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Normally disability will factor in how much you are making now, how much you made a year prior to applying. I’ve complied an easy to understand way to look at maternity leave so you can take a hassle free post birth leave and still survive financially. Be aware that it is automatically unfair to dismiss or select an employee for redundancy for a reason connected to her pregnancy, or because she has given birth, or taken or sought to take maternity leave. The key to establishing a fair leave policy is to determine how much of the pregnant employee’s leave is considered the “disability” portion of the leave and how much of it is considered “baby bonding” leave. If employees use all their FMLA time but still need a little more time to recover, try to extend it with unpaid leave time. Consider how openly the employee discussed the pregnancy with coworkers and act with respect. Providing maternity leave, even as a startup, can have a significant impact on the mental health of your employees, both in the short and long term. Most* states will allow pregnant women who work in a company with more than 50 people to use FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) which guarantees that their job will be secure while they take time off for childbirth or adoption. You learned about which states offer paid maternity leave through the states temporary disability services and how you can take advantage of FMLA and I gave you ways to save and earn a little more income to help you out financially . In most cases this means that the STATE will pay for your maternity leave NOT the company you work for. Related: Before Becoming A Stay At Home Mom DO THIS (ways to save during pregnancy). Related: How To Make The Most Of A Short Maternity Leave. A lot of women don’t qualify for FMLA here is a break down of how FMLA qualifications go: Similar to applying for Disability outlined above you’ll want to go to your companies HR office and ask for the FMLA paperwork. All of these details should be included in your time off policies. Start by focusing on these three areas: 1) Determine maternity leave protectionsFirst, determine how much time off your employee will be entitled to. Flexibility can help employees adjust to their new responsibility. If you live in one of these 4 states you will need to apply for short-term disability through your states website portal. The debate regarding paid maternity leave in the United States usually falls apart when people start discussing how it would be paid for. Today, people are living longer and the program is now seen as an annuity as opposed to a social safety net that not many people will need. That means on your 36th week of pregnancy you can start maternity leave. With a little planning, you can navigate family leaves with ease. Wellbeing Consider what accommodations employees will need or appreciate. You don’t have any idea what choices they’ll make for their child, but you can still help by reminding them that the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) has good support resources. Putting together a game plan for parental leave is vital. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Completely free. Importantly, educate your managers to know what a request for accommodations may look like (they are not necessarily always overt) and that failing to accommodate her needs would be done at the company’s peril.

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