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These breeds were originally imported within the United States and Canada allowing purebred Gelbvieh cattle to be bred with the use of external genetic codes to successfully develop and improve certain desired traits within their herds. Bland, Missouri 30 Balancer Fall Calving Bred Heifers. For Sale: 1 Angus, Angus Cross, Gelbvieh, Gelbvieh Cross, Red Angus, Red Angus Cross Feeders Zoetis vaccination protocol was followed, so they will be able to go into just about any program out there. During the mid to later 19th century, local breeders in Germany began combining a variety of several breeds of German cattle to successfully develop what is known today as the Gelbvieh cattle breed in the year 1920. The Wilkinsons raise registered Gelbvieh and Balancer cattle, as well as run a commercial herd. Holle Gelbvieh Bulls. All bulls are 100% polled, ultrasound tested, DNA tested, and have GE EPDs. MLM Gelbvieh will be selling 32 Gelbvieh and Balancer bulls on Monday, March 2, 2020 at the Ranch. The American Gelbvieh Association as a part of its marketing service provides its members with a monthly list of Gelbvieh breeds available for purchase within a variety of locations within the United States. Model, Colorado Gelbvieh/Balancer Females Nowack Cattle Company. "Balancer cattle are registered hybrid seedstock that have documented pedigrees and expected progeny differences (EPDs). Gelbvieh Profit Partners, LLC is a cattle management and marketing company that truly puts its money where its mouth is. MLM Gelbvieh is a member of the Gelbvieh Profit Partners. Due to their specific nature, the Gelbvieh cattle breeds are highly adaptable to a variety of climatic conditions allowing them to be bred in different regions across the globe. 2-year-old Gelbvieh and Balancer bulls for Sale. Basically, a starting price is listed for each bull, then the bulls are sold, starting with Lot 1. All by GA Lucky L3 and born Aug/sept 2018, All heifers are mated to GA Nico N3 to calve Feb 2021, MIDAS Gelbvieh Stud have 11 2019 drop heifers for sale. If more than one person is interested in a particular lot, the price will be increased until only one person remains, and the bull will be declared sold at the final price. Females of male breeds of a lower percentage are referred to as percentage Gelbvieh. This service in addition allows registered users to post their listings of Gelbvieh cattle breeds for sale. GA Mandy P5, GA Julie P7. THANK YOU TO ALL BUYERS AND BIDDERS IN OUR SALE. We greatly appreciate the support of everyone involved. Balancer cattle combine the Gelbvieh growth, muscle, leanness, fertility, longevity and low yield grading ability with the carcass qualities of Angus." Saturday, March 28, 2020 at the ranch in Model, Colorado | Lunch served at Noon, Bid Off begins at 1 p.m. They also have a natural maternal instinct that makes them perfect range animals, protecting their young and each other. This service in addition allows registered users to post their listings of Gelbvieh cattle breeds for sale. We are here to help! GA Missy P4. Please contact us if you would like an item listed. The German word Gelbvieh when translated means yellow cattle respective to the origination of the cattle breed with its dark hooves, golden brown color and full bodied pigmentation. