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Due more to the economic climate in the United Kingdom at the time than to the lack of success of the Matchbox brand, even though all of the core ranges continued to sell strongly, the company was in difficult financial straits by the end of the 1970s. The better the condition of the model, the higher its value. Certainly, the major internationally known German brands (Volkswagen and Mercedes, as well as Magirus-Deutz) were represented in the range, but in order to cater to that market using the dies at hand, it was decided to develop a model version just for Germany. MATCHBOX MUSIC LIMITED | 2 followers on LinkedIn | MATCHBOX MUSIC LIMITED is a music company based out of MOORGATE HOUSE 5-8 DYSART STREET, LONDON, United Kingdom. This would mean the 6th variation of the first ("A") release of model no. At first, it was again Germany for which models were produced, as many as 6 at a time (Polizei cars were developed, trucks offered with German logos, etc. To signal the seriousness of the venture, and its commitment to the brand, Mattel introduced a new, second 1-75 series, parallel to the standard range, celebrating the "35th Anniversary of Superfast". Some companies only allow extremely limited numbers of their models to be made (e.g. It has been reported that unauthorized copies of Matchbox kits, particularly the military vehicles series, appeared in China in the mid-2000s. By the mid-1970s, Matchbox was again a force on the world market, having completed the transition and having even updated its line to include some fantasy vehicles. Battle Kings reappeared on the market in 2006, not as King Size models, but rather as a name of military-oriented Two Pack-style sets of regular-size models. The MCC was primarily aimed at younger collectors. Charlies Mack, as well as others, have also published books for collectors showing models, their variations and giving value/price guidance. The CJV contract was signed off with 20-year period of validity. Additional models continued to be added to the line throughout the decade, including cars such as an MG Midget TD, a Vauxhall Cresta, a Ford Zodiac, and many others. Some models continue to be marketed via major retailers such as Target in the US. The toys proved to be unpopular, and the line was soon discontinued. Accompanying its metal casting, SUTC also had a plastic kits and components factory, called Shanghai Universal Plastic Toys Company (usually abbreviated as SUPT/上海环球塑胶塑胶玩具有限公司). Not unlike stamps or coins, prices for older and/or more collectable models began to spiral upwards in a trend that continues. This is commonly due to weaknesses in the final die-cast product, or to difficulties in production caused by the die. Other brands, including Husky/Corgi Junior, Budgie, and Cigar Box, attempted to compete with Matchbox, but none were particularly successful until American toy giant Mattel introduced the revolutionary low-friction "racing" wheels on its Hot Wheels line of cars. By 1968, Matchbox was the biggest-selling brand of small die-cast model cars worldwide. [2] This was effectively a transformation of the 1969 line to include low-friction wheels (at first narrow, since the company needed time to retool the series to accommodate wide tires), often accompanied with new colours. Matchbox Music PR – Music Promotion UK Radio Plugging Music Marketing Music PR has yet to be estimated by Alexa in terms of traffic and rank. Airplanes and tanks (in appropriate scales) made their returns as well. Following the "Hero City" fiasco (the name being dropped in late 2005 in favor of "MBX Metal"), Mattel showed interest in reviving the Matchbox brand. However, a standard code might read as such: Y-15 A 6. These sets included British, German and American infantry, the British 8th Army and the German Afrika Korps and British Commandos. hey yo tengo la version 1010 si la quieren naa mas me avisan, y con el skin en negro se ve excelente, The perfect partner for your new iPod or iPhone, The perfect companion for your Zune Player, The latest version of the most used Mp3 Player, Show the lyrics while playing your music on Winamp, Portable non official version of the Apple player. 22 with Griffon, and the 1:32 scale de Havilland Venom. The reappearance of the pre-2001 Matchbox logo, albeit without its classic quotation marks, signalled the return to the original philosophy. However, not only the colour of the model's body must be regarded, but rather the entire model— including baseplate, interior, windows – and thus changes in different components can lead to a factorial increase in variation possibilities. For a more complete listing see the List of model car brands. No dies were designed by SUTC, which confined itself to decal painting, assembling and packing. The 1-75 series was also amended to include the Rola-Matics (featuring mechanical parts that moved when the vehicle was moved) and Streakers, the latter an attempt to compete with Hot Wheels' newest innovation, tampo-printing on the vehicle itself. Often, the changes are very minor, even minute, and