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If you go into the Word version of the song, you can change the Landscape from Portrait to Landscape and then change them over. Even though it's still hard, with questions that arise, Every day, I will say: I'll have faith like brother Joseph and the strength of the pioneers. I love your flip charts. Enjoy! Both of those charts are already made. I just posted the He is the Gift by Shauna Edwards. I will really appreciate very much!! Both songs are by Blake Gillette. Happy Singing! I absolutely love your flip charts. I’m the Primary chorister for the Ottawa, Kansas Ward. Thank you so much. Do do perhaps have a flipchart for Hymn 304 – Teach me to Walk in the Light. Thank you for the flipcharts, I am in the Geneva Switzerland stake but my ward is Annemasse in France. Do you happen to have a flip chart for the second verse of “A Place in His Arms” that I can download? I often think about how I was Thank you so much for your unselfish service. Kathy- That chart is complete and in the New Arrivals Section. Have you done a flip chart for Blake Gillette’s new Christmas song I am so happy to hear that this site can help you! The other is for the song ‘We will Choose Him Again’, by Shauna Edwards, published this year. I had been jazzing up Janice Kapp Perry's "Army of Helaman" in Primary for a while and by sheer Yes that is on the website. Sign up for our mailing list to receive new product alerts, special offers, and coupon codes. ... Hi, I was wondering if you could do a flip chart for I will believe what I believe and In My Father’s hands. Thanks SO much for the time you take to do this!! Yes I will get this done in the next few days! # 191 Behold the great Redeemer die The fastest way to download the songs is through the Alphabetical search. It’s beautiful. This is my contribution to your primary children.) A different language shows on your link here. These are amazing!! That flip chart is ready for you. I am so happy to have found your site. Please email me at I am the 2nd counseleor and music leader in the Hatch, Utah Ward. LDS.ORG and Children’s Friend Christmas Songs, Christmas Medley with The Nativity Song, Silent Night, and Away in a Manger, Christmas Nativity Medley Flip Chart     Christmas Nativity Medley Simple Accompaniment   Christmas Nativity Medley Advanced Accompaniment (By Tamara Fackrell; Church approved songs), Christmas Day     Christmas Day PDF     Christmas Day Sheet Music (Dec 1987 Friend), Could I Hold the Baby     Could I Hold the Baby PDF   Could I Hold the Baby Sheet Music (LDS.ORG), Does He Remember? HI there! Mary Ann, . I Believe in Jesus I Believe in Jesus PDF I Believe in jesus Sheet Music ( Over 300 Free Primary Flip Charts! Many of the visuals we have are dated and/or difficult to follow for kids and grownups alike. I also just finished a Medley of Stand for the Right and I Will Be Valiant. Also with some of the sheet music is great too. Can’t thank you enough, this site is like chicken soup for my soul! Is there any way you can make it available for us? Can’t wait to see it!! Request a flip chart: I am happy to make a flip chart for you of any song needed that is being used for primary children to sing. I want to use this flip chart will squeeze in the word if I have to but I hope you will see this and fix it. How WONDERFUL to come across this website!! This is fantastic! (Ready in 16 days), JUST DOUBLE CLICK ON THE UNDERLINED SONG TO DOWNLOAD FOR FREE. Thank you so much for sharing your talents with us by making all of these beautiful flip charts! I have used so many of them .. You are amazing! Right up there with Gethsemane and Scripture Power! Much Love to you! I have posted O Come All Ye Faithful on the Site. I use a lot of your flip charts. I'm Any chance you will do a flip chart for the new song by Shawna Edwards, “Liken the Scriptures”? Could I get a flip chart for The Book of Mormon Tells of Christ that is in the January 2020 Friend? Amazing! If you it a song in the song book go to the link “Primary Song by Number Flip Charts”. Otherwise, email me and I will send you a PDF. We are really loving this song and want to teach it next year. That one is under “I”, I am teaching “My Own Little Lamp” by Janice Kapp Perry. Throughout this whole process, I have come to love writing Primary songs. I am the chorister in a ward in Suva, Fiji. It’s an older song, but fits the theme so well this year. admin. Hello you wonderful woman you!!!! Trish, If you see any changes that need to be made in the flip charts let me know so I can update them on the website. I