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They were right. Why? However, I can buy myself weekend hair and I am…hair for it. This has turned into a review website. Lots of the pics had people wearing side bangs so that makes sense but I like straight bangs so, I might have to learn to cut them. But I’m going to give it a solid six months before I buy fake hair again, so Mr. Selfie doesn’t murder me. I have my eyes on that Ariana pony to wear for a Jasmine bound next fall. I don’t care what Rachel^ says, this damn ponytail brings so much joy. My hair is so thick and I don’t have salon-quality hair bands, so it’s hard for me to form a high and tight pony.
Would you try some crazy colored hair extensions? I was color matched to black-brown and it’s a near-perfect shade for me, though I probably could’ve gotten away with jet black. It’s free and the team is there to help you.

Insert Name Here Brewery, Fort William, Highland. Because I like a 30-second payoff and clip-ins require you to curl and blend. Note: Some featured photos are from Unsplash or retailer websites. Miya is applied with a clip and velcro. Insert Name Here Hair is worth the hype. And because my IG ads come directly from brainwaves, I started seeing ads for the brand Insert Name Here. Miss Tennesee USA Justice Hope Enlow is Using Her Sash to Fight Endometriosis. The LadyCode Blog | Women's Beauty, Lifestyle and Fashion Blog, Created by blogger Lisa Opie, Lady Code is Miami's best blog from women bringing you the latest news in beauty & fashion worldwide. It’s also real hair and also, there are always discount codes because influencers have codes and then, signing up for their email list, you can get codes that way too.^^. I wasn’t able to find a picture of me wearing it, alas. The jaw clip is best for those with thinner/shorter hair, while the hairpiece and clips are best for those with thicker/longer hair. ), so, Save for later! What I liked about their website versus the tons of other ones, is that they don’t just have clip-in extensions where as of right this second aren’t my thing. And the grow out - because having bangs during a Texas summer is a hard “nah, dawg” for me, is the everloving worst for me and my genetically-derived widow’s peak. The ponytail attaches with a clip, and then a tail to wrap around the base of your ponytail to hide the clip and wrap. I like them just fine and for the price (also, I won a giftcard for Amazon), I’m not mad that I have it and I do use it. Purchase Again? So my roots are darker than the bangs but my hair, in general matches which works out just fine when I wear these in a bun so, phew. These are my honest opinions on INH Hair products, specifically their ponytail clip-in extensions. Hmm. The waves are so cute and the volume is major. Vienna Prom Try On and Review for Queenly! The ponytail is really heavy so it’s about making sure it’s secured in a comfortable way, in order for all day or all night wear.

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