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All prices apply per entry submitted and do not include the applicable statutory VAT. Check out the top 10 entries from 2017 and be inspired! He was awarded an MBE for services to Architecture in 2017 and the studio were named »Architects of the Year« by the German Design Council in 2018. aed e.V., Association for the Promotion of Architecture, Engineering & Design. Jennifer Kirby | Steelcase | Washington D.C. Recognition as a semifinalist in select Steelcase marketing. The reasoned interplay between space, graphics, light and digital media determines the convincing overall statement of architecture, museums and brand environments. Housing four significant museum collections under one roof, the Pinakothek der Moderne is one of the world’s largest spaces for the art, architecture, and design of the 20th and 21st centuries. Funds will be released after a thorough review of the firm’s financial situation.The application must be filed no later than 30 April 2020 (the date of receipt by the German Design Council is what counts in this regard).You can download the application form at Winners are portrayed in our ICONIC Magazine and presented online in the ICONIC DIRECTORY. 1ST floor ACAD Welcome to Asia’s leading design competition! He heads up its architecture division. MUSE Interior Design Awards. Closed. Architecture, Photo by: JGMA, photo 21 only by Mark Ballog, courtesy of JGMA, Photo by: 22 by Angel Gil, 23 by Mika Huisman, 24 by Tuomas Uusheimo, courtesy of JKMM Architects, CHANGJIANG INSUN CINEMA AT XIAN LA BOTANICA CAPITALAND MALL, Photo by: Jonathan Leijonhufvud Architectural Photography, courtesy of One Plus Partnership Limited, One Plus Partnership Limited, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Photo by: Federico Kulekdjian, courtesy of Hitzig Militello architects, Hitzig Militello architects, Buenos Aires, Argentina and Miami, Florida. After working as a freelancer in the area of design communication for national and international clients, he was appointed as the managing director of the Deutscher Werkbund Hessen (German Association of Craftsmen in the federal state of Hesse) as well as the managing director of Design Zentrum Hessen (Hesse Design Centre), where he was responsible for the strategic reorientation of design promotion. Werner Sobek is an architect and consultant engineer. GSYSB has created storytelling through textiles and drawings. We received more than 2,800 designs from all over the world. To participate, email us at, For more information on the competition, please review information from last year’s competition at Since 2005 he has been employed at the internationally acclaimed ATELIER BRÜCKNER in Stuttgart, and has been an associate there since 2012. Please note: Participation in the competition and a possible award are subject to fees. The prerequisite for support is an annual turnover of up to EUR 50,000 in the last two years. As Silvia Olp Public Relations, she is active as a consultant for PR and marketing activities of design-oriented industry as well as design agencies and architectural offices. – use of the »Best of Best«-label for your communications, – two personalised winner documents, one in a high-quality frame, – two-page entry in the catalogue, one specimen copy of the catalogue per entrant, – Exclusive public relations communications and social media coverage in relation to the competition. The German Design Coun­cil offers all small businesses and start-ups the opportunity to be exempted from the pos­si­ble winning fees by means of a funding ap­pli­cation. facades, doors, sanitary objects and building technology. Site Plan ACAD, (NEW) 2020 Contest Background and Judging Criteria, Chloe Cudney | Kansas State University; Professor: Michelle Wempe, Rachel Bahr | University of Minnesota; Professor: Genell Ebbini | View work, Hannah Gilbertson | George Washington University; Professor: Austin Raimond | View work, Sean Guirey | Kendall College of Art and Design; Professor: Dustin Altschul | View work, Reid Thornburg | Kansas State University; Professor: Michelle Wempe | View work, Greta Anderson | University of Minnesota; Professor: Nada Sarraf-Knowles, Madelyn Holliday | Virginia Tech; Professor: Lisa Tucker, Delaney Leach | Virginia Tech; Professor: Lisa Tucker, Viviana Quintero | California State University Long Beach; Professor: Von Dominguez, Jessica Seraphin | University of Florida; Professor: Jason Meneely, Monika Avery | S/L/A/M Collaborative | Glastonbury, CT

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