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The cheque book will be dispatched to the registered mailing address within 4 working days. Please note that, these charges are liable to change, with notice, from time to time and at the sole discretion of Citibank. To download a duplicate statement, please login to Citibank Online and follow the steps below: Step 1: Select 'e-Statements' in the left navigation panel, Step 2: Choose the account number from the option 'View/Print/Download e-Statements', Step 3: Select the month for which you require the statement to download. If incase you need the excess balance refunded, please contact our 24-Hour CitiPhone Banking helpline. Psst... We'll ensure you're the very first to know the moment rates change. If there is no other facility availed on the property financed, then you can collect the original title documents along with the loan clearance certificate on or after 15 days from the date of receipt of your payment. All banks and financial institutions are required to share information like current balance, payment history, demographic details etc, pertaining to all accounts held by a customer who has a loan, credit card or ready credit account with the Credit Information Companies. A chip credit card is a card with a microchip embedded in it. Citibank N.A You will be provided a personal loan application number/form number, which is a unique number. These transactions would be converted into EMIs by charging interest on the monthly reducing balance. Why Citi . To protect your statement on email, it is sent to you in a 128-bit encrypted format and can only be viewed using your unique password, making it completely safe and secure. The following are the steps for the same: Login -> View account summary - > Choose Credit card - > Choose the particular card -> Last Billed Date or Payment due date is mentioned in the summary of the card. IndusInd Bank credit card customer care number, IndusInd Bank credit card customer care email, You could also opt for IndusNet - the net banking facility of IndusInd Bank to conveniently set your IndusInd Bank credit card PIN. Please click here to check the eligibility criteria. Please input the beneficiary account details to register the payee. You will be provided with a unique Home loan application number. You must become extra careful while handling any E-mail, no matter how genuine-looking, (e.g., from an E-mail address like or that asks you to: Citibank customers have received fraudulent E-mails claiming to be from Citibank from time to time. This plan allows you to invest a fixed amount every month. Subsequently, only a duplicate copy will be issued for that billing period. Depending on the processing timelines of your bank, this will normally take 2 to 4 working days to be credited to your Citibank credit card. Please note: YYYY - Last 4 digits of your Credit Card Number. If a transaction which was void / cancelled at the time of incurring, is approved on your card but not billed to the card account, please contact the merchant to provide void / cancellation slip. Click on 'View / Print Certificate' and choose your Loan Account Number and enter the financial year and click 'Display Certificate'. Payment received in the loan account without obtaining the pre-closure letter will not be considered as pre-closure payment and the loan will not be pre-closed. Can I redeem my Mutual Fund units through Citibank Online? 5. A Credit Information Company (CIC) is an independent organization licensed by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) that signs up banks, NBFCs and financial institutions as its members. How do I request a Tax Saver Deposit advice? A. Will I be able to receive the alerts even if I am traveling? We will send you an email which confirms the exact time up to which the said restriction (of Rs 50000) will be applicable. The details are also available in our website. You can submit a cheque or draft payable at any Citibank branch favouring "Citibank loan number _______". The PIN ensures secure transactions and prevents unauthorized usage of a credit card. The transaction is approved if the user ID of the customer and the credit card PIN match. This is to ensure that, you are not adversely impacted during the period of investigation. Please click here to view the list of Citibank branches. Privacy Policy. To change the repayment bank details or to register for NACH or to maintain a SI from your Citibank savings account, please click here. This amount is deducted from the loan amount disbursed to you. I have multiple relationship with Citi. Photo ID proof (click here to know the list of valid Photo ID proof documents). Citi charges a 5% fee on all cash advances, and that’s on top of any fees you may incur from the bank or ATM where you withdrew the cash. EMI return/bounce charges are levied at Rs 500/- (plus applicable Goods and Services Tax (GST) and Krishi Kalyan Cess.) You can also register for statement on email for faster delivery. You may also place a cancelation, stop payment or revocation request on NACH to us through any one of the following ways: Kindly note: Stop payment can be placed for a particular Utility code and amount based on UMRN number. 