love the children of this church! Sometimes when singing mash-ups, you have to put the music down, close your I would love a flipchart for the new Shawna Edwards song “The Miracle.” The primary kids LOVE that song! Thanks so much. Are you able to do that one? Will you let me know if there is one and where I can locate it? Im looking for the new primary song. May I please request a flip chart for “One by One” Written by Elder Bednar (music by Paul Cardall; arranged by Ken Neff and Shauna Swainston). I was going to make my own flip charts for various songs, and then I thought, “Surely someone else somewhere has already done this. It has really helped the children (and the teachers) to learn the songs. I found that, in general, this song style not only powerfully reinforces the quintessence I just love it when the kids sing to their moms and dads. I feel this site is a luxury! Shawna Edwards also asked me to do that flip chart. Keep them coming. And teaching them through music is such a wonderful way to touch their hearts. Wherefore, he will preserve the righteous by his power, even if it so be that the fullness of his She personally equated it to “sunshine in my soul!“ Tragically, Lori was severely injured in a cabin explosion in Heber causing multiple burns and injuries. I teach piano and voice so I know I’m musically talented, but when I got called to this calling, I felt so out of my depth! I will walk with Jesus. It is a beautiful and simple song. . That one is complete in the “W” section in that alphabetical section! I hope and pray that you find joy in the music, and that we build I really enjoyed those new songs! I love this site and use it ALL THE TIME!!! I'm not a great sight reader myself. Could you make a flip chart for Hymn 221 Dear to the Heart of the Shepherd. I am a VERY experienced Primary Chorister, but needed some relief today as I have a cold. That Hymn is ready for you. The pictures really help the children remember the words to the songs. Give your primary kids a hug from me! For more details of her miraculous story, please go to It is a lifesaver! Any help is appreciated. It really make my singing time with my Primary Kids very fun and easy! I love children so deeply and this site shows that commitment. I feel so blessed to have found the flip charts just in time. Fiona, becoming what you believe. Choose Him Again It’s a beautiful one. If you can send me the lyrics in a Word document or in an email, I can do it for you at the end of February. Is there a flip chart for the song. Happy Singing. One for each “verse” and two for the main chorus, plus a page for the Army of Helaman chorus. You are a great blessing to us.. keep it up! I Believe." I’ll be using it tomorrow morning in Penticton, British Columbia, Canada. to love about mash-ups is that the mixing of songs is both musically interesting and spiritually Enjoy brand new music for Primary children! PDF    Does He Remember? Thank you very much for sharing all your hard work!! That music can be ordered on Shawna’s website. I would like to have a music flip chart for the song “My Testimony is Growing” I hope you enjoy it. That chart is complete an in the New Arrivals Section. I just posted that for you. Yes I do have that one complete. Thank you. I will get that done for you It is so fun to have all the new music for 2018! Thanks for all you do to help the rest of us be more successful. We hope this website will help you! I hope your singing goes wonderfully! It’s in section “H” Happy Singing! In April I will be teaching another new song. By Shawna Belt Edwards. Thanks! I love your site. Really appreciate the service you offer! It is perfect! I am ever so grateful to you for these beautiful flip charts. You just need to double click on the Flipchart and then you can access it. into one great song. I recently heard Shawna Edwards “Liken the Scriptures” if possible would you please make a flip chart for this song. Enjoy! . We reconnected after this tragedy and were able to write this song together throughout the course of her recovery. All of the flip charts for 2015 are already done and on the site. Hi! It is in Under the alphabetical section “I”. It is in the alphabetical section under C or you can always look in the link Music from the Friend, & other music to find all of the music not in the Primary Songbook. Although I am not planning on using a flip chart to help teach this song, I thought I would still post mine in case someone might like to use it. I can see it on my computer, so maybe try a different computer. 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