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Whether you’re a beginner French student or several years into your French-learning quest, these household words will come in handy. Known for five or 10-minute quizzes on just about any topic, Sporcle has several French-language options. French Words Describing the Home ('la Maison'), Furniture, Appliances, Equipment, and Home Furnishings, How to Ask Where the Restroom Is in French, 'Garder' ('to Keep'): Conjugate This Regular French '-er' Verb, Meaning of the French Preposition "À Côté De", Christmas in France: a Fun French-English Side-by-Side Story, How to Conjugate the Irregular French Verb 'Construire' ('to Build'). Or, if you’re not into DIY projects, there are plenty of pre-made French labels out there for purchase. Try photo flashcards, multiple-choice or fill-in-the-blank questions. La lessive is the washing process. Note the “reformed” spelling, la cuiller. This fundamental vocab covers concrete concepts that you can immediately relate to. You’re not sure your French house vocabulary is up to snuff? We also participate in other affiliate advertising programs for products and services we believe in. This preposition usually indicates someone’s residence. If you liked this post, something tells me that you'll love FluentU, the best way to learn French with real-world videos. This article features audio recordings. Try the DIY Déco section of Marie Claire or the Pièce par Pièce (Room by Room) section of Le Journal de la Maison (the House Journal) for starters. You’ll start with a dialogue, which is then broken into more manageable phrases. Le tapis de souris is the carpet (tapis) where your computer’s mouse hangs out. Le bain is the bath you take while in la baignoire (the bathtub). This word shouldn’t be confused with the English word, which usually refers to an oven-cooked meal, such as green bean casserole, tater-tot casserole or cheesy macaroni casserole. Click here to get a copy. Here are a few choices to get you started. While “stairs” is plural in English, it’s singular in French. How to Sound French: 12 Things You Need To Remember About Liaison, French Vocabulary: Weather and Seasons (La météo et les saisons), Free Resources – Talk in French Free Library. Don't miss this list of 150+ essential French house vocabulary that's useful in any conversation, whether you're a homebody or someone who's always out on the town! So, if you need to make small talk in French and you’re sick of talking about the weather, delve into your knowledge of house vocabulary to propel the conversation forward. With each phrase you hear, you’ll have the opportunity to record yourself repeating it. House and Home in French. Se baigner, the related verb, means “to bathe oneself” or “to have a bath.” It can also mean “to go swimming.” (This is similar to the way “bathing suit” is interchangeable with “swimsuit” in English.). The app will re-test you on any flashcards that you miss. (Download). Although le portail means the gate of a residence, it can also refer to the large door of a cathedral. And, even in your native language, there will always be words you haven’t encountered yet. Try imitating these native speakers pronouncing portail. French house vocabulary will help beginning learners feel more “at home” with the French language. Une sonnette can also refer to other types of bells, such as la sonnette d’alarme (alarm bell). Watch your mastery of French house words grow with Memrise. It comes with une maison pleine (a full house) of words that you can use to describe your abode! Le classeur à feuillets mobiles is a ring binder, but le classeur by itself can be used to name the piece of furniture where you keep your dossiers (files) organized. Faire la lessive means to do laundry. In the House; Une fenêtre: A window: Une chaise: A chair: Une porte: A door: Une montre: A clock: Un réfrigérateur: A fridge: Une table: A table: Un oreiller: A pillow: Une armoire: A closet: Une salle de bains: A bathroom: Un lit: A bed: Une maison: A house: Un appartement: A flat: Une cuisine: A kitchen: Un ordinateur: A computer: Un four: An oven: Un miroir: A mirror: Un tapis: A carpet: Un toit: A roof: Un … le pichet d’eau / la carafe d’eau — pitcher of water, le drap-housse / le drap contour — fitted sheet. J'habite Londres / I live in London 3. la clef à molette / la clef anglaise – wrench (F is silent, pronounce the wrench “clé” – you can also spell it this way) This was where French chemist Claude-Louis Berthollet invented a form of chlorine bleach in 1789. Once you're inside a French home, many French words describe its interior, from la cuisine (the kitcchen) to le bureau (the office). Learning French becomes fun and easy when you learn with movie trailers, music videos, news and inspiring talks. Difficulty: Beginner-Intermediate. Fear not: This isn’t any ordinary house party invitation. Try out a few fun quizzes to test your vocabulaire de la maison (house vocabulary) mettle. How to Express Your Emotions in French, 200 True French Cognates (Vrais Amis) to Boost Your French Vocabulary, French Vocabulary: At the Museum or Art Gallery, Facebook (+153 000 Fans) Starting with maison (house), as well as chez moi (my home), several words describe a house in French, from searching for a home to buying your abode and perhaps renovating it. Frederic Bibard is the founder of Talk in French, a company that helps french learners to practice and improve their french. From the different rooms to the kitchen, the dining area, the garage, and everywhere else, know your way around the house with this nifty little list. Once you're comfortable with your home's interior, you might proceed à l'extérieur (outside), where you can use many words to describe the home in French. la maison > house chez moi > at my house, my home, at home Démêlant derives from the verb mêler, which means “to mix” or “to muddle up.” When your hair gets tangled—messed, muddled or mixed up—la crème démêlante can detangle it. la couette — comforter (American English); duvet (British English), The word duvet itself means “down” in French, as in “feathers.”