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Corbyn handled it badly and I regret it, because he’s a good man and he’s not an antisemite. Words For You (uk)Artist: Words For YouUPC: 602527247601. “I don’t feel physical lust, but I feel mental lust. Would their relationship work in close proximity? Auden (read by Lindsay Duncan) / Music: Mahler – Symphony No.1 – 3rd 20. Friendship by Elizabeth Jennings (read by Alison Steadman) / Music: Beethoven – Piano Concerto No.5 – 2nd 5. Mozart – Symphony No.50 – 3rd Movement (excerpt) (read by Martin Shaw) / Music: Verdi – La Forza Del 12. It sometimes bothered her as a teenager. “No. She talks about her weight, the joy of being a lesbian – and why she sits on people on the tube, Last modified on Wed 4 Mar 2020 05.51 EST. “I know, but it would be so nice to surprise people.” Even if you know what to expect – anyone who has seen one of her regular appearances on The Graham Norton Show knows how gloriously naughty she is – Margolyes, up close, is still quite something. “No, I don’t think I had. Adlestrop by Edward Thomas (read by Geoffrey Palmer) / Music: Vaughan Williams – The Lark Ascending 21. Miriam Margolyes. Margolyes always knew that she was “a performer, and I love an audience”. She is. “When I get into a tube train and I want to sit down and there’s no seats, I say: ‘Please, may I sit down?’ And if nobody will get up, I sit on them.” How many people has she sat on? 2009 collection featuring 27 of the greatest poems of all time, read by 12 of the best voices in British acting and set to the greatest classical music ever composed. Required fields are marked *. She was in Barbra Streisand’s Yentl and Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet, appeared in Blackadder in the 80s, won a Bafta for her role in Martin Scorsese’s Age of Innocence and has many acclaimed theatre roles under her belt, including her one-woman show Dickens’ Women. I think it made me quite aggressive on occasion because I won’t be bullied.”, She hates being overweight, she says. ''Look, nobody likes Jews.You can’t say people like Jews. “I will try as long as I can to have two lives. Samantha Morton. from Brian Cox's Words For You [Explicit] for free, and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists. I’d rather not have to be, but what a collection of nasty people there are in charge of us. Meanwhile, I’ve spotted the remnants of a chewed onion on a plate, which she ate, like an apple, for lunch (“You mean you don’t?”). “I know that we could have a pogrom easily in this country. She is 78 and shrinking, she says – she has lost an inch and is now 4ft 10in – but there is nothing diminished about her. I’ve accepted that.” Antisemitism, she believes, is “widespread in the Tory party, but that’s never mentioned. “It’s outrageous. Miriam’s Big Fat Adventure starts on BBC Two on 9 March at 9pm, Miriam Margolyes: 'I like men – I just don't feel groin excitement'. Diary Of A Church Mouse by John Betjeman (read by Martin Shaw) / Music: Bach – Sleepers Awake (excerpt) 14. “Ian McKellen, my dear friend, and I have this constant difference of opinion because he feels that you should come out [to give encouragement to others]. She likes to work and I do, too. So make damn sure you watch it.”, At the end of the documentary, Margolyes looks emotional when she talks about how she would like to feel about her body. I meet Margolyes in her flat in south London, which looks out on to her lovely garden. The poem "Do not stand at my grave and weep", by Mary Frye, was read by Miriam Margolyes. “I’m remarkably un-bitter, really.”, Margolyes has been with her partner, an Australian academic, for nearly 52 years. “My feeling is that the English are naturally anti-Semitic,'' Miriam Margolyes announces provocatively. Martin Shaw. It’s the central most miserable thing in my life at the moment.” She could always move to Australia (“wonderful country”), where she has a house and citizenship, but has ruled out living there permanently. “Everybody says that,” she replies, a little sadly. She is. “He’s like Trump. Diary Of A Church Mouse by John Betjeman (read by Martin Shaw) / Music: Bach – Sleepers Awake (excerpt) 14. - Martin Shaw. I had energy, and energy is always attractive.”, Margolyes always knew that she was “a performer, and I love an audience”. It made me less attractive, sexually. It was the late 60s, and unusual in those days to be so open. 1. On The Balcony by D.H. Lawrence (read by Anthony Head) / Music: Grieg – Last Spring (excerpt) 8. Business Girls by John Betjeman (read by Joanna Lumley) / Music: Business Girls by John Betjeman / Music: 9. How does she feel about getting older? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. A Red, Red Rose by Robert Burns (read by Brian Cox) / Music: Austin Ince & Frankie Hepburn – Colonel 6. “I don’t want to be a conventional anything!” she says. Diary Of A Church Mouse by John Betjeman. She describes their tight-knit Jewish family as “a fortress, just the three of us. He’s a ruthless narcissist, dangerous, drunk with power. Watch This: “25th Hour” provides an acting showcase for Edward Norton... Watch This: “Trainspotting” defied cinematic norms and defined a generation. She smiles. Stephen Darrell Smith & Dan Smith - The Great Glen. She looks pleased. It’s a terrible thing.”, Margolyes didn’t have her first girlfriend until she was 27. People don’t like Jews. “Everybody says that,” she replies, a little sadly. She looks pleased. Her latest, Miriam’s Big Fat Adventure, for BBC Two, will be a two-parter looking at the obesity crisis and the body-positive movement and exploring her own relationship with her weight. What a disgrace. