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Dobra Szkoła Waldemar Zapór Nagawczyna 357, 39-200 Dębica; Punkt Informacyjno-konsultacyjny ul. Robotnicza 1/42, 39-200 Dębica

Because it moved quickly through the region, Hurricane Camille dropped only moderate precipitation in most areas. Upslope flow near the frontal boundary Bay St. Louis. Hurricane force winds in gusts spread northward past Jackson. Camille weakened to a tropical storm after passing Jackson and a tropical depression as it entered Tennessee. The area of total destruction in Harrison County, Mississippiwas 68 square miles (180 km ). On August 17th, 1969, hurricane Camille made landfall on the Mississippi Gulf coast near Pass Christian. The total U.S. estimated cost of damage … Hurricane Camille impacted the entire region, especially counties across southeast Mississippi and southwest Alabama in our area. Counties in southeast Mississippi had the greatest damage due to the proximity to Camille's path across the state of Mississippi. Making landfall in Waveland, Mississippi, as a Category 5 hurricane, Camille caused damage and destruction across much of the Gulf Coast of the United States. Areas in and around Pass Christian, its point of landfall, reported from 7 to 10 inches (180 to 250 mm). Recurving across western Tennessee and Kentucky, Camille turned east as a cold front approached from the north. Winds gusted to 100 mph across much of southern Mississippi. August 17, 1969 (WHSV) Hurricane Camille is …

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