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However, his ill health, a brief return to the debauchery of brothels and drink, and his irrational resentment of his brother Theo’s failure to sell his work, provoke erratic swings from brooding introspection to frustrated anger. A blackly surreal procession of amoral and/or illegal acts proceed haphazardly from Depardieu’s discovery of his lost penknife embedded in a dying metro traveller, and his subsequent alliance with his wife’s murderer and a police inspector, producing a cherishably Buñuelian depiction of the far-from-discreet crimes of the bourgeoisie. And if you want to do some real-life location scouting during your trip, check out the 50 best films shot in Paris. Ronet gives a remarkable, quietly assured performance as the alcoholic who, upon leaving a clinic, visits old friends in the hope that they will provide him with a reason to live. In the leading role, Dutronc displays a physical frailty and stooped sadness that complements Pialat’s beautiful, poignant images. Like ‘Billy Liar’ – made around the same time – ‘Umbrellas’ makes escapist play with the stuff of kitchen-sink social realism. In the age of ‘Desperate Housewives’ and S&M porn, there’s little in ‘Belle de Jour’ that shocks — but that seems beside the point. Leonie’s veering between warmth and indifference would be toying in another era. He described this, his penultimate film, as a digest of the 19 definitive underworld set-ups that could be found in John Huston’s picture of doomed gangsters, ‘The Asphalt Jungle’. Despite its simplistic view of Napoleon himself – seen from childhood to the fascistic start of his empire-building as a ‘man of destiny’, guided through hardships and loneliness by his ‘inner eagle’ – the film is completely vindicated by Gance’s raving enthusiasm for his medium. The filmmaking is wildly inventive, but not in a clever-clogs manner. Produced by channel FR3 and filmed in 1969 as a TV movie, ‘Du Côté d’Orouët’ is a small masterpiece of levity and improvisation, a sweet, sensual gem of a film. Those whose knowledge of French Nouvelle Vague. She learns that Michel is on the run when questioned by the police. But he adds genre thrills to excellent effect, too, as well as the odd semi-surreal touch (the plot revolves around a missing lion cub). PT, Something of a key film in the development of concepts of cinematic modernism, simply because – with a script by nouveau roman iconoclast Alain Robbe-Grillet – it sets up a puzzle that is never resolved: a man meets a woman in a rambling hotel and believes he may have had an affair with her the previous year at Marienbad... or did he? PATRICIA: What did he say? WH, Those whose knowledge of French Nouvelle Vague linchpin François Truffaut begins with ‘The 400 Blows’ and ends with ‘Jules and Jim’ should seek out this steely 1964 study in the cruel mechanics of illicit love. This is an anti-war film, too, of course, made on the eve of one conflict and looking back at another. A former magician, Georges Méliès created his silent film ‘A Trip to the Moon’ in 1902, just six years after the Lumière Brothers’ legendary first projection. The result of a long collaboration (and tortured production history) between animator Grimault and the respected screenwriter Jacques Prévert, this animated cartoon tells of the downfall of the king and kingdom of Tachycardia. stingrayfilms In 1959 François Truffaut, neglected son, passionate reader, delinquent student and cinephile, wrote and filmed one of the first glistening droplets of the French New Wave, ‘The 400 Blows’, in which Antoine Doinel (Jean-Pierre Léaud) demonstrates – unforgettably – that a good brain and bad parents don’t necessarily turn a boy into a talented film director, although they will, one way or another, turn him into a liar. For Desplechin, Junon’s crisis is an excuse to explore endless family rifts, hidden desires, past traumas and emotional diversions. All rights reserved. This is a great movie, an austere masterpiece, with Delon as a cold, enigmatic contract killer who lives by a personal code of bushido. Just out of jail, afraid he can’t cut it in the underworld anymore, involved in an act of revenge that leaves him with a nasty taste in his mouth, Reggiani finds Crohem lurking in ambush when he takes on his next job. The opening of another of Jeunet and Caro’s forays into the fantastique is the perfect introduction to what’s essentially a hugely inventive blend of dream, fairytale and myth, and to a strange, sinister sea-girt world that functions according to its own crazy logic. He follows her in his car, but she soon disappears and he bumps into Vidal (Antoine Vitez), an old friend and teacher at the local university. Melville’s film had a major influence in Hollywood: Delon lying on his bed is echoed in ‘Taxi Driver’, and Paul Schrader might have remade ‘Le Samouraï’ as ‘American Gigolo’. In one word: Emotions.’ His succinct and, let’s be honest, utterly hip rejoinder fluently captures what we’re about to undergo with Godard’s mischievous tenth film, ‘Pierrot le Fou’. Meeting Macca, boyhood Beatlemania and A Hard Day’s Night, Behind the scenes with the Beatles and Richard Lester. But Cammell, who knew Jagger and Anita Pallenberg personally, only painted what he saw. It’s more than half a century since the Beatles movie A Hard Day’s Night helped put a swing in the step of 60s British cinema, heralding London’s emergence as the epicentre of hip fashion, art and music. With this film Chabrol came full circle back to his first, echoing not only the minutely detailed provincial landscape of ‘Le Beau Serge’ but its theme of redemption. a "louse", "scumbag", or "bitch". PATRICIA: What did he say? It bullies and persuades you to love Audiard’s filmmaking style. The entire film is less moulded in light than carved in stone: it’s magisterial cinema, and almost unbearably moving. Some lovely Hitchcockian games, like the strange ketchup that drips onto a picnic hamburger from a clifftop where the latest victim has been claimed. Chas buries his head at the Notting Hill home of reclusive rock star Turner, played with beguiling maleficence by Mick Jagger in his debut acting role. Set in Italy, this sun-bleached, louche thriller, infused with a lively documentary style, tells how Ripley arrives from the US as an envoy of Greenleaf’s father, charged with bringing the rich, dissolute son back home. A film about the threat of death has never felt so alive. Its two-threaded story follows a lovelorn pizza delivery boy – voiced in French by Hakim Faris and in English by Dev Patel – and a disembodied hand with shades of Thing in ‘The Addams Family’ as they overcome obstacles (a lack of meaning and inquisitive pigeons) in the search for something ineluctable but elusive. matter. This is a wild-eyed cross-processing of artistic, political and personal concerns, with a story that stutters, splinters and infuriates its way to an explosive finale. passive 17-year-old (Trintignant), while the weary hero is rendered hyperactive in Dewaere’s tornado-strength performance, hysterical rages, comic monologues and all. Throughout his professional life, France’s Henri-Georges Clouzot suffered comparisons to Alfred Hitchcock – the former's critical reputation languished for it, and he took it hard.

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