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. We offer a large based audience to give recognition of your product and/or your need. Bred Heifers for Sale. We identified those that we thought would be outstanding replacement females, then bred them to proven calving ease Balancer bulls. Bred Heifers for Sale Wilkinson Gelbvieh. GA Tressy P8... more details. Registered Balancer and Gelbvieh bred heifers $0 (blg) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. Replacement Heifers for Sale. With the assistance of artificial insemination and to some extent live export, the Gelbvieh cattle breeds today can be found in many countries worldwide such as the United States of America, Spain, Canada, Great Britain, Portugal, South African and even Australia. Each year we invest in our herd by purchasing the best herd sires we can to produce the best herd sires that we can. If you cannot take them right away, we will work with you to keep them around here a little longer, at a minimum charge. Gelbvieh cows are excellent mamas, producing large quantities of high fat and nutritious milk to keep calves healthy and strong. Canada was the first country in 1972 to receive the Gelbvieh genetic research from Germany to allow breeding. Typically during the breeding process females should be at least 88% pure Gelbvieh while the males 94% and over Gelbvieh. The bulls are being developed at home in a 3-acre trap, giving them plenty of room to exercise. The United States in 1971 imported their first Gelbvieh cattle breeds from Germany by Leness Hall, who was the director of International Marketing for Carnation Genetics after viewing the breed in 1969 for the first time. We raise bulls to sell as two-year-olds and specializes in purebred cattle as well as Balancers. All registered and on the database . The American Gelbvieh Association as a part of its marketing service provides its members with a monthly list of Gelbvieh breeds available for purchase within a variety of locations within the United States. Wilkinson Gelbvieh Bill Wilkinson Address: 23115 County Road 111.3 City: Model, Colorado Phone: (719) 680-0462 Email: Females Age: 18 months (born Spring 2019) Price: Contact for price Color: 90% Black, 10% Red Number of Head: 75 Type of Sale: Private Treaty 75 Balancer bred heifers for Sale in SE Colorado. Click here to learn more about Gelbvieh Profit Partners. The bulls and several lots of replacement heifers are sold in the Spring, while individual females are routinely offered at the SEGA Sale in December as well as various other sales, as they occur. Our family has been in the ranching business for more than 100 years, you could say it runs pretty thick in our blood. All heifers are mated to GA Nico N3 to calve Feb 2021. All Rights Reserved. Please see attachments for details. In order to give all of their customers an equal chance at the selection of bulls, the Wilkinsons started hosting this Kick-Off Saturday several years ago. List Cattle for Sale – List Online or via Telephone; Submit Listings from TCR’s App; Listing Form for Advertising an Upcoming Sale; ... 20 Angus/Gelbvieh Rep. Heifers... Northeast AR 9 Angus/Gelbvieh Cross Rep. Heifers... Northeast AR Upcoming Sales. Each year we invest in our herd by purchasing the best herd sires we can to produce the best herd sires that we can. This service in addition allows registered users to post their listings of Gelbvieh cattle breeds for sale. Since then, we have put in the time learning as much as we can about this breed and the genetics available. Canadian breeding bulls with semen for sale are required by mandate to be registered within Canadian Gelbvieh Association having their respective percentage value verified and an on file record of their DNA genotype. Coming up from a strong heritage in cattle farming John Kittle grew up in the cattle farming business with his grandparents during the 1970 Cattle Depression. © Australian Gelbvieh Cattle Association 2020 |. PO BOX 112, Seward, NE 68434 •   Open Everyday 8am-8pm, Gelbvieh Semen, Kentucky, MultiGen Reproductive Solutions, GCC Full Torque 8142F – 50 units – $30.00 ea, Midwest Leverage E104 ET – 80 units – $25.00 ea, Gelbvieh Semen, Nebraska, Nebraska Bull Service, JDPD Astro 407S – 8 units – $150.00 ea DLW Edison 6718X – 10 units – $60.00 ea EBY Genetics by Design 227R – 20 units – $5.00 ea, CTR Highlight 066K – 30 units – $150.00 ea Davidson Jackpot 74Z – 2 units – $20.00 ea Arrow H Ramrod 