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They provide all the info you’d ever want to know, from videos about their supply chain to spotlights on their ingredients, welcoming any visitor to explore more. Some, like Twitter user @LeHigh06, described it as, "Great Value 2 become great value...2 your health." Crazy Egg . : What future do you want to help create? Always on the lookout for interesting new digital work and marketers (and sales leaders) to talk to. By creating compelling content that is interesting and engaging and makes them feel like they know you. Additionally, three out of 10 consumers in the study say they are now “buying more store brand products” compared to a year ago, and more than 77 percent of respondents “agree” that the store brands they buy “are as good as, if not better than, national brand products.”. Swell wastes no time in telling people who they are and what they stand for. content marketing tips, tools, and resources. They have a wide variety of manufacturers making them. *It's an easy way for Wal-Mart to create a health-oriented sub-brand while leveraging its Great Value name. The money I saved can help place more food in my cart. This is definitely not your dad’s financial planning resource. The product re-launch is beginning this month with the majority of products appearing on store shelves by the end of May. The less work the better, as Wal-Mart already has quite a few brands on its hands to manage. It also includes the founder’s photo (not a stuffy head shot), a nice touch that shows visitors that the brand is run by real people who have also dealt with their issues. “Through our Great Value brand re-launch, we are delivering on our promise to provide customers with the quality products they need and want at a price they can afford to help them save money and live better.”, According to new consumer data from GfK Custom Research North America, 75 percent of shoppers, say the “current economic conditions” are playing a big role in their decision whether to purchase national or grocery store brands. This includes your: Articulating these ideals (and making them easy to access) is crucial. UNICEF USA, BCRF, and (RED). Sharing your brand values through content is the shortcut to that connection. These days, I'm more focused on the emerging media side of things—i.e., digital, social and mobile media trends. This is a good example of a brand value proposition that’s short, but extra sweet – too many words here would probaby lessen the luxurious image they’re after. Dear Mr. Anderson My wife and I shop at Wal-mart in Okeechobee Florida . Content marketing is one of the most powerful ways to connect with people. How 10 Smart Brands Promote Their Brand Values. Visitors get a sense of the brand’s journey (now the fastest-growing female-owned company), as well as the important work they’re doing with charities like. (Think: "Sales" equivalent of a…, Hello! Or they have an easy-to-access About page, but it doesn’t give you a sense of their history, personality, or passion. If you’re looking ways to share your beliefs and cultivate stronger connections with people, these brands may be the inspiration you’re looking for. It’s transparency from start to finish, proving that Everlane walks the walk in every aspect of their business. The retailer’s Great Value brand, first introduced in 1993, spans more than 100 categories and is the country’s largest food brand in both sales and volume. The Company's securities are listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol WMT. While the page is fairly simple, it’s the transparency that matters most, particularly in regards to their values. Luckily, there are many brands that do a great job of expressing their ideals in an inspiring, engaging, and enticing way. Retailer Transforms its Great Value Brand with More Products, Consumer Friendly Packaging and Improved Quality. And, though the latter have already taken such steps, Wal-Mart, today, urged the food industry to continue stepping up its game. The woman didn't notice, but she was probably wondering why I had my coat and mitten on inside a Florida hotel. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. It also sells a line of deli products under the name Marketside. Penny-pinched consumers are shopping for groceries on a budget, but if it comes with added health benefits, even better. How Brands Were Born: A Brief History of Modern Marketing. Marc de Swaan Arons. I write for the CMO Network as well as our newly launched Sales Leadership channel. For more information about the Great Value brand at Walmart, visit to more serious stories, including a profile of Procter & Gamble's (then incoming) global marketing (and now also brand building) officer, Marc Pritchard. In addition to their brand values and mission, the brand adds extra interactive features, offering tidbits about their ingredients as well as a timeline of products that showcases the brand’s evolution. Earlier this year, we announced that we had achieved our Veteran’s Welcome Home Commitment of 250,000 veterans hired since 2013. What does Kashi believe? When building a brand, it’s not enough to create a great product or service and call it a day. Oh, yes, and one quirky fact about myself: I once wore a mitten during a press interview as I had to shake the executive's hand and my pen had exploded all over my sleeve (and right hand). To date,…, This year, we’ve had our foot on the accelerator expanding our pickup and delivery services, so customers can get the items they need quickly and safely. (I later got the ink off with a bottle of baby oil. This isn't to say that Wal-Mart is relatively late to the healthy eating game. Unfortunately, many brands have trouble doing this well—if they do it at all. With a strong focus on better quality, Walmart worked with several hundred suppliers and product testing facilities to: “Walmart remains committed to providing our customers with quality national and private brand products at unbeatable prices,” said Andrea Thomas, Walmart’s senior vice president of private brands. to capture people’s attention from the jump. Walmart also reduced packaging when possible as part of the company’s sustainability goals. We use a lot if the great value brand foods. A Mintel study published today found that "44% of grocery shoppers believe store brand products are of better quality today than they were five years ago.". Sign up for our weekly newsletter to get the best There's great value to be found – if you know where to look. We’d love to help you tell your brand story in any way possible. