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The simple addition of grapefruit and maraschino liqueur makes this a cocktail you will return to time after time. It is sweet and tart and a fabulous sipping drink for any day, time of year, or occasion. 35% ABV. Tattersall Organic Vodka is crafted from organic corn harvested at our head distiller’s family farm in Rochester, MN, milled in Cambridge, MN and then cooked, fermented, distilled, filtered and bottled in our distillery in Minneapolis, MN. Gluten Free Fall Cocktails That Will Do More Than Just Keep You Warm! post-macerated with additional flowers for a beautifully concentrated flavor and aroma. If you enjoy this one, you will also want to taste the cantarito or add a little heat for a spicy paloma. Perfect for rye purists, it’s aged for at least two years in 30 and 53 gallon charred white oak, sourced and coopered in Minnesota. Bold, fresh and beautiful. Summer in a bottle – just add soda water. Tattersall Barreled Gin is our flagship conditioned in French oak white wine barrels for an added layer of complexity. What's so great about vodka and grapefruit? Subtle and refined, it’s the perfect base for the classics. Made from Great Lakes cranberries and a mix of natural botanicals that enhance the berries, Tattersall Cranberry is a unique companion to your favorite spirits. Here's a fun take on the classic sour style of drinks. 35% ABV, At 70 proof, Tattersall Salty Dog is the ultimate grapefruit sipper. Made with a careful balance of flowers and grapefruit zest, Let's explore the full range of grapefruit with a handful of the best drinks that allow it to shine. Always small batch. You can sip it on the rocks, in a Manhattan or any drink that calls for sweet vermouth. A New World gin born from Old World wisdom. This recipe features the reposado tequila from Casamigos, a brand started by George Clooney (now you get the connection, right?). Creating great tasting cocktails at home is easy once you have some recipes. Tattersall Grapefruit Crema bursts with flavor unlike any other. It's a fascinating twist to the average pomegranate martini. You’ll love it in a Negroni, boulevadier or an Americano. 60% ABV. Because of the sweetness of orange juice, a Cassis Orange is a very easy-to-drink beverage for those who have trouble drinking harder alcohol. Made from a distinct blend of lime, citrus and botanicals, Tattersall Lime Crema is a lively addition to your liqueur lineup. It's a very easy drink to mix up—you can even use your favorite pancake syrup, so there's no need to pick up any special ingredients. 35% ABV. Perfect for celebrations, dinner with friends or to cap off a rewarding day. Once you add that thyme garnish and let it slowly infuse your drink, you'll realize why the two were meant for one another! Tattersall Distilling employs their Grapefruit Crema liqueur to give this pontoon pounder a spirited update by morphing the flavors in a Salty Dog, a cocktail that’s ripe for some tinkering. Tattersall Crème de Fleur is distilled with six flowers and Shake, stir and share these simple Tattersall cocktails that you can make at home. The Spruce Eats uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. The fruit also makes an appearance in modern cocktails that pair the fruit with maple syrup or pomegranate. oh and it’s free! Seriously, if you can mix a rum & coke, you've got this! The tequila and grapefruit pairing is among the best you will find for the fruit and it can be spiced up or played with in a number of ways. Grapefruit Gin Cocktail - Grapefruit Negroni. Tattersall Blackstrap Rum is distilled from a blend of all-natural Carribbean-style blackstrap and fancy molasses. supporting spices to make Tattersall Crème de Cacao. No matter how you mix it up, this is one fantastic drink you won't soon forget. Grapefruit cocktails cannot get any easier than the popular greyhound. When we step into the world of rum, one grapefruit cocktail stands out ​from the rest. Grapefruit can be found in a variety of cocktail and mixed drink recipes and it's one of the favorite fruits of the bar. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to get our latest drink recipes. Among the favorite grapefruit based cocktails are iconic drinks such as the Paloma and greyhound. Tattersall Straight Rye Whiskey is a Monongahela-style whiskey distilled from 100% Minnesota rye, grown and harvested 50 miles north of the distillery in Cambridge, MN. Refined, yet raw, every sip packs a punch. Tattersall Fernet is an intensely complex liqueur that will pique your curiosity. Enjoy it on the rocks or any cocktail that calls for dry vermouth. Grapefruit can be found in a variety of cocktail and mixed drink recipes and it's one of the favorite fruits of the bar. Just add soda water for your new go-to cocktail. No one can agree on the ingredients except that there should be rum and lots of it. Tattersall Amaro is crafted from bitter roots and barks, and finished with macerated citrus. The beauty of this daiquiri recipe is in the complexity despite its seeming simplicity. 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