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Tangan 10 −9 meter = nanometer (nm), dari sini muncul istilah nanoteknologi, karena berkaitan dengan material berukuran dalam kisaran satuan nanometer 10 −6 meter = mikrometer (μm) 10 −3 meter = milimeter (mm) 10 −2 meter = sentimeter (cm, dari centimeter) 4 desimal Furlong Nautika Lambang E umumnya digunakan dalam kalkulator dan oleh ilmuwan, matematikawan dan insinyur. Mil (mi) Derivatives of the meter, such as kilometers and centimeters, are also used in the metric system. Did you know you can easily create a small motor using simple things: a magnet, a battery, a screw and a piece of copper wire? They then also connect the two positions of the Earth, making line E1E2. There is a constant, the unit distance, of the value of one astronomical unit. Liga Sailing under the Golden Gate Bridge. Jika Anda dapati kesalahan dalam teks atau perhitungan, atau Anda membutuhkan pengonversi lainnya, yang tidak Anda temukan di sini, silakan beritahukan kami! It is still in use in some areas, such as Yucatan and rural Mexico. This allowed for simplified calculations of latitude because every 60 nautical miles were one degree of latitude. Tautan Sentimeter (cm) This unit was widely used from the Antiquity through to Early Modern Times. Mengkonversi antara unit (nm → m) atau Lihat tabel konversi 1 desimal A light-year (ly) equals 10,000,000,000,000 km, or 10¹³ km. Detik cahaya It represents the distance that light travels in one Julian year in a vacuum.   Tahun cahaya 8 desimal   Bantuan tersedia! Please see the diagram below for better visualization. A league is an obsolete unit in most countries. Instant free online tool for meter to nanometer conversion or vice versa. Sciences like Biology and Physics work with very small distances, therefore additional units are used. Navigation uses nautical miles. Click or tap to find out how to make it!   Distance is measured along the object’s travel trajectory. Batang (rd) One nautical mile equals 1852 meters. It was later redefined as a length of a prototype meter bar, created from platinum and iridium alloy. Later it was redefined once more using the speed of light. Nautika Kaki (ft) Mikrometer (µm) Ketik jumlah yang Anda ingin mengkonversi dan tekan tombol Convert. 3 desimal There, angle P is one arcsecond. Rantai Mengkonversi dari Nanometres ke Meter. convertlive. Dalam pengukuran geometrik, panjang paling sering merujuk pada dimensi terpanjang dari objek. The basic unit for length and distance in the International System of Units (SI) is a meter. Historically it was defined as one minute of arc along the meridian or 1/(60×180) of a meridian. It was further redefined as equal to 1,650,763.73 wavelengths of the orange-red emission line in the electromagnetic spectrum of the krypton-86 atom in a vacuum.   Mengonversi satuan pengukuran secara mudah! In some countries like Canada, it is only used when measuring fabric, as well as sports grounds, such as swimming pools and cricket pitches. Karena merupakan satuan dasar dari panjang dalam SI dan sistem m.k.s. Yard (yd) Laman Konversi Satuan menyediakan solusi bagi para insinyur, penerjemah, dan untuk siapa pun yang kegiatannya mengharuskan bekerja dengan kuantitas yang diukur dalam satuan berbeda. antara unit menggunakan converter gratis kami. When calculating speed using nautical miles, often knots are used as units. Lambang E adalah format alternatif dari lambang ilmiah a • 10x. It is defined as a distance that a person can walk in one hour. Meter. Misalnya ada kemungkinan untuk memotong tali yang lebih pendek dari ketebalan tali. 10 desimal, Di sini Anda dapat menyarankan terjemahan atau koreksi ejaan untuk bahasa Anda sendiri. It is commonly used in biology to measure microorganisms, as well as for measuring infrared radiation wavelengths. Dalam Sistem Internasional (SI), satuan dasar panjang adalah meter, yang didefinisikan dalam istilah kecepatan cahaya. Syarat dan Ketentuan. Beberapa satuan digunakan untuk mengukur panjang. It must not be confused with displacement, which is a vector that measures a straight line that is the shortest distance between the departure and the arrival points of an object. We work hard to ensure that the results presented by converters and calculators are correct. Tautan Meter ditetapkan sebagai panjang jalur yang dilalui cahaya dalam ruang hampa selama interval waktu 1⁄299.792.458 detik. Circular distance is a distance travelled by a circular object, such as a wheel.   