'Merchant EMI conversions' are transactions converted into Equal Monthly Installments (EMI) by the merchant at the time of incurring the same. What are the benefits and features of my account? How do I request for that be sent again? How do I update PAN number in my home loan account? For Property Power/ Property Power Enhancement Loans, Nil for part prepayments less than 25% of the sanctioned Loan amount in a financial year (i.e. to check the address to which the PIN is dispatched and if needed place a request to re-dispatch the PIN to the new address. Payee Name (the name mentioned on the loan account). To generate your new ATM Password (APIN) instantly, please log in to Citibank Online. On approval, the credit card along with the welcome kit will be dispatched to your mailing address. You will need a minimum of 250 reward points (1500 for Citibanking Platinum debit card) for redemption. You may refer to the website of the respective courier company for the current status. In addition to cash dispensing, ATMs/WLAs may offer many other services/facilities to bank customers. Transactions above Rs. The details for sending the CDF are provided in the form. Why? When will the NOC/closure confirmation letter be sent and when will I get property documents? - Visit and login to your account. Details of your Ready Credit Line will appear under the option - Line Amount. You may choose to receive these messages: You would need to register for the service, which is a one-time process. No. E-Pay (Citibank Credit Card Payment Through Billdesk) Citibank’s E-Pay lets you pay your Credit Card bills online even if you don’t have a Citibank banking account. For co-brand cards like First Citizen Citibank card, please visit the partner website for the applicable terms & conditions governing expiry of points. How do I claim a refund of the excess balance on my credit card account? Click here if you wish to do it right away. I have not received my Loan Statement of Accounts. Will I be charged any processing fee? Important: In case you hold a joint account with 'Either or Survivor' signature rule, fixed deposits can be booked or closed online only if the Joint holder Deposit Consent Form is updated in the bank records. IPIN is also used to validate online transactions. How do I make an alternate payment towards my loan EMI? The amount received in excess will be refunded to you within 3 working days through any of the below: Online transfer will take 72 working hours to reflect in your loan account. To maintain NACH from your savings/ current account held with other bank: Please fill in the below documents and send it to our Mail room. Can I book a deposit through Citibank Online? 'A card membership year will begin from the 1st of the expiry month on your debit card. The decision to re-activate a card account will be processed after careful consideration of the Bank's internal policies and operating procedures and will be done at the sole discretion of the bank. What are the charges levied on the card for EMI conversions? Please click here to download the NACH/SI mandate. How long will it take for the NEFT / RTGS payment to be credited to my card account? CitiPhone Service Numbers to send a complaint. Alternatively, to avail your statement details: Duplicate statement request vide Citi mobile app – Please follow the below steps. Auto Bill pay - You can use our Auto Pay bill payment option and have your bills paid automatically every month. Please note that, on re-issuance, the card cannot be held with us for dispatch at a later date. Please click here to E-Pay now. With a PIN, you can use your Citi credit card to withdraw cash from any ATM 24 hours a day. Important: In case you hold a joint account with 'Either or Survivor' signature rule, fixed deposits can be booked or closed online only if the Joint Holder Deposit Consent form is updated in the bank records. Demand Draft SI towards an existing payee, Transfer to another Citibank India account- New payee, Transfer to another Citibank India account- Existing payee, Systematic Investment Planning for Investments. We request you to visit our branch with a proof bearing your personal identity and that of all co-borrowers on the loan account for collecting the property papers. Do online transactions also require a PIN? All partial pre-payments made during the last 12 months prior to loan closure as reduced by such amount prepaid in respect of which Prepayment Charge has already been levied and paid by the borrower. Hence, there is a difference. It is very important to keep credit card PIN safe from any thefts. You may also need it if you’re using a “Chip” card that requires a PIN, rather than a signature, in order to complete a transaction. To block and receive a new card, you can call 24-Hour CitiPhone Banking helpline. If your nick name is not already in use, it will be assigned as your User ID. All the customer needs to do is update his latest Office Address and Residence Address (if changed) along with the details of the new Corporate being joined. Please note the points that you have earned in the current month will reflect in the statement of subsequent month. Please note that, cancellation of automatic renewal of policy amounts to cancellation of the insurance policy. Our officer will be glad to assist you. You can register for Standing Instruction through Citibank Online for the following: Step 1: Click on 'Order demand draft' on the left navigation panel and select 'Register New Beneficiary'. You can then use this IPIN to login to Citibank Online and link all other relationships. Login to Citibank Online with your User ID and IPIN, Click on “Redeem Rewards” on the left navigation panel, Select your credit card and click on “Cashback”, Login to Citi Mobile App with your User ID and IPIN, Select your credit card in the account summary section, Click on Rewards and select “Cashback”, Alternatively, Contact us at 24x7 CitiPhone. Please note, the account holder and the joint applicant need to be met in person at the branch. Once your accounts are linked, you will see the linked card account number on your account summary page. This may have happened if the yearly income earned as interest from your deposits is greater than Rs50,000. Select "Change User ID" under "Other Banking Services.". You can choose to receive these messages: Periodically, such as, once week or once a day. For details on the required minimum NRV, kindly refer the Schedule of Charges of your account. Same day presentation and settlement, including returns processing. The reward points accumulated on the closed card will be transferred to the active card in the ratio applicable depending on the card type and will be subject to terms and conditions.

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