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How do you make a living as a painter? If I can't make a living at painting, at least I can teach someone else to paint. make a living. We make a living by what we get,but we make a life by what we give. Make-a-living sentence examples They are not allowed to prescribe, nor the medical men to dispense, except under special licence, and then only in small villages, where the pharmacist could not make a living. Looking for sentences with " make a living "? 4. Here are some examples. 2. Some auction regulars make a living buying and reselling the goods. How to use make a living in a sentence. 3. 5. Make a living in a sentence 1. Tom Holt can crochet beautifully, but he can't make a living for his family. It's not a very secure way to make a living. I can make a living for myself and my small family, and we do not hanker after riches.

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