cabinet on Wednesday approved the National Education Policy 2020, paving way for transformational reforms in school and higher education sector in the country. Context: Widespread protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), especially in combination with the proposed all-India National Register of Citizens (NRC). There is no direct link. Assam Students Union (AASU), the All Assam Gana Sangram Parishad and the Those Hindus who are persecuted due to religion has no other place to go except India. However, the government seeks to allay these fears. Lakhs of such people are already in India awaiting citizenship SJA2008 on [AnswerKey] UPSC Prelims-2020: Geography MCQs Solved with Explanation for All Sets & Strategy for 2021; Sohail khan on [Download] UPSC Mains-2015: Philosophy Optional Subject Question Paper-1 & Paper-2; Harsha on [Result] UPSC Prelims-2020 Result out in just 19 days: 10,564 candidates cleared for Mains against 796 vacancies! NRC was first introduced after the 1951 Census of India. It will be conducted by the Office of the Registrar General of India (RGI) under the Home Ministry. Several of the states in this region, are sparsely populated, with a substantial tribal population. Citizens. The excluded people have about 120 days to appeal against their exclusion to the foreigner tribunals. to anyone from the minority community, who had remained in Pakistan, to There is no direct link. nationality if he or she can not show proof of documents on country of I am an I.T Engineer by profession and a thinker, knowledge seeker by heart. CAB full form: Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2019 The cab bill covers religious minorities belonging to six non-Muslim communities - Hindu, Sikh, Christian, Jain, Buddhist and Parsi. On 31st August, the updated National Registry of Citizens was released in Assam after a Supreme Court deadline. For Example US immigration Due to the expected concerns of people residing in the North- Eastern region of India, the law has excluded those living within states with an Inner Line Permit, from the purview of the CAA. ... CAA vs NRC #UPSC - Duration: 25:15. This slip may be required for enrolment in NPR, whenever that process begins. GD Topic: Statue of Unity - Symbol of Pride or Wastage of Public Money? The census involves a detailed questionnaire — there were 29 items to be filled up in the 2011 census — aimed at eliciting the particulars of every person, including age, sex, marital status, children, occupation, birthplace, mother tongue, religion, disability and whether they belonged to any Scheduled Caste or Scheduled Tribe. Today, Insights is synonymous with UPSC civil services exam preparation. This may violate Article 14 of the Constitution which and living a miserable life in slum areas. GD Topic: Will Economy grow Faster with Reduced Rates of GST? Indexes and ranks released by such bodies, present a highly credible and scientific justification for the points sought. Some detention centres have already built, and more are likely to be built to house the millions set to be displaced. Your email address will not be published. However, given that the manpower is drawn from the states, the defiance could potentially result in a showdown. The NRC identified illegal immigrants from Assam on the is the best way of making one’s point. The cutoff date has been fixed at the year 2014, so the law does not in any way ‘encourage’ future immigration. The NPR is the first step towards establishing the NRIC. any law. Know all about CAA and NRC. One does not earn brownie points for shouting the most. In Bengal, civil rights activists had been protesting against the compilation of the NPR alleging that it had nothing to with the Census, but the “first step to initiate the National Register of Citizens” in the State. Bangladesh is in fact a friendly neighbor, and a key business ally in several ways, though inching closer to China at several policies. 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