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Silence while I'm pulling on your hair Nah, not at all. [laughs]. We connected and we clicked. Sometimes I get in my head about shit. This is something that I have figured out, in this day in age, it's so easy for me to connect to people. For me, it's always the same thing. I want to hear people sing my songs. How important is it to come to LA as an up and coming artist? I like doing that sometimes, it’s nice to have there to fuck around with. Be on this journey with me, because it is a wild journey. You know those songs that remind you of a monumental point in your life? Catch me when I fall, I We need more space, we need more time Since the SoundCloud days, all that Soulection stuff. Push me, call you, A Heroine, a Heroine Released May 31, 2019 ℗ 2019 Cole Basta, under exclusive license to Tap Records Limited/Geffen Records. I went to LA, figured some stuff out here, then went back to lock back in. I want people to have meaningful experiences to my songs. If you listen to it, hopefully you’ll understand what I'm saying. Hopefully make something that will inspire me to go back the next day. No more goodbyes 'cause we're inside Love you, my heroine One of the guys in my band were like "you should tell them it’s your birthday when you get on stage.” I’m like "nah that's whack, I don’t wanna do that.” Obviously when you’re opening up for someone, you have to get the crowd excited. That's my favorite thing, when people really go into the details of what I’ve done and try to pick it apart. We got to talking, I went to the studio the next day. Do you wanna meet him?" Down the stairs, silence while I'm pulling on your hair [chuckles] Go home, see my girl, repeat until I have to lock myself in a room for about a week and make something perfect. Love you, my heroine I made a lot of songs, a lot a lot. With a sound reminiscent of a perfect cross between rock and R&B, the 19-year-old Egyptian-American has found his way to LA. (No, my name ain't Marty, no) I really don’t like that. I’ll be like "fuck this shit" sometimes, but then I’m like "wait, would I want to do anything else?" Listen to Heroine by Col3trane, 5,113 Shazams, featuring on The WAVE, and Evan Bogart: Songbook Apple Music playlists. Lyrics for Heroine by Col3trane Proof up, eye drops Rooftops, medicine Push me, call you A Heroine, a Heroine We pulled up in all white like it was a white party (Defo weren't a white party no) Make no noise on this side, but they playing Knife Party (Why the fuck they playing that shit?) People don’t really understand or see that process. 0:48 PREVIEW The Fruits. 2:14 PREVIEW 7 Songs, 18 Minutes. Be able to get them pumped. I’m like "I don’t have the song right now but when I do, I'm gonna hit you." [laughs] I followed him ‘cause he’s hilarious. I had some wild ones recently. It's far. [chuckles] That's a whole other thing. I was on stage in front of 15,000 people in Birmingham, and it was my birthday. What is it you want fans to get from your story? We say we're done, then we come back It’s very difficult sometimes. Rooftops, medicine Who’s the most played artist on your phone? The “Superpowers” singer currently lives transatlantically between London and LA — focused more than ever on perfecting his craft. I guess the message behind the song always makes me feel a bit emotional while I’m singing it. Will you save me from the mess I made? I’m fucking with Goldlink's new album, it’s fire. I want people to feel inspired and connected, feel good when they hear my music. There’s so many, I stay a fan. The “Superpowers” singer currently lives transatlantically between London and LA — focused more than ever on perfecting his craft. I remember when I was younger, my family friend gave me this long lecture about how numbers in your life bring you positive things. I be like “oh shit,” because it’s not as easy as it looks. I enjoy when people do that. Just my musical perspective. Right now, it's "We Good.” Definitely the pace of it, the energy of it. A couple months later, I sent him some files. No chance I'll do what I'm told Col3trane is on his way to greatness. Yes, you, my heroine Waking up in last night but my name ain't Marty Try to disconnect as much as I can. Wake up, drink water, read my book, go to the studio. 'Less it's your friends, but not those guys I try talk nice, talk that Ralph Fiennes I just want my fans to be along for the ride. This woman was at my show in Toronto, who drove from somewhere crazy like Detroit to come and see me. I just followed this guy yesterday, Zack Fox. Let's get cameras, let's be shameless I don’t feel there’s anyone doing the same thing I'm doing right now. I try and do things I feel haven't been done before. What would you be doing if you weren’t doing music? A Juul to release — I just got one yesterday for the first time in a couple months. I’m fucking with Tierra Whack like crazy. He's amazing. 5. I was actually thinking about this the other day, I’d be very sad if I wasn't doing this. RAYE) [Interlude] 4. For me, it was really important to expand on what I like to make. Know you work a day job in the daytime Enjoyed everywhere. I lock the door, no more invites I have a lyric with the name Suzie, so I played that song for her. Girl, let's fuck good, girl, let's get high (Ayo, you seen that video? Have people really connect with me and my music on a level. I stay quiet even when there's blood on the stairs Growing up in London listening to English music, obviously that grime music, shit like that — I was never going to make grime music because that's not really me. [chuckles]. I'm so bad at it, I hate it. Catch me when I fall, I Talk to people online, talk to people in person. (Why the fuck they playing that shit?) He’s like "oh yeah, that's the one.”