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Keyhole gardens can come in a range of shapes, sizes, and depths, though commonly they have circular or curving forms. And besides having fewer weeds to deal with, growing in elevated beds can eliminate some of the bending and kneeling that can make gardening in regular planting beds … How to Build a Raised Garden from Wood Pallets. Garden shovel Garden markers. Rather than trying to dig a new garden bed in the ground, a raised bed lets you literally rise above it all. Your plants (and wallet) will thank you. Now I can’t help you with the veggies, but I can show you how I made a cheap raised garden bed with a cool rustic look. Instead break down the pallets by using a reciprocating saw to cut through the nails to make … The name comes from the idea that an access path to the heart of the bed … There are many ways to build raised beds from elaborate and tall sides to simple and easy – I went with the most inexpensive version I could do while still using wood that would hold up outside. Take your garden to the next level with this easy raised garden bed project. Cheap Raised Garden Bed… Don’t try to pry apart the pallets and it can damage or crack the wood making it unable to use. My beds are roughly 6 feet long, 3 feet wide, and 12 inches high – but you could just add another board to sides to make … A raised garden bed can make your backyard look amazing, and help produce a bountiful crop of vegetables. A keyhole garden is a large, raised garden bed.

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