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Duration: #time sec, Activates when the combat state continues for 5 sec. Lv. Learn how your comment data is processed. Restores 23% of Max HP every 1 sec for 3 sec when HP falls below 15%. 5. Who can you link with? Royal Knights: Summon the honorable guardians who protect the Queen of the Elves. 1 – Wild Rage +5%, +10%, +15% Damage (Demon Avenger). @ice: Thanks for mentioning about Shade’s Link Skill Close Call. Best Skill link? I’m a bit confused on one thing. 1) Demonio Vengador save hide report. Dark knight can easily still get to 100% crit rate even without the current hyper skill upgrade. [NX Items]. Is this used to be like this? Attacks against weaker opponents deal +3% damage. If i want to make my Xenon a main char, which other chars should i train to link with him ? @Sajius: Thanks for the notice! Good Mobbing? I have no idea why the link skill still shows as level 1 in both the level 70 and level 120 cases.) If you try to link job of the same type/kind (e.g. ***. (The Cygnus Knights and Resistance link skills aren’t alphabetical, either.). Duration: #time sec, Upon debuffing an enemy, Damage: +3%. is the new aran link skill worth taking for leveling? +10% EXP from monsters. What I will say below is based on MapleStorySEA. Thx for the reply, 2 Explorer – Bowman = Bowmaster, Marksman, and Pathfinder. Good Bossing? However, Jett can’t actually link it’s link skill until level 70. – Good skill for bossing when used with Phantom Blow. Do i just have to unlink the link skills? MapleStory Dark Knight Skill Build Guide Warrior can advanced as Hero, Paladin or Dark Knight. The first revamp was for Soul Master, Wind Breaker and Striker. Level 1: +10% Max HP. if i have 80% buff dura, it will become 14 sec invincible? @ayumi thanks for the reply.. actually i was thinking of making a few of the link skill characters on top of the KoC blessing thing .. cause i read around and youtube .. plus also spending a whole lot of time reading your page for getting free damage.. so.. lol. Note: For Angelic Buster link, the 60/90/120% is for the Angelic Buster. I wasn’t paying attention to my other character, but I realized I had the lvl 2 link skill and I was lvl 103 or so….. Hi,i play Maplesea and i just got my demon avenger to lvl 100 for 4th job,my link skill supposed to be at lvl 2 but how come it remained at lvl 1? I’d like to stress that due to reboot’s basic skill “increase damage by 1% every 2 levels”, For example, I am trying to reach 100% Crit Chance, I try to get as many %Crit Chance Link Skills to help me reach that goal. You can’t transfer skills if Demon Slayer is your only character within the world (e.g. Would it be okay if you changed those and re-alphabetized them to make the link skills easier to find? 6 stacks maximum for 6% Damage. Level 2: Increases damage by 15% when attacking a boss monster. – Decent, the illusions can fire arrows while you’re attacking mobs. 2) NOTE: Revamped Knights of Cygnus refer to Soul Master, Wind Breaker, Striker, Flame Wizard and Night Walker ONLY. 2. @ZXC : You can buy character slots for free. If you use the skill continuously, you can activate the chain attacks. Elluel is a secret hideout accessible by Mercedes only. During this skill, all skills except for Thunder can be linked. If Aran level 200 it’s Level 2, but for level 3 link skill Aran needs to be Level 210. The skill won’t improve your mobbing by a lot if you can already 1 shot. You can throw it in 4 different directions by using this skill with the arrow keys. 3. Good Mobbing? The Link Skill character and the receiving character must be on the same server owned by the same account. This was implemented in the Dawnveil patch iirc. If I’m in Arcania, can i link with another one of my chars in Arcania only? Good Mobbing? Level 3: Knockback Resistance Chance: +100%. Wikis. You can only switch to different character once per day. Max number of stacks: 6 times, Duration: 5 sec, Damage per stack: +2%, STR +#_strS, DEX +#_dexS, INT +#_intS, LUK +#_lukS, Weapon ATT +#_padS, Magic ATT +#_madS, Returns you to Elluel (Cooldown: #cooltime sec), Returns you to Elluel (Cooldown: 1800 sec), Knockback Resistance Chance: +#indieStance%, Duration: #time sec. Level 1: +10% Critical Rate. – Yes, illusions will increase survivability and DPS which Bowmasters need. Link Skills mostly come as passives but there are a few Active Link Skills too, Once a character reaches Level 70, they can share their Link Skill with another character. Good Mobbing? This is my answer, based on MapleStorySEA, as a MapleStorySEA (MapleStory South-East Asia) player. ***Cannon Shooter’s level 2 link skil when Cannon Shooter is level 120: +25 stats AND +10% HP/MP in total***. Not sure if the other servers have this buff. Hi Random Guy, it should stack if both jobs are not the same kind (unique jobs). @ISLE. @chriss: Which region are you playing from? Tap your noble spirit to protect your charges … cause empress blessings is bassed to these worlds. (Since you get that automatically always. i did see u mentioning u can change link once per day. You can use approaching Supply Boxes by pressing the up arrow key on it. A character can receive a maximum of 12 link skill buffs from other characters at once and will get the buff from its own link skill. If you complete Chapter 8 quest, the link skill level automatically skips level 4 requirement, which means it levels from 3 to 5. Maplestory – Best Link Skills Guide & All Link Skills List. (max level: 25). share. Kindly inform if I missed anything so I can update the guide above. It randomly places relics that will deal continuous damage for a few seconds. As a secondary, Dark Knights can Iron Chains For more information about Dark Knight check … – Not bad since it’s a Passive skill that will help you clear a little faster. @Elkian: Thanks for the correction on Angelic Buster Link Skill. Kanna + Luminous + Flame Wizard. Can anyone clarify? As long as they are different jobs (Demon Avenger and Demon Slayer are different) but only one. they are the same except for the possibility of wild rage being able to increase past 10% to 15% so should that not make it ahead of kanna?