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Hello, and welcome! R: And what is the name of the cardholder? voucher. The guest wants to reserve room for her husband. Dialogue 8 - Giving Directions. Would you like to speak to the hotel manager on duty. We have to check out (of/from our hotel) at 5 a.m. to catch a 7 a.m. flight. And would you prefer to have a room with a view of the ocean? Sometimes, I book a nice hotel … Not at all. And what is the exact date of your arrival?C: The 24th. Here we are. Hotel: Yes, Mr. Hannighan, we've reserved a double room for you with a view of the ocean for two nights. Hotel: Well, you will find a mini-bar in your room. Guest: Oh, really. Which of the following did the woman's family NOT like about the hotel? Mr. Henderson checks into a hotel. Sometimes, I book a nice hotel that […] In this video we will learn how to check out at hotel. C: Yes, my cell phone number is 555-26386. Why does the guest apologize when she arrives at the front desk? Role-play Activity. Hotel conversation questions. Checking into the Hotel. Conversation 2. If you found these Hotel Dialogues in English interesting or useful, let others know about it: A variety of different English vocabulary topics including common words lists, charts and example sentences. Receptionist: Will you be putting this on your credit card? How much will that be? Receptionist: I'm afraid we're totally booked for that weekend. A: Thanks. R: Yes. B: One second, sir, while I print out your receipt. Repeat A: I want to check out. These are typical phrases and expressions to use when when a guest checks in or checks out of your hotel. Situation: Jane and Tui arrive at their hotel in London. Dialogue 5 - Introducing Yourself. A bellboy will bring your bags up shortly. It was for tonight. What type of card is it? Receptionist: Sir you have to pay 2 days advance at the time of check-in. Background: The receptionist of Hotel XYZ is talking over telephone to a guest regarding a possible room reservation. - ESL worksheets. If you don't have the correct software, your computer may prompt you to download it in order to listen. Anita has just arrived in town, and she’s at the front desk of a large […] My name is Michelle. If you have a large gap of time between your arrival and the hotel's check-in time, call ahead and ask very politely if you can check-in early, or at least drop your bags. As you listen to the conversation the first time, choose the correct answer to complete the information on the registration card that the woman fills out. Could I have your name, please? Turn left once you exit the elevator and your room front desk. Jane: Hello, I've booked two single rooms. Make sure to understand the use of the verb 'like' when checking-in to a hotel, as well as how to ask polite questions with the modal verbs 'can' and 'may'.Understanding vocabulary related to travel will help you communicate when you are in a motel or a hotel. What days do you need that reservation, sir? Yes, Mr Robert. Hotel Guest Check In Conversation Kali ini kita akan membahas percakapan saat proses check-in hotel dalam bahasa Inggris. Welcome to The Grand Woodward Hotel.Client: Hi, good morning. Guest: That would be great thank you. Hotel: Should you have any questions or requests, please dial 'O' from your room. You are going to listen to a man checking into a hotel. and what's your favorite one? with the porter and he can load them onto the shuttle for you when it arrives. Hotel: Let's see. Dialogue 3 - At the Airport Check in. I don’t think we have any rooms for tonight. 2. Rich: This time when you listen we want you to listen for the problems that Richard Spencer has at the hotel. 1. Have a nice day. Hotel: Room 487. Repeat A: I'd like to reserve a hotel room. B: May I ask, sir, if you enjoyed your stay? Hotel Conversation Questions Some people like to go to touristics places when they have some time off or during school breaks. Receptionist: Just a second sir. Caller: Oh, I didn't realize. The first thing you can say when you check in is Hello, I have a reservation under the name of Christina Rebuffet. Are you planning on checking out tomorrow? Here is your bill now. Semoga hari Anda menyenangkan di Grande Hotel. Guest: Good morning. They use this phrase when they have to check the hotel computer system to see if they have the customer's room reservation or if … A: Certainly. Let me check. I can’t seem to find a record of your booking. What was the woman charged for besides the room rate? Here we are. F: Sir, have you used any of our service today? The beds were really comfortable, and we weren't expecting our own fridge. Hotel Clerk: Okay. Carefully look at their dialogues: Hotel: Can you please spell that for me, sir? The dining room is on the main floor at the end of the hall. Ini milikku) Hotel clerk : Enough…Thank you for staying at our hotel Marina. Here is my room key. Guest: I'll pay with my Visa thanks, but I'll need a receipt so I can Lisa: I'll pay now. Just call the front