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Once through the gate, you're already at the Pumpkin Festival. But there are also events you won't like to miss: giant pumpkin carving, pumpkin regatta, smashing pumpkins, etc. Amazing Palace. You'll reach the Palace ticket booth of Blühendes Barock and the Pumpkin Festival. The pumpkin chefs are happy to swing their wooden spoons to ensure that even this huge amount of soup will taste delicious. Photo about Ludwigsburg, Germany-October 16, 2016: The world’s largest pumpkin festival at the Ludwigsburg Palace. This post reveals a host of great ideas beyond pies, soup and Halloween carvings. I know I did when I first saw it. If your plan is to put the festival into Google Maps and drive right up to the door, you will be disappointed. I don’t mind squash (soup, stuffing for pasta etc. This way, the Pumpkin Festival at Blühendes Barock in Ludwigsburg can once again do a good deed: for every dish of the record-breaking soup sold, we will donate up to 1 Euro to the Helferherz campaign in the district of Ludwigsburg! We have been presenting "Smashing Pumpkins" for many years and all growers have received their seeds. Please check with the railway for train schedules. The festival is open daily from 9:00 to 8:30 pm. Europe's number one! Manicured gardens, a beautiful rose garden and pool perfectly complement this ornate baroque building. See what these colossal pumpkins look like from the inside out, when the growers cut open their own gourds to harvest the seeds for next year. And now you have an excuse to visit Stuttgart. There are over 500 species of pumpkins displayed here. Well, it’s original! I took a small sip, ready to spit it out. Travel by bus on the Ludwigsburg Omnibus network to Favoritepark. All visitors to the Pumpkin Festival on these days will be encouraged to show their creative side. Not only are the pumpkins and dinosaurs fun to look at but what a beautiful location! Sounds like a great family day off. As soon as you make it in, head over to the palace gardens to see their contest pumpkins, which I promise will be the largest pumpkins you will ever see! Any use not permitted by German copyright and ancillary copyright law requires the prior written consent of the Provider or the respective copyright owners. This event also offers visitors the opportunity to collect seeds from the giant pumpkins. Pumpkin Regatta 4th Place:          50 Euros, Men (Pumpkin canoes will be made available by the organizers) 1. Since both are usually very liberally shared in the circle of pumpkin growers, the growers have been able to reach this goal. Having never been to a pumpkin festival and not really wanting to go, I thought it sounded cheesy and something just for kids.

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