13Z – 10 units – $15.00 ea, AAA Gilbert Select 3SP – 55 units – $8.00 ea ATM Tejas Rolls Roych 868 – 50 units – $50.00 ea Bear – 33 units – $15.00 ea BMB Bernard 514T ET – 20 units – $15.00 ea CBA Polled Star 57L – 7 units – $20.00 ea CKS Mr. Mulley L42 – 16 units – $8.00 ea CKS Mr. T W95 – 9 units – $15.00 ea CRX Candelaria 308A5 (Candyman) – 30 units – $12.00 ea CTR Traveler 0907K – 133 units – $15.00 ea CTRG Black Thunder – 19 units – $15.00 ea DBC Black Diamond 96C – 397 units – $30.00 ea DDF Otis ET – 14 units – $15.00 ea SOLD DLW Edison 6718X – 10 units – $60.00 ea Doc’s Son WAV 103X – 27 units – $10.00 ea DPR Haleys Comet ET – 120 units – $12.00 ea EVE Mr Beau Jangles 308B – 55 units – $5.00 ea FMB Smoker 517E – 50 units – $15.00 ea GMK Pop Corn – 10 units – $15.00 ea GGGE 3G Smoke N’ Mirrors – 19 units – $55.00 ea GGGE 3G EZ Money 209Z – 19 units – $45.00 ea CGR Bar GT Cross Fire 500W ET – 11 units – $55.00 ea HHF Power Up G2 – 1 unit – $15.00 ea JBob Carolina Prime Time ET – 28 units – $20.00 ea JBob Carolina Roych – 51 units – $15.00 ea JRI Secret Sensation 140A43 – 17 units – $28.00 KCF Bennett Hallmark E208 – 29 units – $5.00 ea LAR Polled Sensation – 41 units – $15.00 ea LNR Belgrad II – 36 units – $5.00 ea MCJ RedMan – 85 units – $12.00 ea MLH Strait Forward R89 – 29 units – $25.00 ea MLM Badger – 5 units – $10.00 ea NBI Boomer 853XET – 3 units – $15.00 ea RGRI Polled Thunder 74Z – 20 units – $15.00 ea XXB Notorious – 6 units – $10.00 ea XXB Titus 880K – 43 units – $20.00 ea, BNC X1205 – 11 units – $22.00 ea CCRO Carolina Exclusive 1230Y – 21 units – $45.00 ea CTR Good Night 728T – 17 units – $22.00 ea DLW White Sand 0318A – 18 units – $22.00 ea EGL Game Changer D136 – 12 units – $30.00 ea JRI Secret Link 214D98- 14 units – $22.00 ea JRI Top Recruit 254U82 – 13 units – $22.00 ea JRI Pop A Top 2 ETN – 11 units – $35.00 ea JRI Oklahoma 246C4 – 21 units – $30.00 ea, 534Z Rough Rider – 23 units – $33.00 ea BNC AT Ease A357 – 9 units – $25.00 ea CTR Sandhills 0065X – 38 units – $35.00 ea CTR Tomahawk 3715N – 19 units- $20.00 ea CTRG Vision 52E – 8 units – $15.00 ea DCSF Post Rock ID 235R1 ET – 17 units- $22.00 ea DLW White Sand 0318A – 14 units – $25.00 ea DLW Alumni 7513A ET – 14 units – $45.00 ea DLW DLW All Business 408Y – 17 units – $35.00 ea DVE Davidson Jackpot 74Z – 14 units – $30.00 ea GGGE 3G Space Cowboy – 16 units – $25.00 ea HFGC Hart 35W34 – 14 units – $20.00 ea HFGC Hart 34W18 – 18 units – $25.00 ea JEB Polled Gizmo 17Z – 34 units – $22.00 ea JKGF Ditka C85 – 11 units – $55.00 ea JRI Investigator 178Y22 – 11 units- $22.00 ea JRI Turn The Crank 132B21- 18 units – $20.00 ea JRI Secret Link 214D98 – 17 units – $28.00 ea JRI Secret Sensation 140A43 – 14 units – $28.00 ea JRI Wow Factor 254C282 – 9 units – $28.00 ea Lars Sundown – 16 units – $20.00 ea MLLC M/L Advantage – 19 units – $22.00 ea SKF Wharton 51W – 18 units – $20.00 ea SSMK Astroid – 28 units – $13.00 ea TAU Mr Krugerrand 70M 130P – 18 units – $22.00 ea XXB Primo 541E ET – 19 units – $22.00 ea, BTBR Mr Black Cross 3002N ET – 14 units – $22.00 ea BBDM Bolton Pay Day 45C – 22 units – $22.00 ea DLW Wardon 24W of 408 – 22 units – $30.00 ea JRI Turn The Crank 132B21 – 21 units – $35.00 ea CTR Tomahawk 3715N – 30 units – $22.00 ea JRI Super Duty 9Y53 – 15 units – $30.00 ea SYD Boondocks Axel 3116A ET – 15 units – $30.00 ea HFGC HF Roscoe 34P59 ET – 17 units – $30.00 ea JDPD Rolex 151M – 18 units – $30.00 ea JRI Profit Producer 254B32 – 30 units – $22.00 ea JRI Investigator 178Y22 – 19 units – $22.00 ea MLLC M/L Advantage – 19 units – $22.00 ea VRT Lazy TV Substance A094 – 14 units – $22.00 ea VRT Lazy TV Beethoven K278 – 13 units – $22.00 ea XXB Primo 541E ET – 18 units – $22.00 ea, If you are needing assistance on Catalog Bulls, Classified Listings or Auctions, please contact us and we can help you with anything needed!

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