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Use your second folded paper to form the crossguard (the piece that protects the hand and separates the blade from the hilt), securing it to the stiffened blade/hilt. We started with sword fighting and an archery demonstration, held our own joust using Hop! We've got all sorts of ideas in this Medieval Knights theme, including instructions for making your very own knight costume, shields and swords, all sorts of knight printables, some fantastic knights colouring pages, and lots more... All good knights need a fort or castle! Worksheet 1: Knights and Castles Crossword. In this book, we read about the feudal system and the Dark Ages and the influence of the church, and we read about what life was like for a typical peasant or nobleman. Frizzle’s Adventures: Medieval Castle (Cole) and Adventures in the Middle Ages (Bailey). balls (with horse heads attached!) As an unexpected grand finale to our unit, I found out about a free Renaissance Faire hosted nearby by the Society for Creative Anachronism the weekend we would be wrapping up our studies. Teach your KS1 children all about castles and knights with our excellent teaching resources. Our party featured three elements: castle tours, in which each child showed the castle they had created and pointed out any interesting features; castle reports, in which my older two children read short reports they had written about what they had learned; and the tournament. Hodges has a bit more gruesome descriptions and more frequent deaths–as well as a few romantic encounters that I censored while reading–but Calcutt’s tale also includes quite a bit of sword fighting and several deaths. Study Ideas | Activities | Homeschooling | Educational | Knights | Printables | Learning | Unit Studies | Crafts | Castles, So… with Christmas over.. and our house sprinkled with new toys and empty boxes it is definitely time to think frugal crafts – how can we upcycle our cardboard boxes? Highlights for the kids were making working portcullises and drawbridges and adding details like garderobes and wells. ... COGNITIVE ACTIVITIES. Creative Learning} by Stacey. While the child is wearing their tube-helmet, mark any place you will want to cut (their eyes, and possibly their nose, mouth, or ears). Remove the helmet and make the appropriate cuts. Knights and Castles. The children, however, have been reading so many greatContinue Reading. Our read-aloud stories–featuring King Arthur and Robin Hood–are listed and described at the very bottom of the post, below the reference list.). While the former had more pictures, I found the latter to be the more engaging and complete-feeling set of stories. Children pick cards and search for the elements in the scene. All rights reserved. We have three levels of the maze to suit all ages... Use knights as an excuse to practise handwriting - why not? Knights and princesses hunt and seek (Open knights and princesses - hunt and seek) Print and laminate. First, we made our own helmets and swords from paper, basing the helmet designs on actual photographs of helmets (though we were limited by the range of our hole punch!). We worked hard to prepare, and the learning party was probably the highlight of the experience for the kids. {Simple Living. Become a Member to access 37,013 printables! Hop on over to download my free Knight Unit Study to use in your learning adventure. Castle building took us a lot of time. The helmets are formed from a paper tube fitted around the child’s head (using staples or tape to secure it at the right size) plus a paper headband-type strip across the top to keep it from slipping down to the child’s shoulders. Choose from thousands of high quality printables exclusively for our Members, who also enjoy an ad-free website! Though it was a small affair, the kids were able to see plenty of period costumes; try on gauntlets, chainmail, and a 400-year-old helmet; witness (and try) some Medieval dancing; watch some sword fighting by folks with various types of weapons and armor; see a blacksmith demonstrate how to make an iron chain; card and spin wool to make their own small piece of yarn…  It was an awesome capstone experience! Since we already had a basic introduction to castles, we dove right into this topic by reading David Macaulay’s Castle. Goober made sure to include a walled dry moat, and that sticker on the tower is a sparkly oval with a cross cutout, meant to represent a chapel window. Since my kids hadn’t heard the stories of King Arthur or Robin Hood, I thought those would be great places to start. Why not make one at home with blankets, sheets and furniture, or transform an existing indoor or outdoor playhouse (or tree house) with flags and bunting. We just finished an awesome six weeks of studying some really cool topics that my kids wanted to learn more about. They will learn about specific castles in Britain and all the different parts to a castle with our PowerPoints and labelling activities. Professional Castles and Knights teaching resources. The coats of arms were featured on our cardboard shields (made with one cereal-box-sized piece of cardboard with a loop of cardboard attached to the back for a handle) and also drawn onto a paper tabard to accompany our paper helmet and sword. We also read Robin Hood as retold by David Calcutt, which the kids and I really loved. We started by getting a bit of context, learning about the Middle Ages in general. Still, Peatie made sure to include a garderobe (I opend the box on top so you can see the hole, which connects to a tube that emptied into a cesspit out back), and that funnel-on-a-cup that you see was intended to be a rainwater capture system and cistern. We've got... Help the knight rescue the pretty princess! and paper lances (two pieces of legal-sized paper overlapped and rolled), and finished with a carousel to show our horsemanship. (We happened to score an unwanted box of old tractor-feed printer paper from a local school!). Books were a big part of our study, though I tried to include as much hands-on as I possibly could. The kids had fun drawing their own Medieval map, an idea they thought of before the book even suggested it. Copyright © 2000 - 2020 Activity Village. Castles and Knights Word Maps Castles and Knights Coloring Sheets Label a Knight Worksheet Castles Activity Pack. The perfect supplement to any knight unit study! I selected some read-aloud stories to go along with our study, too. Today I thought I’d share the fun we had studying knights and castles. Of these three elements, you can probably guess that my kids’ favorite part was the tournament. ( Log Out /  Tuck in the ends of one folded paper to form the points of the sword and secure with tape or a staple. Thankfully the kids were so excited by this process that they gladly worked on it a little at a time for nearly two weeks. You may also want to ask parents to loan some. One thing I have wanted to make for ages for Red Ted […], All About Knights - Brandenburg Studies | CurrClick. I had read that King Arthur tales retold by Margaret Hodges were good for early elementary, so I picked up both Merlin and the Making of the King and Of Swords and Sorcerers. As we studied this material, the kids grew increasingly determined to have a “learning party” to share their new knowledge with Daddy and Grandma and Grandpa. The kids were also excited to note that “Button You Must Wander”–a game they learned in choir, where children sitting in a circle pass a button while singing, and the child in the middle opens his/her eyes at the end of the song and guesses who has the button (this lady sings it, in case you want to try! Activities teaching resources for Key Stage 1 - Year 1, Year 2. Created for teachers, by teachers! Create your own finger tracing worksheets for your child's name! Reviews, giveaways, and homeschool ideas! Is your child learning about the Medieval times? What can we make from all the big cardboard boxes in our house? Needless to say, I jumped at that opportunity–and I’m so glad I did. We read through a National Geographic book entitled How To Be a Medieval Knight and enjoyed the pictures of real people photographed in various roles in Laura Durman’s Knights book. They are easy to find at your local library.

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