desk if you need any extra towels or pillows. Try our interactive game about Hotel Dialogues, See our other notes with English Vocabulary about Hotels. G: Good morning. B: Thank you. I usually look online for cheap hotels or other accommodations. front desk. Below are some typical dialogues between a hotel receptionist at The Grand Woodward Hotel and a guest. Now, comes the real focus of the class: a role-play activity to practice booking a room in a hotel. C: Sure. Checking into the Hotel; Requesting a Wake-up Call; Asking the Concierge for Sightseeing Advice; Asking the Concierge for Restaurant Advice; Talking to Room Service; Calling to Report a Cockroach Problem (1) Calling to Report a Cockroach Problem (2) Asking about the Hotel Gym; Asking for More Amenities; Asking Where to Make a Copy Repeat A: I'd like to reserve a hotel room. Make sure to understand the use of the verb 'like' when checking-in to a hotel, as well as how to ask polite questions with the modal verbs 'can' and 'may'.Understanding vocabulary related to travel will help you communicate when you are in a motel or a hotel. It was for tonight. This is (name) speaking. Good morning, thank you! B: Our room rates recently went up. Complimentary breakfast is served in the lobby between 8 and 10 am. Is that okay with you, Mr. Sandals? You can check in over there. The following dialogue shows what could be a common dialogue between a traveler and a hotel receptionist. Receptionist: Sure Sir. The weight room and sauna are on the top floor. A: My name is John Sandals. R: Alright, Mr. Hannighan, your reservation has been made for the twenty-fourth of September for a room with a double bed and view of the ocean. I'm here on business anyway, so at least I'm staying on the company's dime. Hotel Clerk: we have one suite available, Man: How much is that? What's included in this cost anyway? Divide the class into two groups: hotel front desk clerks and hotel guests. Oh. How may I help you? Thank you again for staying at The Grand Welcome to the Grand Woodward Hotel. There are many different topics and levels. Then test your understanding with the quick quiz. Before I go on vacation, I always make hotel reservations in advance so I have a place to stay. In the first situation, a customer is checking out of a hotel. If you like you can leave your bags Then check your understanding with the quick quiz. Hotel Receptionist: For two people? Do you know the license plate number of your vehicle? How would you like to pay for Hotel Clerk: Hum. Guest: Well, I have got a reservation for a junior suite. Let me pull up your reservation. I'm interested in booking a room for the September long weekend. Everyone has a memorable story about a hotel or hostel and everyone loves talking about their memorable stories. Hotel: That's good to hear. Guest: Why so? Now that you've read the conversation and compared the French to the English, try listening to the dialogue between the receptionist and the student. Do you want to pay now, or when you check out? Dialogue 7 - At the Pharmacy. Guest: Whoa! The front desk is the reception, the place where you check into the hotel. Everyone has a memorable story about a hotel or hostel and everyone loves talking about their memorable stories. Guest: I thought it was $115 even. Our Non English speaking hotel and restaurant workers really like our Hotel English Dialogue series. C: A double bed, please. Today, in this tutorial you will get 8 real life housekeeping dialogues or conversations that will help you to understand how things are done in real life. Now I'll need your credit card information to reserve the room for you. Then test your understanding with the quick quiz. Here we are sir. Holiday Inn. How may I help you? mini-bar bill? … Yes, John and Barbara Smith, a deluxe double room overlooking the Grand Canal. B: How many days do you need the reservation for? Let me check this again. 2. Guest: Wait, wait! a receipt given to someone to prove that money has been paid. Let me check. Early check-in is from 10.00 and the price is EUR 15 (SEK 150 SEK, NOK 150, 60 Zloty, DKK 150). Now, I'll just need to ask you for your room keys. A: I will be staying for 3 nights. Hotel English: Choosing a hotel and enquiring about availability Hotel English: Cleaning Services Subscribe now to gain access to all the English-learning Units and Exercises in this section! Compare what they say with the original conversation. There’s a convention going on in town, and uh, let’s see. Are you checking out now? Guest: Well, fine. Hotel conversation questions. How was everything? Lisa: Yes. These are typical phrases and expressions to use when when a guest checks in or checks out of your hotel. Hotel: We do have a free airport shuttle service. A: I have a reservation. Lisa: No, thank you. B: May I see your ID, please, Mr. Sandals? Dialogue 6 - Ordering Food at Steakhouse. Do you love going to hotel? Dialogue Examples: Dialogue 1 - At the Bank.

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