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I believe no matter how busy you are you can entertain without stress while making great tasting food that people will rave about. Juicy, tender and a slight smokey flavor they are ideal for grilling for last minute entertaining. polysorbate80) tastes less coconutty. It is better to have more skewers, than to pack them tightly onto them. Set the charcoal or gas grill to approximately 500F (260C). When the grill has reached the temperature, add the skewers on the grill. Whoops! Reserve 1/2 cup of the marinade, cover and refrigerate. Flare-ups are common and you want to have even temperature cooking the entire time so you may need to move the skewers while cooking. Sean~Im a recent convert to using coconut milk in marinades, not only does it tenderize the meat, but it imparts a subtle flavor we love too! Serve these Grilled Coconut Lime Chicken Kebobs over Grilled Lemon Potato slices or a coconut rice. Depending on the country or area the recipe originates usually determines if there are vegetables on the skewer. I’ll definitely be looking at more of your recipes! Do not leave them un-attended, they will burn quickly. It definitely has something to do with the smells of BBQ char in the air that tells me everyone else is also feeling the same way and loving the warmer weather! Grill for 5 minutes, flip then baste with reserved marinade. Place bag in fridge to marinate for at least 3 hours. Hi Justin! In a large bowl, whisk together coconut milk, lime zest, lime juice, soy sauce, honey, garlic and ginger. !kids.and hubby love it! Chicken skin is added flavour and texture, but it can be removed to make these chicken skewers a bit healthier. Once grill is hot, place skewers on the grill with ample room in between each skewer to allow for even cooking (at least 3 inches in between. This recipe works great with pork as well. I personally like to keep the chicken skin on because it adds a bit of flavour and texture to the skewers but you can choose to remove the chicken skin if you want it to be a bit healthier. 1 pound chicken breast, skinless and boneless, evenly cut into small cubes. It would work equally as well over a crisp salad! Regardless of weather, I love grilling meats, even in the cold frigid winters! In a large bowl, whisk together coconut milk, lime zest, lime juice, soy sauce, honey, garlic and ginger. Cut up a pork shoulder into small pieces and substitute it for the chicken for something different!When the meat is almost done, brush a few layers of the coconut glaze you prepared onto the chicken for a bit of sweetness and char. Set aside until the chicken skewers are ready to be served. Smoky grilled chicken skewers recipe marinated in ginger, garlic, coconut cream, and soy sauce. When grilling on a skewer it is VERY important to have the chicken all be the same size to ensure even cooking of all chicken. Cover the bowl and marinade for 1 to 8 hours in the fridge. Salty marinade splinters are not fun. These look so juicy and good! I’d love it if you enjoy this recipe if you’d comment and rate the recipe 5 stars in the recipe card. Seal bag bag with as little air in bag as possible. There’s no right or wrong way to prepare the marinade. I am very happy to share the recipe! This Coconut grilled chicken was amazing. Despite the fact that I'm usually a little obsessed with the language of food, I'd never really thought about what shish kebob means (or, for that matter, what constitutes a shish kebob). Mix to make sure all ingredients are combined. Very flavorful! Grilling foods for entertaining is an easy method that usually requires little clean-up as you’ve done all of your cooking on the grill. Feed chicken onto skewers allowing a small amount of room in-between each piece to allow for the flame to reach all parts of the chicken. This recipe works amazing with a pork as well. I am so happy you liked them!! However, if you do not have a charcoal BBQ, you can still use a gas BBQ as well. I don't use coconut enough in the kitchen, and when I do it tends to be for South and Southeast Asian cooking. Grill chicken for 10-15 minutes, turning them a couple of times and brushing on more marinade until golden and cooked through. Let it marinade in the bowl for 1-2 hours in the fridge. If you cannot find a dark soy sauce, you can substitute it with light soy sauce. Use the unsubscribe link in those emails to opt out at any time. Brush on the coconut cream glaze and flip them every minute, 2-3 times to get that sweet and sticky caramelized char. chicken skewers, grilled chicken skewers, thai chicken skewers, (or enough to thin it out to the consistency you like), Curtido (Salvadoran Pickled Cabbage Slaw) ». I love to share recipes for all occasions made with easily accessible ingredients. No need to worry about the pointy end, it will be covered with meat. In a small bowl, combine all the ingredients from the peanut sauce ingredient list and mix well. Alternatively you can use a spray oil, but be sure to do this with out the grill turned on to avoid being burned. There was an error and we couldn't process your subscription. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I also find it easier to keep the meat at the top 1-2 inches of the skewer and push the meat down as more get skewered on. I like to pair this chicken with a super-easy peanut sauce and ta-da! Your email address will not be published. . This will prevent them from disintegrating on the flaming grill. Mix to make sure all ingredients are combined. Serve over a bed of green lettuce with the peanut sauce. Like, ridiculously easy. The only effort you have to put into it is dicing the chicken into chunks and whisking up a few ingredients. Cover the bowl and marinade for 1 to 8 hours in the fridge. Add chicken to remaining marinade and stir to coat. Doing this helps the chicken not stick to the grill. For this chicken skewer recipe, you can find most ingredients at your local grocery store with the exception of coconut cream, oyster sauce and dark soy sauce. Read full info. YUM, I am beyond thrilled that grilling season is here again!! Your email address will not be published.

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