. If you want a little bit of spice, something a little bit different, check me out. Because my family’s American, I always gravitate more towards R&B and American music. [chuckles] I’m like "fuck what do I do?” So I’m just like “oh, it’s my birthday.” They all started singing “happy birthday” to me while I was on stage, it was crazy. It’s lit, check it out. All of my favorite artists and producers spend time out here. I really really hate it, but you have to do it. I put it towards the end of the set, I'm not really sure why. We pulled up in all white like it was a white party You talk Shakespeare, I move knee-high Fuck, I’d probably be at uni doing psychology or some shit. My heroine, my heroine, Writer(s): Jay Vincenzo Mooncie, Cole Abbon Basta, You will get 3 free months if you haven't already used an Apple Music free trial, Made with love & passion in Italy. You get naked, I get toe tagged What was the creative process & how long did it take you? Good night, we say tonight Make no noise on this side, but they playing Knife Party I was like "sure!" (Five more, five more, five more) Only that bitch 'cause she too fine Body count was too high, yo, it's looking kinda gnarly Like Russell Wilson I rushed upstairs with you I find it difficult to put it in a box and describe it, the music speaks for itself in that respect. Me and my guy Jay locked in the studio for a while, pretty much those 3 or 4 months. "Heroine" lyrics. Five more yards till we get to the bedroom I ain't with the conversation You still fucked up, but now you famous TV channels are different in the UK but I remember we had Channel AKA. 2:54 PREVIEW Superpowers. Having shut down stages all across the world (UK, Europe, Australia, and now LA), real name Cole Basta carves his own lane, while staying 100% true to himself. You dropped Heroine earlier this year. At a very young age, always been a fan of jazz music and jazz standards [John Coltrane]. Col3trane & GoldLink. Nah, don’t wanna talk too much. Just need open-mindedness. Then there was Flava. You talk Shakespeare, I move knee-high I’ve had some fucking crazy ones. Undercover operation Be with me. I went out on stage and there were very few people in the crowd. What are some goals yourself as an artist at this point of your career? For me, 3’s always been filled with positivity and bringing up good things. Fucking hate it. That’s one thing I always say, it's very easy to lose the feeling of being a fan when you’re making music for a bit in the industry or whatever. Some people in the UK were in Birmingham, came to London, and came to Berlin. Heroine. It’s a whole other city outside of Birmingham. I left it at the crib so I’m really fiending for my shit right now. I always gravitate more towards R&B music. I just stay inside, don’t like chatting with people. Col3trane Lyrics "Heroine" Proof up, eye drops Rooftops, medicine Push me, call you A Heroine, a Heroine We pulled up in all white like it was a white party (Defo weren't a white party no) Make no noise on this side, but they playing Knife Party (Why the fuck they playing that shit?) Talking about being Egyptian American, how does that play into your life and career? But there was this one girl named Sue,  she knew every single word to every single song. Damn, I’m really fucking with Lucky Daye at the moment. A pen and a pad firstly. I’d appreciate if people studied them like books one day. She was mad cool. My favorite rap album of the year so far. When there’s ads on TV, you go to music channels on the break. Obviously not, this is what I’ve always dreamed of doing. The 3 to me has always been a number that’s given me positive things. I only really realized what I wanted the project to be, how I want it to sound until 3 months before it came out. As many people as possible. I’m nervous as fuck because there are so many people, then I ran out of things to say by the fourth song. Now I've rose As much as there’s a bunch of bullshit, a bunch of industry stuff, a whole lot of annoyances, there are also some amazing and creative people. I really want people to hear the things I’m saying in my songs. I’d always go to Flava, where you have ”U Remind Me.” You have Usher, you have Aaliyah, all that. He played me his album, I played him what I’d been working on. To be honest the best one though, I was in Brisbane in Australia playing this festival. Smiles and good energy. 1418 N Highland AvenueLos Angeles, CA 90028  © Flaunt Magazine 2017, Flaunt Magazine, 1422 Highland Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, 90028, United States. Put a smile on and get on with it. Proof up, eye drops My heroine, my heroine She came up to me like "yo Goldlink is here, he was just talking about you on the radio yesterday. I find that to be a very tough question to answer because what I enjoy making changes day by day. It's important to remain a fan because I grew up as a fan. He jokes, “Don’t know how that’s worked out, but it has,” followed by a chuckle. 3. (Rush yards, rush yards, rush yards, ay) How far is Birmingham from where you stay? Need you, my heroine It's about 90 miles. 2. Well my most played artist on my phone from the Spotify thing was Jaco Pastorius, because there was this whole 6 month period where I could not fall asleep without listening to “Portrait of Tracy.” He's a bass player. No chance I'll do what I'm told Always trying to experiment with new things with myself. Just want them to be down for the ride. Know you work a day job in the daytime Shout out to Sue from Australia. I made the first song off Heroine, “The Fruits,” in November 2017, but I really started making Heroine a year after that. [laughs] Then Usher or D’Angelo. Yes, you, my heroine

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