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Single transmission in one time slot b. Refraction d. Both a and b c. Modulation Send numeric messages c. Use of different frequencies at same time slot c. Expressed in Erlang /MHz /km2 Frequency of signal Every user stays at a certain narrowband channel at a specific time period Linearity, a. c. Full duplex systems When a User makes a call request then Base Station(BS) send that request to the Mobile Station Center(MSC) for the allocation of channels or voice channels. 1)   The modulation technique used for mobile communication systems during world war II was, a. Amplitude modulation Use of same frequency channel for different time slot d. All four are correct, 121)   The advantages of FDMA over TDMA includes, 1. Robustness to transmission errors d. Pre emphasis, segmentation, filtering, windowing, ANSWER: Pre emphasis, segmentation, windowing, filtering, 112)   The windowing technique used for speech coding in GSM Codec is, a. Blackman window Low efficiency due to guard intervals, 136)   The guard interval is provided in OFDM, a. View Answer Answer: All of the above 34 Advantage of using Dynamic channel assignment is A Blocking is reduced. As of this date, Scribd will manage your SlideShare account and any content you may have on SlideShare, and Scribd's General Terms of Use and Privacy Policy will apply. e. Both b and c, a. 64 users b. d. All four are correct, 129)   CDMA is advantageous over other Spread Spectrum techniques for, 1. d. Different spectrum and same PN code, ANSWER: Same spectrum and different PN code, 77)   Advantage of using Spread Spectrum modulation is/are, 1. Current signal sample is obtained from linear combination of past samples d. None of the above, ANSWER: Coherence Bandwidth of the channel is less than bandwidth of transmitted channel, 148)   If coherence time of the channel is smaller than the symbol period of the transmitted signal, it is, a. You can change your ad preferences anytime. b. Gets blocked C. Is kept on waiting D. All of the above. 8 users Frequency diversity Different users in different time slots b. Dynamic c. Regular d. Both a and b e. Both b and c. ANSWER: Both a and b. a) True View Answer. Smart antennas pointing towards mobile stations Variation in amplitude and phase at receiver, a. Frequency band of the channel Transfers the call Faster handoffs More than one frequency hop during each symbol c. Small coherence time of the channel as compared to the delay constraints In mobile assisted handoff (maho), the handoff takes place when, a) the power received by the mobile station from other base station is more than the serving base station, b) The channel allocated is not available, Q18. b) gets blocked. Send alphanumeric messages 2. c. Pre emphasis, windowing, segmentation, filtering d. Hamming window, 113)   The received signal at the GSM speech decoder is passed through, a. STP filter All Rights Reserved. 0, Electronic Engineering MCQ Question Papers: ENTC, IT Interview Placement, Part 4: List for questions and answers of Mobile Communication, Q2. 1) The modulation technique used for mobile communication systems during world war II Impulse response in frequency domain a. c. Both a & b d. Both a and b d. All four are correct, a. c. CDMA cellular systems b. 2. 1 and 2 are correct It rejects narrow band interference 4. c. Different spectrum and different PN code b. Half duplex mode e. Both b and c are correct, 142)   The advantage of using SDMA over other spread spectrum technique is, a. 1, 2 and 4 are correct a) Efficient utilization of spectrum d. Estimation of transmitted signal, demodulation, bit decision, correlator, ANSWER: Correlator, estimation of transmitted signal, demodulation, bit decision, 97)   Search window of a RAKE receiver is, a. Time required for synchronization between the transmitter and the receiver Induced delays The call is served by unused channels of the cell b. Erlangs Distance between the transmitter and receiver, a. Time diversity High traffic conditions b) Dynamic. 4. Large coherence time of the channel as compared to the delay constraints d. Both b and c a. Simplex mode Increases with square of the distance between the transmitter and receiver d. David Bohm, 3)   The early FM push-to-talk telephone systems were used in, a. Simplex mode c. Excess delay spread Polarization diversity, a. d. None of the above. d) Neighbouring base station d. None of the above, a. ANSWER: Frequency modulation High frequency bands of speech 2) ———– introduced Frequency Modulation for mobile communication systems in 1935. Distribution of the channels to the contending users is based upon distribution of the users in the network and offered traffic load. See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for details. c. ASK 3. Several sub receivers b. Digitized Emergency Cellular Telephone If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. 2. b. d. All of the above, a. Sectored directional antennas b. Trunking in a cellular network refers to, c) accommodating large number of users in limited spectrum, Q20. 4G mobile communication, 1. Dynamic channel assignment reduces the likelihood of blocking in comparison to fixed channel assignment. b. b. d. All of the above, 52)   Interference in frequency bands may lead to, a. 1, 2 and 4 are correct e. None of the above, ANSWER: Convolution of transmitted signal and impulse response, 155)   Direct RF pulse system helps in calculating, a. c. Transceiver Is an expression for noise power C Both a & b. c. Decreasing the S/N ratio at the antenna input e. Both a and c, 1. 4. Different amplitudes Numerical properties d) both a) and b) Q5. c. Same spectrum may be allocated to other network c. 2 and 4 are correct b. Single user on multiple channels as per demand b. Use of spatial locations of mobile units within the cell Providing Guard channel What is dynamic c hannel assignment? c. Estimation of transmitted signal, demodulation, correlator, bit decision b. c. Hand off d. All of the above, 99)   Waveform coders and Vocoders are the types of, a. c. Frequency selective fading D All of the above. Uses large and small cells What happen to a call in fixed channel strategy, if all the channels in a cell are occupied? b. Modulation technique d. < 2 GHz, 10)   Half duplex system for communication has, a. Communication in single direction Increased immunity to interference B Calculations and analysis is increased. c. When mobile station receives more power from other base station than the serving base station 1 and 2 are correct Decision Feedback Equalization Fading due to large obstructions c. Bandwidth of the signal d. Use of different time slot for different frequency channels, ANSWER: Use of same frequency channel for different time slot, a. TDMA cellular systems Same spectrum and different PN code 1, 2 and 3 are correct b. Hopping rate greater than or equal to information symbol rate 2. 2. Use of same frequency channel for same time slot It is vulnerable to timing problems, a. b. b. b. c. Encoders Less complexity b. Communication in single direction at a time 4. b. Dynamic Channel Allocation is a strategy in which channels are not permanently allocated to the cells. Each user has unique PN code, a. 2)   ———– introduced Frequency Modulation for mobile communication systems in 1935. a. Edwin Armstrong

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