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aoaoao. Uh...Patrick, Patrick...Patrick! Bugs Bunny Beatbox • Ed Edd & Eddy Beatbox, Cartoon Beatbox Showcase So ptsyou better ptsbackpts up ptsnow ptsbefore ptsyou get ptsbruisptsed! With another crazy episode of the Cartoon Beatbox Battles. Oooh, he said a lot of messed up things about you, Deadshot, You know, honestly? Wait, why are all you guys up here? … It's a beatbox battle. And you smell like used toilet paper, plumber man! That you can't really fight unless you had a gun, that's weak. Before we begin with this episode, make sure, You click that subscribe button and turn on that notification bell. But - I'm - not going to tell anyone. EtsptsaetsotsetptssotspehapatsteheatsetsotsaetsotsapeeptstsetsotsaetsotspehatehetsetsotsetsotspeaPMMPMMPMMPMM, Oh yeah! Count to ten! Light's out. Cancel Unsubscribe. His height and weight, which allows him to perform superhuman jumps. Hmm, look at me now, hmm, you 're just a hater. How'd you come up with that name. Hm, maybe you should tell your mother I'm Deadpool. PtsIt's-a ptsme, a ptsMario, ptsthe one that's ptsgonna ptsbeat you, Bmmptsmptshmptsptsptsptsptsmhmptsmmhmmptsptsptspts mhptsmmhptsmmmptshmptsptsptsmmhmm, Oh yeah! Heh heh...Does this mean I get to order now? EtsetsotsetsotspehatehetsetsotsetsotspePMMPMMPMM, Let's go! I just wanna say thank you so much for supporting my channel. / Bpaoptaoptao ptptpt ptaoptaoptaoptao bpaoptaoptao behnaoptpaobptao Let's-a go But it looks like you guys are fired up, so I'm gonna get the match. As he beatboxed, teleported, and scared the crap out of me! Okay? It's Verbal Ase, beatboxer from outer space. Likewise if Pennywise goes up first, this will be the first (and maybe only) time Patrick goes up second. PtsIt's-a ptsme, a ptsMario, ptsthe one that's ptsgonna ptsbeat you Thanks again, and please enjoy this new episode, That's right, ladies and gentlemen, we're back again. Ok, ok, let's start the battle before this gets ugly. / Bum Bum Bum Bum Bum Bum Bum Bum Bum Get Low haha ha / To The Window To The Wall haha / To The Sweat Drip Down My Bald Yeah, guys, vote for me, not that other guy. In this corner, weighing 210 pounds and a height of 6 foot 2 inches. aoaoao. Cartoon Beatbox Battles (verbalase) Deadpool vs Deadshot lyrics: Hey, what's up, guys? Patrick vs Goofy Lyrics: PATRICK: / Um Um Um Um Um Um Um Um Um Um Ummm Oh Yeah! Shut up! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. I hope when you put it in the water it floats X2 His beatbox was fire, literally. Cancel Unsubscribe. You ptslook like ptsyou lost ptsall ptsyour ptsclothes, optsoptsoptso You can't drown because you're a fish! In this corner, weighing 202 pounds, and a height of 6 foot 1 inches. Next Episode Oh, and Deadpool's supposed to be a better name? Hmm, look at me now, hmm, you're just a hater. So you better back up now before you get bru-bru-bruised. Ok, guys, don't forget to click on this icon. Cartoon Beatbox Battles (verbalase): Top 3. Hey, Mario! Super...super...super...super...super-per...supersonic. But he was still able to showcase some impressive dance moves. Stream Patrick Beatbox Solo 1 - Patrick Beatbox Solo 2 Mashup by SodapopOSN Type Beats from desktop or your mobile device

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