… also for specifically bossing should demon slayer be above both of them since even at level 70 it has higher than the demon avenger at 70 and the kanna at 120?.. –combined– Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Level 3: Boss damage +10%, Critical rate +10% and MaxHP MaxMP +5%. IMPORTANT NOTE:***Please kindly refer to the link skills of Beast Tamer, Kinesis and Blaster. 9 – Noble Fire +2% Boss Damage & +1% Damage per party member up to 4%, +4% Boss Damage & +2% Damage per party member up to 8% (Adele). Training a bunch of characters to gain their link skills is a great method to improve your account and main character as well as help you train other ones. 3) Xenon @MrJuker: The guide above lists all the link skills available in the game. Effects are reduced when used as a link skill. Can stack up to 3 times for each unique Explorer Thief class character, Useful for INCREASING DAMAGE for CLASSES WITH DEBUFFS, Useful for INCREASING DAMAGE and TRAINING characters pre-200 because of increased SURVIVABILITY, The stats change every day, there are items dropped from monsters or from the Cash Shop that help you reroll the stats. Good Mobbing? Increases the duration of all liberated Runes by intensifying their mana. The more enemies and objects that are pulled, the frequency and damage will be increased.If the enemy hit by the first attack dies or disappears, a gravity orb will appear which fulfills the same law. I hate to be a debby downer, [UPDATE 2013-NOV-28] It seems that GMS players found that there is a limit of 12 link skills that you can linked to 1 character. @Ayumi2: MapleStory design the link system in such that it can only be used by 1 character only at any point of time. Thank you.) Good Bossing? Sage Teachings: Heaven Earth Human Apparition: Master your tactical arts, creating a special clone that links attributes. Might run into trouble charging the skill. Zen + Cannon Shooter + Viper, Alliance? I think you should update this page because of the new level 3 link skills coming out in the upcoming GMS update. @Fiava: Probably your current MapleStory server has not updated Hayato Link Skill to have Level 2. At level 200 with average gear on my NWalker, I’m sitting at 172% bonus damage. @Ciao: Many characters in Reboot now have very high damage %. As to your 2nd last comment Ayumi, the limit is shown when you open the link manager on any character. (max level: 25). Level 1: Fatal Attack Survival Chance: 5% – Yes, the skill is great when combined with infinity and allows you to clear maps easily. Unfortunately, you can’t link Kaiser to itself. Demon Bane: Erupt with a powerful force to destroy enemies. Link Skills grow stronger at Level 120 (Skill Level 2) and most grow stronger again at Level 210 (Skill Level 3). Level 3: +20% Max HP. 6 – Focus Spirit +4%, +7%, +10% Boss Damage/+4%, +7%, +10% Critical Rate/+3%, +4%, +5% Max HP & MP (Beast Tamer). Please decide the order for the Kaiser and Cannon Shooter(stated in the order below, with asterisks “*”s) link skills: @Moosers: Thanks for spotting the mistake. & Is there anything that needs to be updated? You can activate this skill while using Trinity. For Dark Knight, Demon Avenger, and a Phantom which has stolen the 3rd job skill Cross Over Chain from Dark Knight, do REMEMBER to include Kaiser’s level 2 link skill: Required: level 120 Soul Master + level 120 Flame Wizard + level 120 Night Walker + level 120 Wind Breaker + level 120 Striker) You will not take damage for 4 sec after being revived. :), @all: Skill Update Later on, monsters and bosses negate a lot of damage if you don’t have enough ignore enemy defense. Trinity Fusion: Eskada’s concentrated power is fired all at once. Hello Ayumi, if i delete the character after i linked the skill, does the linked skill still to the other character? The rest will have only link skill level 1. – Yes, will stack on its own while you use other skills. Hi Isaac, you get Level 2 Link Skill at Level 120, not Level 100. Phantom 1 -> link skill -> wild hunter (max level: 25). The 12th link skill to train for such jobs will be the ELEMENTAL AND STATUS % RESISTANCE link skill from revamped Knights of Cygnus You will not take damage for 3/6 sec after being revived. Restores 32% of Max HP every 1 sec for 3 sec, Automatically activates when your health falls to 15% of your Max HP or below. (required skill: level 30 Circle of Mana IV) (max level: 25). (max level: 25). Each of these selected characters can give their link to skill to only 1 character and that receiver can receive many link skills. If you use it again, it will be deactivated. Currently, I have around 7 link skills and 6 more to reach above the cap limit :D Does MSEA have this 12 limit link skills? 3) 12 is the limit of Link Skills that any one character can obtain. Question: even though the levels for job advancements have been reduced, I’ve heard that some of the link skills for certain classes (Kanna and Mihile in particular) will remain at 120. Duration: 10 sec, Upon debuffing an enemy, Damage: +6%. Can i know what level would be for Zero for link skill Lv.5?Thanks. Or is it unlocked and available to xfer at 60 and 100? – Decent, looks super flashy and can be used while moving. Level 2: Critical Damage +4%. The second revamp was for Flame Wizard and Night Walker. Darkness Aura: Boost your combat instincts, draining nearby enemies of their life force while growing your dark aura. 3: 10% boss damage, 10% critical rate and 5% maxHP and MP,, @Ice Lover: Thanks for the news! Del mismo modo, no existen algunos trabajos como Kinesis, Blaster y Bestia Tamer en MapleStorySEA embargo, por Asiasoft. One character can only have a max of 12 Link Skills, excluding their own. ***. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. For me, I made all of them and helps improve your base damage by 25-40%. 32 comments. Luminous, Kanna, Kinesis, Battlemage). 6) Zen Hi ayumilovemaple.

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