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another Salman Khan’s one of the best hilarious pieces that can make you laugh No matter what role he plays, he nail them. Why only November, the actors…, A good laugh heals a lot of hurt. The dialogue from 90’hit movie Raja Babu is one of the most used funniest dialogues amongst all the generations. Why “Welcome” is a big hit, probably he is one of the major reason behind. These could make your next dumb charades game more fun! We still can’t get over Babu Rao. Bollywood Industry has created these unconventional characters. “Saala, main bhi pheku aur yeh bhi pheku. We give you a list of twelve unconventional monikers imbibed by Bollywood in Hindi films over the years. Unlike other Comic lead characters, Chacha Chaudhary is an old man. This film is a family entertainer which revolves around a royal marriage and quirky characters, who are hilariously trapped in their own tragedies. The all time hit Andaz Apna Apna not only gives you a good laughter doze but also a super-villain, Crime Master Gogo. I like the blog it reminds me of the glorious days of my childhood… 2020 However, he got fame with his peculiar characters and his funny dialogues that Whether it is a serious Majnu Bhai, though boss and stone hearted when in rage, is sweet and loving when comes romance. The dialogue is ideal for fun games like the whisper challenge. The actor has many dialogues in his kitty that are enough to tickle your funny bones. Chopsticks was released in May, 2019. The land lord with crazy tenants, manages to make his living in way that not only makes you roll on floor laughing but also do a comedy worth watching with family members. Though Vimla (Ketki Dave), wife of Appu Khotey, shared equal credits when it comes to make us laugh out louder. Billoo has a pet pup named Moti and has a gang of friends which include Gadbu, Jozi, Monu and Bishamber. He was created by Anupam Sinha as Super Commando Dhruv, with his original name being Dhruv Mehra. Nagraj has numerous powers as snake bite, snake spit, venomous breath, super human strength and instant healing powers. Mad in Asin’s love, Akshay promises to clear all test, even his blood test also.. Can’t stop laughing! Yeh haath hai ki hathoda … kido ki basti mein kaun aa gaya makoda. Actors like Akshay Kumar, Paresh Rawal, and Nana Patekar are known for great comic timings. laughter. The dialogue became instantly The dialogue caught much attention and is one of the famous dialogues for whisper challenge. Chacha Chaudhary is accompanied by Sabu, a 15 feet tall unearthly character from planet Jupiter. This is yet another famous funny dialogue from the movie Welcome Back.

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