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. Most of them are just so trivial. Why does she like behaving so badly? Is she, Miriam Margolyes would like to know, how I expected her to be? “I know, but it would be so nice to surprise people.” Even if you know what to expect – anyone who has seen one of her regular appearances on The Graham Norton Show knows how gloriously naughty she is – Margolyes, up close, is still quite something. It could be against Jews, it could be against Poles, it could be against Gypsies. “By the time I had my periods, when I was 11, I had a 36in bust, which was the focus of much attention from the American soldiers around the place.” I must look alarmed because she adds: “I didn’t mind, I thought it was wonderful.” The alarm on my face increases. “They don’t see you – you’re invisible when you’re in the street – but if they’re sitting talking to you, they think you’re going to be talking sense because you’re old. “But I am a remarkable person.”, Margolyes has always been political – and is more so now than ever, I say. “And I was very, very unhappy. It’s not an eccentricity that has grown with age – she has always been like this, it seems. “It could be. “It was terrible,” she says. “It was very unusual, I think, and very foolish,” she says. It hurt them too much and it didn’t please me particularly, so I think it was an error.”, A few months later, Margolyes’s mother had a devastating stroke; Margolyes has always believed that her coming out in some way caused it, and she spent the next few years helping to look after her mother. Rock Me To Sleep by Elizabeth Akers Allen (read by Alison Steadman) / Music: Schubert – Rosamunde 26. “I admired them. I can like them and have my male friends, but I just don’t feel groin excitement from them.”, We talk about the television presenter Philip Schofield, who has just come out at the age of 57 (Margolyes has appeared on This Morning several times, most recently in January when Schofield and his co-presenter Holly Willoughby had to apologise for Margolyes’s use of the word “twat”). I was in hysterical grief, but I am glad that it happened because I couldn’t have taken much more – when you see somebody you love unable to speak or think or move, you’re torn in bits. And it may not be true.” She says she demands respect. ‘I am a remarkable person’ … Miriam Margolyes at home in London. Come Walk With Me by Emily Brontë. And when I went to university, I realised that I had a spark of something that was more valuable than beauty. “Ecstatic. That’s my big joy.” Anyway, I say, to stay with somebody (and, I think to myself, somebody who regularly eats whole raw onions) for so long is a big achievement. BDS-supporting Harry Potter actor Miriam Margolyes: ‘I’m just a nice old lady’ She hates Netanyahu and loves Corbyn, but self-hating Jew she insists she’s not. Dulce Et Decorum Est By Wilfred Owen (Read By Ben Whishaw) / Music: Beethoven – Symphony No.7 – 2nd 23 23. “We don’t know; we’d have to find out. If I think something is wrong, I will say it, whoever is doing it.”, She was a supporter of Jeremy Corbyn. I think so, because we really do love each other. It’s their tragedy, but it didn’t become my tragedy. Thin Lizzy – Greatest Hits (bonus Dvd) – CD, Wisconsin upcoming events Nov 09 – Nov 15, Washington upcoming events Nov 09 – Nov 15. It was passionate, close, adoring.”. Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep by Mary Frye (read by Miriam Margolyes) / Music: Tchaikovosky – 13. User Ratings (0) ... Do Not Stand At My Grave and Weep. Her career is marching along nicely – her forthright Mother Mildred in Call the Midwife has brought her to primetime TV, and her role as Professor Sprout in the Harry Potter films made her famous with a new generation, even though she has said she doesn’t like children very much. But isn’t it good to go through the world being utterly yourself? I think it gives you an identity because you can say” – she puts on a grand voice – “‘I am a lesbian.’ It put everything into place. But there are a great many other people in the world out there who do care and make life miserable for people because of it. What is their secret? I point out to her that we have been talking for only 10 minutes and already she has answered the phone (to a child, she later finds out) with a terrifying, booming: “Who are you?”. “In this climate? There is something bracing and delightfully scandalous about Margolyes. And I think it’s awful.”Was her sexuality ever something she struggled to accept? “It is true that in shocking people, there is a kind of delight in people’s: ‘Did she say that?’ I think giving people a bit of a jolt is good.”. And I think there’s plenty of antisemitism in England. There are people who are boiling with hate and resentment and entitlement in this country and it is alarming.”, She has been vocally critical about the Israeli government over the years; she says it has lost her many friends. He Wishes For The Cloths Of Heaven by W.B. The fact that my European citizenship has been taken away from me by that crowd of charlatans and rascals is absolutely appalling. I think it all came as a bit of a bombshell. Silver 24. Remember by Christina Rossetti (read by Anthony Head) / Music: Sor – Allegretto (excerpt) 27. Bach - Sleepers Awake (excerpt). “I used to feel sad that nobody used to ask me out; I felt very crushed by that, actually, but it didn’t last. Margolyes smiles mischievously. The music is Albioni's "Adagio" played by the London Symphony Orchestra, conducted by … I used to have crushes [on women] and they were incredibly passionate and all-consuming. Join / Sign Up Keep track of your favorite shows and movies, across all your devices. Come Walk With Me by Emily Bront (read by Samantha Morton) / Music: Dvorak – Waltz No.1 from Opus 54 15. With John Castle in the Tales of the Unexpected episode Fat Chance. My friends and I didn't know that the Goth Weekend was taking place when we booked a holiday let just outside of Whitby so the whole thing came as a pleasant and unexpected surprise. And if you’re not sexually interested in men, they’re unbearably trivial.” Maybe she’s just meeting the wrong men? Island. I love her more and more.” She smiles. Miriam Margolyes full list of movies and tv shows in theaters, in production and upcoming films. Sonnet 18 by William Shakespeare (read by Joanna Lumley) / Music: Beethoven – Piano Sonata No.8 3. Sonnet 116 by William Shakespeare (read by Lennie James) / Music: Mahler – Symphony No.3 – 6th 19. “We live in a bubble of people who don’t care what sexuality people are. Meanwhile, I’ve spotted the remnants of a chewed onion on a plate, which she ate, like an apple, for lunch (“You mean you don’t?”). I still think it’s an absolutely terrific thing to be, which is good, because it’s not going to change.”, But she must have been very hurt by the way her parents reacted.

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