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Your email address will not be published. Before that, I covered advertising/marketing at AdweekMedia (Adweek, Brandweek and Mediaweek) where I wrote about everything from hilarious toilet paper campaigns (Georgia-Pacific) to tissue paper wars (Kleenex versus Puffs!) Note: The terms “Walmart” and Walmart Stores” refer to the corporate entity. “Walmart,” expressed as one word and without hyphenation, refers to the brand name of the company’s U.S. operations. They now make truly exceptional wristwatches – in between they made very little. I hail from Philadelphia (Penn '07 graduate), and, when I'm not poking around for the next big marketing story, I can often be found downloading apps (to the point where my smartphone explodes), cartwheeling or doing splits in the middle of the living room. Specifically, they want to know your Brand Heart. This was another comparison where the name-brand and generic versions differed a lot. Little details like hand-drawn illustrations give you the sense that there are real humans behind the brand, helping emphasize their mission of creating cereal with real ingredients. From Halloween to Hanukkah,…, Walmart has a rich history of supporting our veterans over the years, starting with our first veteran, founder Sam Walton. That's not necessarily the case with brands like Lucerne, made by Dominick's, and even Whole Foods's 365. Sometimes it’s the simple, earnest approach that makes an impact. I write for the CMO Network as well as our newly launched Sales Leadership channel. The page features a simple story told via parallax scroll. The Company operates in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, India, Japan, Mexico, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico and the United Kingdom. It’s written in plain English and uses empathetic language, taking the straightforward approach—just like their products. *Phil Lempert, a longtime food analyst and correspondent for the Today Show, calls it a case of the "perfect storm." Walmart is supplementing its quality promise with a staffed toll free number for product inquiries. Ed. how these 7 brands tell their brand story through content. Post’s Honey Bunches of Oats with Crispy Almonds vs. Walmart’s Great Value Almond Crunchy Honey Oats. They also put a literal face to the product and their manufacturing practices. In classic Virgin style, their values are short, poppy phrases (e.g., “Red Hot” and “Straight Up”), which builds just enough intrigue to make you want to click on each. Or they have an easy-to-access About page, but it doesn’t give you a sense of their history, personality, or passion. Take the Hims About page. This distinction came after the Company announced the introduction of a new logo for its U.S. store operations in June. Test more than 5,250 products against leading national brands to ensure Great Value quality is equal to or better; Conduct more than 2,700 consumer tests to compare the flavor, aroma, texture, color, and appearance of Great Value products against leading national brands; Change the formulas for 750 items including: breakfast cereal, cookies, yogurt, laundry detergent, and paper towels; and. This is a missed opportunity that hurts both the brand and the potential customer. See it however you want, but Wal-Mart's latest decision is actually a well-timed private label play. How much would you save? In April alone, we launched Express Delivery and have since scaled it to more than 2,800 stores, reaching more than 65% of…, Celebrating with Walmart: How the Merch Team Plans to Surprise and Delight Customers This Season, Walmart Shares Additional Plans to Support Veterans and Military Spouses, Walmart Teams Up with Cruise to Pilot All-Electric Self-Driving Delivery Powered by 100% Renewable Energy. A good About page isn’t necessarily about bells and whistles. I'm a media/marketing reporter for Forbes. Others, like my colleague Fred Allen, pointed out that Wal-Mart's Great Value revamp, along with its plans to open more stores to eradicate "food deserts," could have the unwanted consequence of fattening America's already plump population. I'm a media/marketing reporter for Forbes. (Needless to say, my parents are appalled.) If you want your brand to have any sort of longevity, you need to build strong relationships with people—and that requires something more: transparency. You can get a mint, and we mean MINT Top-Time for $2500. How to Apply Good Design at Every Level of Your Organization, Free E-Book: How to Build a Long-Term Content Strategy in a Real-Time World, Introducing Column Five's First Video Game: Groove Glider, How a Divisible Content Strategy Gives You More Content With Less Work. Their values are accompanied by clever animations (pigs flying, anyone?) Walmart is so confident in the quality of its Great Value products that the company guarantees every product. Recognizing, too, that many Americans struggle to eat healthy, the company also said it would lower the prices of many of its grocery products.

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