. This sounds similar to the word coiffure (hairstyle). Comprehensive Online French Course for Beginners. Un grenier can also mean “granary” in English, which, just like it sounds, is a barn where you store grain. Notice that the terms for “toothbrush” and “hairbrush” follow the same pattern. This site offers 35 multiple-choice questions that’ll test your knowledge of French household words. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc, or its affiliates. un appartement — apartment (American English); flat (British English). Jacques Audiard fan. The term chevet means “bedside.” It can also be used in phrases like, “Elle était restée au chevet de lui pendant qu’il était malade” (“She had stayed at his bedside when he was ill”). La maison est grande – the house is big. You may have progressed into advanced grammar and moved far beyond bonjour (hello), but unless you get daily French conversation practice, chances are good that a few of these words may have slipped your mind. Here’s why: When you learn French house vocabulary, you empower yourself with words to describe your life. le répondeur téléphonique — answering machine, la barre d’alimentation / la bande d’alimentation — power strip, le parasurtenseur / le limiteur de surtension — surge protector. Be it ever so humble, there’s nothing like French house vocabulary. Synonyms for Petit, Small, and Short in French. We've also got some great resources lined up to help you practice this French home vocab. Thanks for subscribing! It’s also used in the expression laver la linge sale en famille, which means to not air one’s dirty laundry in public. Among many other uses, it can also refer to someone’s business, as in “Les employés chez Carrefour travaillent fort” (“The employees at the Carrefour retail company work hard”). In Alice Walker’s story, “The Color Purple,” Celie’s sister, Nettie, teaches her to read by affixing labels to household objects. / Where do you live? Easily add French house words or other vocab to flashcard sets, and test your knowledge with interactive quizzes. Every time you look around, you’ll be reminded of your French household vocabulary. Focus on listening and speaking skills with the “Household Rooms and Items” chapter of the Mango Languages French course. Of course, if you’re going for an espresso, you’d use une demitasse (a half-cup). Now, we’ll lay out the blueprint for some of our favorite rooms in the house, along with common furnishings and household objects. This French word is similar to its English equivalent. The English slang term “fridge” can be translated as le frigo or le frigidaire. In addition to geeking out over slender vowels, interrogative particles, and phonemes, Michelle is a freelance content writer and education blogger. Click the blue text next to the headphone to hear me say that word or sentence in French. A number of words can discribe les meubles (the furniture) you might use to make your house a home. P.S. Be careful when pronouncing the second syllable, which includes a semi-vowel (-ail). can take anywhere. Listen to the vocabulary using the Audio Player, Just click on the words. Michelle Baumgartner is a language nerd who has formally studied seven languages and informally dabbled in at least three others. Soon, you’ll start to feel more at home with this useful vocabulary! 1. Starting with maison (house), as well as chez moi (my home), several words describe a house in French, from searching for a home to buying your abode and perhaps renovating it. FluentU brings French to life with real-world videos. You can go at a leisurely pace since these quizzes aren’t timed. You can pause and resume the quizzes or take them over again to gauge your progress. For this set of vocabulary words, we give you the different parts of the house (la maison).From the different rooms to the kitchen, the dining area, the garage, and everywhere else, know your way around the house with this nifty little list. Household Items - French Vocabulary In this lesson you'll learn some common French words and phrases related to the house and household items, including the words for items in the kitchen, living room, bedroom, and bathroom. Où habites-tu? Using illustrated flashcards, you can learn and review French house vocab in groupings such as “Apartment and House,” “The Kitchen” and “Computer Equipment.”. Laver le linge means to wash dirty laundry. 2. The words are read aloud in French, and then you can choose from four possible answers. Literally, a coaster in French is an “under(neath) the glass.”. As all language learners know, just skimming vocab lists is not enough to make new words stick in your long-term memory. Home is a concept that’s near and dear to people’s hearts. After all, what’s closer to home than talking about the rooms and objects in your own abode? Every time Celie looks around her house, she sees the words for important objects, such as the table, the curtains or the stove. The French word for bleach is derived from “Quai de Javel” in Paris. Each quiz leads into the next; so just tap the right-side arrow to proceed when you complete one.

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