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I was wondering if it is fine to drink it within only several days of making it and if so how does it taste? Relying on two of the region's finest ingredients, sugercane rum and 100% Arabica coffee - the resulting flavour is as rich as it is distinct. Using cheese cloth, strain into sterile bottles. Sort of a White Russian but with chocolate liqueur instead of Kahlua. There's the steeping method, in which you keep coffee, sugar and vanilla beans in a jar with vodka for three days to three weeks. 2/3 cup “Yuban” instant coffee or any really dark instant coffee The combination of sugar, coffee, vanilla, and vodka is what makes this the best Kahlua recipe. I also like to add a touch of half and half to it and maybe even some vodka. You can certainly tell from a taste after adding everything together if it will be strong enough. Oh and if giving as gifts I would definitely strain it first otherwise they would have one wants work with their Christmas gift. Let me know your thoughts. I've been looking for this recipe for a long time! But for me the rule is YOUR taste...if you think it needs more add some. The authentic Kahlua recipe is time-consuming, labor-intensive, and why Kahlua is expensive to buy. The longer it ages, the thicker and more syrupy it gets. Good luck...and let me know! I shall now gift them their beans too! I am also considering going a different route than vodka, because that is what my vanilla is in. I am making vanilla extract this year to give out as Christmas presents. It’s been fun to make the gifts and everyone on our lists has had so much fun trying to guess what we’re going to make next! And the directions indicate 'split' which means you do want to split them open lengthwise to release those little beans inside. By dried espresso do you mean unused espresso grounds? I would just tie the bean around the top of the bottle with some raffia or other rustic ribbon and include a card for it's use. Hello! A few years ago, we decided to focus on handmade holiday gifts for all of our family members. I can definitely taste a difference - Costco is smoother and I believe the taste has improved. Nice post. I've not had mine go bad and I just used some yesterday that has been kept in a cool place but not the fridge; it was made in December. Please use the above information as only a small part of what helps you decide what foods are nourishing for you. Just brew up some decaf coffee, and use that to make your kahlúa. Serve. Just pour it into bottles and dress it up with pretty ribbons. ), thirsty thursday : how to make french press coffee. I saw that your recipe had a yield of 8, but I wasn't sure what that 8 represents (servings, bottles, etc.) Yes. The only question is how thick should it be? If it were me John I would strain out those bits now...if indeed any is burnt that would avoid having that burnt taste affect any of your product. It is not necessary to refrigerate homemade Kahlua. Age for 3-4 weeks in a cool, dark location; stirring once or twice a week. Pour over ice, and add your favorite. Hmm. Hello again! This year I'm thinking it will be wine new favorite thing to make and give as gifts. The thing is that I bought a ton of white wine vinegar and I don't want to put the herbed vinegar back into the bottles. Vanilla Beans are very expensive. I thought it could hold up well to some coffee liqueur and I still have some of my stash I made last […], [...] friends and family that holiday gift giving has been made much easier. I love making homemade liqueurs; they're easy and so rewarding. I’m Barbara Kiebel, the cook, photographer, author, and everyday eater at Creative Culinary. I’ve made Limoncello and it’s the most time consuming because it consists of lemon rinds for the flavor; fun to make but not nearly as easy as my other favorites, including this coffee liqueur. You also might think that Kahlua is made in the Middle East because the name Kahlua comes from the word kahwa, which is an Arabic slang word for coffee. Hi there. Please explain to me exactly how I would use this in place of your ground up espresso. JUST KEEP IT IN THE FRIDGE AND SHAKE IT UP EACH TIME----I LIKE HAVING SOME HEAVY CREAM HANDY ALSO FOR PEOPLE WHO WANT TO ADD IT---ITS SO MUCH FUN MAKING YOUR OWN CONCOCTIONS AND GIVING THEM TO FRIENDS AND FAMILY AS GIFTS ----HEY!

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