may occur in places that are not clearly visible at first glance. Early concerns of this nature by collectors were countered by assurances from Mattel that Matchbox would continue to develop its own product line independently from Hot Wheels, and that it was intended that Matchbox represent "real" and traditional vehicles, while fantasy would be placed firmly in Hot Wheels territory. This proved to be a successful strategy, which was then expanded in the late 1970s and the 1980s. Also in the late 1970s, Matchbox produced a small range of 1:32 and 1:76 Second World War toy soldiers in direct competition to Airfix. Age also plays an important part in making a model rare. knobby or smooth) besides the colour or material. Matchbox introduced the "Matchbox Collectibles" name to designate purpose-made collectible items. There were three main sets: M1, M2 and M3. Dinky collecting is centred around the UK and France, Corgi collecting in the UK, and Hot Wheels collecting in North America. Although small numbers of Super Kings and Yesteryears were released at times, no new castings were created. When a new model was released, an existing model was discontinued, its number being re-allocated. File: PX.dll could not be found during StartUp. The Matchbox name originated in 1953 as a brand name of the British die-casting company Lesney Products, whose reputation was moulded by[2] John W. "Jack" Odell (1920–2007),[3] Leslie Charles Smith (1918–2005),[4] and Rodney Smith. The Matchbox kits had a distinctive appearance, the parts in each kit were produced in two or three colours compared to the single colour plastic of Airfix. This model, too, was produced in a blue and white Aral version for Germany. Matchbox Music P.R is a U.K music promotion company and record label ( Matchbox Recordings LTD) that specialises in artist and label services including Radio Plugging, Club DJ promotion, Dance Remixes, Online Viral Music P.R, TV Adverts, Live Radio interviews and a COMPLETE MUSIC RELEASE AND PROMOTION SERVICE. The Matchbox brand had become the most widely collected of all die-cast toy lines (see below, "Matchbox collectors"). It appeared that the classic brand, once saved by Matchbox, would be allowed by Mattel to languish or die once again. There were fears that Mattel would either impose a Hot Wheels-style philosophy on the Matchbox line, or actually fold the Matchbox line into the Hot Wheels series. The most common three types are changes in the materials used, in the dies, or in the colour scheme. has yet to be estimated by Alexa in terms of traffic and rank. However, to be valuable, the condition must be original; repainting or repairing a model reduces its value greatly, even if the final result can be impressive. No further investment in dies or tooling was made. Revell has confirmed that it will be re-releasing the much sought after 1:32 scale Spitfire Mk. The Matchbox model kit moulds were acquired in the early 1990s by Revell Germany,[citation needed] which continues to sporadically re-issue the old Matchbox kits, now under the Revell label. However, as the "box" concept is tremendously important for the brand Matchbox, the presence of a box usually affects the value of a model significantly more than does a blister pack. Small plastic pins could be attached to the underside of Matchbox vehicles which would pass through the slot in the track and engage with the spring, allowing the vehicles to be pulled along. The market expanded rapidly, leading to increased licensing as well as the development of models no longer aimed at all at the children's toy market, but rather at the higher-margin "premium" segment. For example, this could occur if the mold (die) broke, or if the model proved to be unpopular and was replaced very quickly, creating a situation in which "normal" numbers of the model never reached the market. By the 1960s, it was clear to Lesney that sales in certain already profitable markets might be increased by providing the markets with models "of their own". Especially in cases where e.g. The numbering conventions are listed in the Series Overview section below. Each also expanded to some extent into the others' territory, though this never seemed to seriously affect the sales of any brand's core series. Dies were imported to Shanghai from Macau until the early 1990s, when Macau finally ceased producing Matchbox toys. By this time, the average model in their collection featured plastic windows, interiors, tyres (often with separate disc wheels), and occasional accessories; spring suspensions; opening parts; and was about 3" (7 cm) long. [6] The US range was again increased from 75 to 100 models for 2008,[6] and then further expanded to 120 models for 2012 and then to 125 in 2016. Matchbox Music P.R is a U.K music promotion company and record label ( Matchbox Recordings LTD) that specialises in artist and label services including Radio Plugging, Club DJ promotion, Dance Remixes, Online Viral Music P.R, TV Adverts, Live Radio interviews and a COMPLETE MUSIC RELEASE AND PROMOTION SERVICE.

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