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Even on quick runs to the nearby grocery store, Italians always look their best. I love your outfit ?. It’s totally understandable that you want to fit in while vacationing, especially to a place that is known for being super stylish, like Italy! You look so cute and casual! Here are some ways to dress like a local in Rome: 1. Sneakers and ankle boots are where it’s at. We did a “fly by” of Sorrento, Naples, and Florence too. wearing shoes like flip-flops or plastic slip-ons (think Adilettes, or similar) I am going to pin this for a reference. You did it so well. We’re going to dive into how men can dress like locals in Rome too. Whereas some people in the U.S. might think that all-black outfit is just for a funeral, Italians think it is so chic. Joggers are okay. So glad you both had a great time in Europe! Filed Under: Fashion, Travel Tagged With: dress like a local in italy, dress like a local in rome, how to dress in italy. But I wouldn’t change it for anything. This is definitely something that I want to try! When in doubt, wear black. This is great if you’re going to be traveling with your boyfriend, fiancé, husband, or even dad and you don’t want them to embarrass you. Chinos:If an Italian is not wearing jeans, they’re wearing chinos! These cobblestones cover most of the ground in Rome, making it hard to walk in heels. Your email address will not be published. When I went in May it actually felt like fall at times and having an extra layer around my neck was so nice! I got Titus this pair in two colors and they fit well while also being a great price.Loafers or boat shoes:The go-to dressier shoe. (Photo: Creatas Images/Creatas/Getty Images ). Candace Hampton These are such cute, casual looks! It definitely gives you a different experience! I love your style! Its content is produced independently of USA TODAY. Yes, men, I said accessorize! chic inspiration for your style, travels, & life. Read More: The Dress Code for Visiting the Vatican in Rome Do’s & Don’tsDO accessorize! The cobblestones are very rough on your feet, and I am still amazed by all the locals wearing heels and walking through town without staring at their next step the entire time. Okay, sappy part over. You both dressed fantastically for your time abroad. And, if you plan to visit Rome’s iconic churches, bring along a cardigan as well as your shoulders and knees must be covered to go inside. May 14, 2019 - If you're going to Italy soon and you DON'T want to look like a tourist, then this post on how to dress like a local in Rome or Italy is for you! One thing to keep in mind when traveling to Italy during the summer season and you’re accessorizing with things like long pants, jackets, and scarves: you’re either sweating or about to sweat. Men, or women dressing your men, you have a couple of outfit options here! Big DON’T!DO get yourself a messenger bag, preferably leather. Don't be afraid to pair a hot pink blouse or a red-brimmed hat, for instance, with an otherwise understated outfit. Another weird Italian folktale is that you will get sick from a gust of wind on your neck. Find the perfect balance of cute, yet comfortable shoes. SAI welcomes numerous student bloggers each term to share their experiences abroad. It was warm when this photo was taken but everyone around was still in winter coats. It wasn’t a relaxing time, but it was so fun and adventurous and there’s nothing like sharing these moments with the love of your life! Hugs, Kait Elizabeth This outfit is perfect for Rome! I feel like I … Italians are known for their sense of style, but appearances are especially important in Italy's glamorous capital city. More information Here's how a guy should dress while in Italy, and especially Rome. This goes for both men and women, but dark colors and neutrals are what will have you fit in the most. Above all, look confident! It’s also not uncommon to see men roll up their pants and show off a bare ankle. If you would like to submit a blog post for consideration you are welcome to do so under Submit a Blog Post. Basic black is much more of a French or Parisian thing than it is a Roman thing. In general, you should wear well-tailored, stylish, yet comfortable, clothing with plenty of accessories to fit in. How to dress like a local in Rome! If you opt for jeans, that's okay; just ensure that they don't have rips or holes in them. I didn’t see many ballet flats either. Whereas some people in the U.S. might think that all-black outfit is just for a funeral, Italians think it is so chic. I can’t wait to visit one day! One thing I have noticed is that Italian women always walk with an air of confidence. On chillier days, you’ll see women wear them around their heads too.DON’T wear open-toed shoes.

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