Pilih satuan untuk dikonversikan dalam kotak sebelah kiri yang berisi daftar satuan. Gunakan dengan resiko Anda sendiri: Meskipun kami membuat upaya besar memastikan konverter yang seakurat mungkin, kami tidak dapat menjamin bahwa. To calculate a parsec, the effect of parallax can be used, which is an apparent displacement of an object when it is viewed from two different points of view. 1 nm = 1.0E-9 m 1 m = 1000000000 nm. Meter (m) Ketik jumlah Nanometer (nm) yang ingin Anda konversi dalam kotak teks, untuk melihat hasilnya di tabel. Nanometer (nm) Distance, on the other hand, refers to the measure of how far the objects are from each other. This definition is used today and states that one meter is equal to the length of the path traveled by light in a vacuum in 1/299,792,458 of a second. Metrik Astronomi Pelajari Bahasa Inggris Teknis bersama Video Kami! One arcsecond is equal to 1/3600 of a degree, or about 4.8481368 µrad in radians. Detik cahaya Menit cahaya Metrik A league was widely used in literature, such as in “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea” by Jules Verne. However, we do not guarantee that our converters and calculators are free of errors. Rantai Ada banyak satuan panjang lain yang umum digunakan seperti inci, kaki, yard, dan mil. Its total length is about 1.7 mi or 2.7 km. Unit astronomi (AE) Example: convert 15 nm to m: 15 nm = 15 × 1.0E-9 m = 1.5E-8 m. Popular Length Unit Conversions Misalnya: 1.103.000 = 1,103 • 106 = 1,103E+6. Garis Terima kasih telah menghiraukan. Sentimeter (cm) Mil laut 2 desimal 0 desimal 1 nm = 1000 pikometer. Dalam konteks tertentu, istilah “panjang” diperuntukkan bagi dimensi tertentu dari objek yang panjangnya diukur. Desimeter (dm) Length describes the longest dimension of an object. A micrometer is 1×10⁻⁶ of a meter. Nanometres ke Meter. Mil (inci) (mil) Meter adalah satuan panjang dalam sistem satuan metrik, dan satuan dasar dari panjang dalam Sistem Satuan Internasional (SI). Tahun cahaya All of the content is provided “as is”, without warranty of any kind. Fathom Astronomers draw an imaginary line from the Earth (point E1) to the distant star or an astronomical object (point A2), line E1A2. Orang Inggris/Amerika Also, explore tools to convert meter or nanometer to other length units or learn more about length conversions. A yard is used in the imperial system and it equals three feet or 0.9144 meters. How to Convert Nanometer to Meter. It is also known as micron and is represented by the sign µ. Nanometer (1×10⁻⁹ of a meter), picometer (1×10⁻¹² of a meter), femtometer (1×10⁻¹⁵ of a meter), and attometer (1×10⁻¹⁸ of a meter) are also used. Inci (in) In astronomy, because of the great distances under consideration, additional units are used for convenience. For three-dimensional objects, it is usually measured horizontally. A nautical league is defined as three nautical miles, which is about 5.6 km. Anda bisa menggunakan pengonversi online ini untuk mengonversi antar beberapa ratus satuan (termasuk metrik, Inggris dan Amerika) dalam 76 kategori, atau beberapa ribu pasang termasuk akselerasi, luas, listrik, energi, gaya, panjang, cahaya, massa, aliran massa, kepadatan, kapasitas massa, daya, tekanan, tegangan, suhu, waktu, torsi, kecepatan, kekentalan, volume dan kapasitas, aliran volume, dan masih banyak lagi.

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